M. B. H. S. Darlinghurst World War Two Honour Roll
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Name Christian names Date of birth Locality on enlistment Service Rank Comments
Ahern Frederick Joseph 10/06/1920 Woollahra Army Captain  
Ahern Ronald Patrick 6/10/1912 North Sydney Army Corporal  
Alderson John 31/08/1916 Rockdale Army& R.A.N. Po Radio Mech  
Annesley Lindsay Roy 18/05/1922 Albert Park.Vic. Army Private Born in Victoria. ?Confirmation
Armstrong J.      R.A.A.F.   details pending
Armstrong James Gerard 14/05/1902 Pyrmont Army Private  
Armstrong John Victor 24/01/1924 North Bondi R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Armstrong Kenneth Charles 27/12/1910 Mosman R.A.N. Surgeon Captain Dr.
Astill Alan Edwin 7/11/1920   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer K.I.A.
Ayling Horace Patrick Francis 26/02/1912   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Baggott Leo 12/09/1901 Hurstville Army Sergeant  
Baggott Patrick Francis 12/09/1901 Waverley R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Baine A. (Anthony)2nd Yr.1924         details pending
Bale Francis Joseph 11/03/1922 Arncliffe Army Corporal  
Barclay Hilton Evans 11/05/1922 Hurlstone Park R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Barnes Paul Henry 27/11/1920 Kogarah Army Corporal  
Beckley John Kevin 13/06/1915 Woollahra Army Lieutenant  
Bennetts Edward Arthur 10/02/1918   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Bilton John Herbert 21/07/1909   R.A.A.F.  Squadron Leader  
Blainey Gordon Charles 12/11/1917 Bellevue Hill Army Captain  
Blakeney Frederick Joseph 2/07/1913   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  
Blakeney Harold Anthony 10/11/1886 Strathfield Army Sergeant  
Blinkhorn John 23/11/1889 Lane Cove Army Private  
Boland Kenneth Augustine 24/04/1912 Kensington Army Gunner  
Bolger Thomas Natal 26/12/1899 Waverley Army Captain  
Boyd J.V.         details pending
Boyd John Joseph 23/09/1921 Surry Hills Army  Lieutenant  
Boyd Patrick James Joseph 16/07/1924 Surry Hills Army Corporal  
Bracken David 6/12/1920   R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Brady Lawrence Roy 9/11/1915   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant K.I.A.
Brauer Francis Eugene Charles 29/04/1916 Neutral Bay R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Brennan E         details pending
Brennan J         details pending
Brennan Leonard Reginald 26/02/1911   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant K.I.A.
Brennan  J.V.         details pending
Brooks Francis Edward Emmet 2/02/1898 Waverley Army Warrant Officer  
Brooks John Kirby 7/04/1899   Army Captain  
Brooks  L         details pending
Bull Nugent Joseph   No.904181 Missing R.A.F. Flight Sergeant details pending
Burke E.         details pending
Burke F         details pending
Burke Stephen Michael 29/09/1914 Auburn Army Sergeant  
Burnheim ?Brian, Raymond or Ronald         More details required
Burrell John Cuthbertson 3/10/1918 Strathfield Army Captain  
Burrell L.C.     Army Corporal K.I.A.
Burrell Leslie Cuthbertson 24/01/1915 Strathfield Army Corporal K.I.A.
Byrne Wilfred Ignatius 22/07/1921 Maroubra  Army Warrant Officer  
Cahill John Frederick 15/09/1916 Manly R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant P.O.W.
Cahill Ronald James 23/12/1920 Redfern R.A.N. Ldg Sig (TY)  
Cahill Ronald Leslie 17/01/1918 Sutherland Army  Sergeant details pending
Campbell J.         details pending
Carey L         details pending
Carey T.       Corporal details pending
Carlton J         details pending
Carrick Alan Rea 13/08/1914 Mosman Army Captain P.O.W.
Carrick Edward Charles Joseph 26/10/1917 Vaucluse R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Carrick F.E.         details pending
Carrick John Leslie 4/09/1918 Bondi Army Lieutenant P.O.W.
Carrick Ronald Eugene 17/04/1924 Kingsford Army Driver  
Carrol Gerard Patrick 8/09/1916 Cremorne Army Lieutenant  
Carroll Maurice William 15/06/1914 Enfield Army Sergeant K.I.A.
Carroll Patrick Owen 4/04/1915 Chullora Army Private  
Carter Desmond James 16/12/1921 Croydon Army Corporal  
Carter Malvern Keith 5/11/1918 Marrickville Army Lance Sergeant  
Casey Trevor Kevin 16/09/1923   R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer K.I.A.
Ciardelli Mervyn Luigi 25/01/1922 Hurstville R.A.N. Ldg Radio Mech  
Claffy Francis Patrick Christopher 24/12/1909 Sydney Army Major P.O.W
Clements Nathan John 14/09/1903 Vaucluse Army Major Dr.
Cochran Terence Patrick 11/04/1911 Vaucluse Army Sapper  
Coleman J.         John'22; Jack W"24; or John F. '10
Comans James Leopold Vincent 2/03/1912   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant D.F.C. and Bar
Connelly J.V.         details pending
Connelly Jack Francis 7/03/1909 Mosman R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer P.O.W.
Connolly John Roger 10/03/1915 Rose Bay Army Lieutenant  
Conroy L. (Laurie)       Lieutenant ?Lawrence Carl Blenman'18. Confirmation
Conroy Wilfred Lawrence 22/09/1921 Northbridge Army Lieutenant  
Coolahan Stephen Francis 2/04/1922 Drummoyne R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Corrigan Eric Aloysius 29/12/1920 Rose Bay R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Corrigan Leo Edward Joseph 28/09/1916   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Corrigan Raymond John 28/02/1912   R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Cranney Harold George 30/07/1920 Parramatta Army Sapper  
Cremen Kevin James 28/07/1921 Sydney Army Sergeant  
Crogan Thomas Noel 24/12/1922 Northbridge Army Corporal  
Cross Arthur Ernest 19/04/1915   R.A.A.F. Group Captain A.F.C.
Cummins Cyril Joseph 10/11/1914   R.A.A.F. Wing Commander Dr.
Cummins Frederick Joseph 17/12/1912 Enfield Army Private K.I.A.
Cummins George 17/06/1886 Marrickville Army Major Dr.
Cunneen Thomas Patrick Vincent 10/07/1900 Stanmore Army Lieutenant details pending
Cunningham J.         details pending
Cunningham Patrick 21/11/1923 Sans Souci R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Curnow Michael William Victor 20/06/1909 Waverley Army Private M.M. P.O.W.
Cusack Sydney Clarence 31/03.1913 Kensington Army Gunner  
Cusick Milford James 16/07/1923   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer K.I.A.
Daley D.         details pending
Daley Owen Joseph 20/11/1917 Rose Bay Army Sergeant  
Dalton John Edward 9/02/1917 Paddington Army Sergeant    
Dargue Michael James 3/04/1922 Redfern Army Private K.I.A.
Davis Peter Jerome 6/05/1927 Sandringham R.A.N. Able Seaman  
Davis Vincent Gerard 10/01/1917       details pending
Davoren Vincent Joseph 18/07/1914 Centennial Park R.A.A.F. Sergeant K.I.A.
De Fina Joseph 19/07/1924 Bondi R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Dean Harold John 7/06/1906 Bexley Army Private P.O.W.
Deithelm Oscar George 31/01/1912   R.A.A.F. Squadron Leader  
Denver J.D.     R.A.N.   details pending
Derrimore-Denver J         details pending
Devereaux James Vincent 19/11/11914 Bronte Army Lance Bombardier  
Dignam A.C.         details pending
Dignam Anthony John Beresford 30/11/1921 Rose Bay R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Dignam Peter Francis Beresford 23/03/1926 Rose Bay Army Sergeant  
Dimond Francis James Raymond 24/02/1918 Mudgee R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman K.I.A.
Diserens Louis 22/06/1913 Dulwich Hill Army Private  
Diserens Sydney Constantine 27/12/1909 Randwick Army Lance Corporal  
Dixon William John 9/11/1912 Bellevue Hill Army Sergeant  
Donato Guiseppe Victor 2/12/1913 Auburn Army Warrant Officer  
Donnellan John Joseph 22/06/1894 Blacktown Army Captain Dr.
Donnelly J.W.         details pending
Donohue K         details pending
Donovan Francis Michael 22/02/1903   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  
Donovan Gregory Patrick 16/10/1918 Bondi Beach R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Doorey Eric Alphonsus 10/04/1908 Campsie Army Private K.I.A.
Doran George Graham 18/09/1924 Woolwich Army Signalman  
Doran John Frederick 16/08/1922 Woolwich Army Bombardier  
Downes Charles Francis 20/09/1918 Peak Hill Army Captain  
Downes Clement James     R.A.N. Surgeon Lieutenant  
Doyle E. (Eddie)     Army   details pending
Downing Reginald G.       Lieutenant Colonel MC ED details pending
Doyle F.         Francis '22;Francis L.'09;Francis I.'26
Doyle Francis Edward 23/02/1908 Kensington Army Private  
Doyle Maurice Bede 4/02/1917 Kensington Army Lieutenant Mentioned in Despatches
Doyle W.J.(William)       S/Sgt. details pending
Dryden J         James'20;John J.'17;Joseph W.1888
Dudgeon Donald Clifford 23/06/1923 Lane Cove R.A.A.F. Flying Officer enlisted  15/08/1942; discharged 07/03/1946
            served in UK and India; Service Number 424161
Dudgeon John William 30/07/1915 Ashfield Army Private 63rd Aust Infantry Battalion served in  New Guinea:
          Service Number NX151884(N281413) enlisted 23/02/1943 and discharged 23/04/1946;
Dudgeon John Alexander 9/09/1908 Sydney Army    enlisted 22/01/1942;Service Number N17289
Duivenbode Colin Rudolf 12/12/1913 Cremorne Army Captain K.I.A.
Dunphy John Joseph 16/02/1919 Killara Army Private details pending
Dunphy John Wren 2/07/1918   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant details pending
Earl Norbert John 2/03/1911 Kensington Army Captain M.B.E. Chaplain (MSC)
Earley Thomas James 2/11/1913 Forbes Army Lieutenant P.O.W.
Eastmuir Lawrence Lozelle 6/12/1909 Point Piper Army Lieutenant  
Edmunds T.         Thomas Y.'16; Thomas '10
Egan J.J.(John)       Flying Officer D.F.C. details pending
Egan R.         details pending
Egan V.         Vincent M.'16; Vincent T.'17
Eggeling Herbert Frederick 3/07/1909 Bellevue Hill Army Major  
Ellis J.         details pending
Evers Bruce Winton 24/07/1925 Mosman R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Fallon James Gregory 29/12/1901 Vaucluse Army Lance Corporal  
Fallon P.         Peter J.'11; Peter W.'18(R.A.A.F.)
Farrell R.C.         details pending
Fegan Sidney Joseph 31/08/1910 Ultimo R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Firth John Rhodes 17/10/1917 Rose Bay Army Captain  
Fisher F.         details pending
Fisher S.         details pending
Fitzpatrick Charles Hugh 19/02/1917 North Sydney Army Corporal  
Flynn Francis Stanislaus 6/12/1906 Alice Springs Army Captain Doctor and Priest
Flynn Gregory Stephen 8/01/1911 Sydney Army Major Dr.
Flynn James Aloysius Foedus 30/05/1899   R.A.N. Surg.Lt. Cdr. Dr.
Flynn John Ernest 8/11/1918 Chatswood Army Captain  
Flynn John Joseph Witton 26/08/1895   R.A.A.F. Wing Commander Dr.
Flynn Leo         Dr.     details pending
Frost Alan Dudley 14/07/1907 Bellevue Hill Army Lieutenant Colonel  
Frost Raymond Lloyd 5/07/1919 Windsor Army Lieutenant  
Gaffy R.         details pending
Gattenhof K.C.         details pending
Genge Francis Harrison 21/03/1897   R.A.N. Surg. Lt. Cdr. Dr. Lost at sea. K.I.A.
Gidley Cecil William 16/05/1912 Willoughby Army Captain  
Glass Sydney Michael 24/01/1907 Bondi Army Warrant Officer  
Goodwin Ted     Army   details pending
Goymour Allen John 12/05/1915 Mortdale Army Sapper  
Graham R.         details pending
Gray J.T.         details pending
Green T.         details pending
Griffin Basil     R.A.A.F Navigator details pending
Griffiths Donald Adrian 9/01/1917   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  
Gulliver R.         details pending
Guthrie Robert Arthur John 19/01/1919 Lidcombe R.A.A.F. Sergeant  
Hadfield Denis Gabriel 29/12/1907 North Sydney Army Lieutenant  
Halen C.         details pending
Hall D.         details pending
Hall F         Francis G.1923 or Francis Noel 1924?
Hall John     R.A.A.F.   details pending
Hall John (Jack) J.B.?     Army& R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant D.F.C.   details pending
Hall Joseph Henry 16/02/1920 Leichhardt Army Private  
Hall R.       Private P.O.W. Unable to identify on A.W.M.list
Hallam B.         details pending
Hamilton J.W.         details pending
Handley Raymond George 15/03/1923   R.A.A.F. Sergeant  
Hanley J.         details pending
Hannon W.         details pending
Hannon  L.         details pending
Hartcher Norman Aloysius 8/11/1920 West Marrickville Army Corporal  
Hatfield Peter Kevin 29/04/1919 Rose Bay Army Lance Sergeant  
Hatton Joseph William 12/07/1922   R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer  
Hawes Laurence 17/12.1922   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant D.F.C.
Hayes J.         details pending
Haylen Leonard Patrick 171/03/1917 Naremburn Army Bombardier  
Haylen Thomas Joseph 12/07/1914   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Healy Desmond     R.A.A.F.    
Heffernan Patrick Gabriel 18/03/1901 Croydon Army Major details pending
Hely Leslie Joseph 16/04/1922 Gladesville Army& R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer  
Henderson Lyn (Joslyn) Lavarre 31.05.1924   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant K.I.A.
Herlihy J.     R.A.A.F.   1906 or 1926.  
Hill J.W.         details pending
Hinton Frederick Brock 16/10/1892 Mosman Army Major OBE MC ED
Holland Leslie Urban 27/08/1918 Chatswood Army Private P.O.W.
Holman J.         details pending
Hooper L.         details pending
Howard Desmond         details pending
Howarth Eric William 13/05/1923 Manly R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Howe Joseph Patrick 21/05/1920 Annandale Army Corporal  
Howie Wallace Henry Dewe 25/05/1915 Fairfield R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  
Hurley Cecil Francis 2/09/1903   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Hurley Harold George 17/11/1924   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Innes Thomas Harold 16/11/1907 Marrickville Army Captain  
Jackson John Edgar 12/11/1923 Rose Bay Army Private  
Jackson John Norman Stevens 25/04/1920 Camden Army Private details pending
Jarrold Frederick James 11/06/1923 Paddington R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Jenkins J.         details pending
Jones K.         details pending
Kaine Ronald William 2/07/1922 North Bondi Army Private  
Kearin David Lawrence 16/12/1911 Kingsgrove Army Bombardier  
Kearns Francis Edward 23/01/1912 Chatswood Army Lieutenant  
Kearns James Patrick 25/07/1917 Sydney R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Kelleher James Gregory 9/05/1906 Haberfield Army Lieutenant P.O.W.
Kelly L.J.     Army Lance Corporal details pending
Kelly R.     R.A.A.F.   details pending
Kenny H.         Harold A. 1922 or Harold T. 1920?
Keogh A.J.(John)         details pending
Kerwick Fabian Thomas 5/07/1915 Woollahra R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Kerwick John Anthony 12/06/1917 Woollahra Army Private  
Kiely Philip Edmund 8/05/1924   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer D.F.C.
King H.         details pending
Krohn Harris Airlie 4/10/1917 Annandale Army Sergeant  
Lake Peter Paul 6/06/1922 Kingsford Army Corporal P.O.W. K.I.A.
Laney T. (Thomas)         1919 or 1924
Leehy Anthony Maurice 29/02/1912 Ashfield Army Sergeant P.O.W.
Leslie J.H.       W/O D.F.C.
Leslie S.         details pending
Letts James Albert 2/03/1906 Hamilton Army Liieutenant  
Levins Desmond James 5/10/1921 Drummoyne Army Private  
Liddy Francis Joseph         details pending
Liddy James Francis 6/04/1908   Army Major  
Lindsay J.         details pending
Lindwall Raymond Russell 3/10/1921 Hurstville Army Signalman  
Livesey Gerald Francis 16/07/1917 Vaucluse Army Staff Sergeant  
Lloyd E.         details pending
Lloyd H         details pending
Lloyd J.         details pending
Locantro Anthony John 11/05/1907 Northbridge Army Lieutenant  
Lodge William Alexander 18/07/1922 Bondi Army Corporal  
Lowe G.         details pending
Lynch Cyril Bartholomew 6/11/1901 Ashfield Army Staff Sergeant P.O.W.
Lynch Cyril Joseph 6/06/1924 Ashfield R.A.A.F. Flying Officer P.O.W.
Lynch James Valentine Joseph 11/09/1920   R.A.N. Sick Berth Attendant details pending
Lynch Marcel Henry 5/10/1916   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Macinante Bartholomew Baptist 7/05/1923   Army Staff Sergeant  
Marien Brian John 19/06/1918 Miranda Army Trooper  
Marinato Vincent Joseph 10/03/1924 Vaucluse Army Lance Sergeant O.A.M.
Mather Arthur Edward 3/05/1918 Grafton R.A.A.F. Air Commodore D.F.C.
Mather John 26/12/1911 Maroubra Beach R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Mathews J.         Jack R.1925 or John V.1923?
Mathews Keith Mervyn 27/12/1920 Redfern Army Private  
McAteer Hilton Henry 30/05/1921   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant K.I.A.
McCaffery K.         details pending
McCann Hugh 7/07/1918   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
McCarthy Glenmore Charles 1/10/1918   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
McCarthy John Francis 14/11/1903 Crow's Nest Army Major K.I.A.
McClenahan Thomas Osborne 19/02/1921 Randwick Army Corporal  
McDonagh Bill     R.A.A.F.   details pending
McDonald Colin Ernest 15/11/1915   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
McDonald  A.         details pending
McDonough John Ignatius 14/07/1915 North Sydney Army Corporal  
McGill John Charles 6/09/1920 Leichhardt Army Gunner  
McGill P.J.         details pending
McGrane Bernard Gerald 11/11/1913 Rockdale Army Private  
McGrath M.         details pending
McGree John Allen 9/07/1904 Rockhampton Army Major Dr.
McKay D.A.         details pending
McMahon Michael Bruce 9/02/1911 Sydney R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
McMahon P.         details pending
McMurray David Wilson 22/09/1909 Clovelly R.A.A.F. Corporal  
McNally Desmond John 8/09/1926 Campsie R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
McWilliams R.       ? Lieutenant details pending
Miller T.         details pending
Minahan Aloysius James 18/06/1901 Maroubra Army Sergeant Died of war injuries
Minahan P.         Patrick F.'06;or Percival P.'03?
Mooy Aris Laenaert 8/07/1909 Cammeray Army Lieutenant  
Mooy Francis Frederick 12/04/1912 Mosman Army Lieutenant Colonel  
Morahan Cyril Hugh 23/09/1916 Double Bay Army Captain  
Morahan John Oliver 23/09/1916 Double Bay Army Captain  
Moriarty Oliver Morrogh 23/10/1909   R.A.N. Lieutenant  
Moroney C.         details pending
Morton J.G.     R.A.A.F. Squadron Leader D.F.C. More details required
Mulally Neville William 17/03/1917 King's Cross Army Signalman M.M.
Murphy Jack c.1915 Bondi Merchant Navy John Joseph, butcher or John Max. c 1918
Murphy Kevin Stanislaus 23/12/1931   R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer P.O.W.
Murphy R.         details pending
Murray James Noel 25/12/1915 Dee Why Army Lieutenant  
Musgrave A.         Arthur or Aubrey? details pending
Musgrave Edward Francis 24/09/1921 Bondi R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Musgrave Raymond Charles 28/12/1923 Waverley Park Army Sergeant  
Musso Anthony Fidelis Vincent 8/06/.1915 Penshurst Army Captain Dr.
Naher George John 13/06/1919 Woollahra Army Sergeant  
Nesbitt Vincent 8/10/1918 Pymble Army Sergeant  
Norrie William James Ignatius 2/02/1916 Elizabeth Bay Army Craftsman  
Nowland Horace Francis 23/09/1918 Galsesville Army Corporal  
Nugent W.         details pending
O'Brien B.     R.A.N.?   details pending
O'Brien Francis John 11/02/1914 Edgecliffe Army Private  
O'Brien Ronald Henry 18/07/1924 Bondi R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
O'Carroll Brian William 5/08/1918 King's Cross Army Private  
O'Carroll Francis 27/05/1922 Vaucluse Army Private  
O'Carroll P.         details pending
O'Connell F         details pending
O'Connell Thomas Leonard 4/05/1923 Waverton R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer  
O'Connor Desmond Francis 19/12/1921 Auburn Army Gunner  
O'Connor John Aloysius 11/10/1906 Ramdwick Army Captain  
O'Connor John Mervyn 15/08/1925   R.A.N. Able Seaman  
O'Dea Denis John         details pending (N78086)
O'Donnell L         details pending
O'Donnell William Anthony John 24/03/1925   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
O'Donoghue John 30/09/1925 Zetland R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
O'Donoghue Walter Joseph 24/07/1921 Clovelly Army Gunner  
O'Flynn Vincent 4/08/1914 Randwick Army Sergeant  
O'Halloran Edmund Alfred 15/09/1917   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  
O'Halloran J         On 1932 School Roll
O'Halloran Patrick William 27/08/1921 Bexley R.A.A.F. Sergeant  
O'Loughlin J.         details pending
O'Mara J.         details pending
O'Neill Bernard Phillip 27/06/1920 Bankstown R.A.A.F. Sergeant  
O'Neill John Patrick 25/12/1916 Bankstown Army Sergeant  
O'Neill Leonard Thomas 10/02/1924 Bankstown Army Private  
O'Neill Matthew John 19/06/1914 Chatswood Army Lieutenant  
O'Neill Maurice David 22/04/1922 Bankstown Army Private  
Orr Albert Leslie 15/11/1917 Darlinghurst R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Orr Kenneth Victor 15/04/1916 Darlinghurst Army Private  
O'Shea Clement John 9/02/1923 Campsie Army Driver  
O'Sullivan Lawrence Gregory 9/05/1923 Willoughby Army Private  
Owen Leonard David 18/02/1923 Bulli R.A.A.F. Sergeant  
Owen Robert 17/08/1923 Earlwood Army Corporal  
Perrottet Francis William 18/12/1908   R.A.A.F. Squadron leader Dr.
Phelan Ronald Starr 8/12/1894   R.A.A.F.   details pending
Phillips J.         details pending
Phillips L.         details pending
Pickup Alan McGregor 1/03/1922   R.A.N. Able Seaman  
Pickup Laurence Francis 8/03/1916   R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman K.I.A.
Pope Howard Wilfred 19/03/1920 Vaucluse Army Captain M.C.
Pope R.     Army Lieutenant K.I.A.   details pending
Pope Russell 27/07/1915 West Kogarah Army Private Not recorded as K.I.A.
Powell Joseph William 29/11/1924   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Press Sydney Henry 7/07/1923 Potts Point Army Gunner  
Pulle John Baptist (Giovani) 4/10/1910 Rockdale Army Private details pending
Quain Patrick Vincent 30/07/1909   Army Warrant Officer  
Quigley James         details pending (Q90579)
Redman John Robert Walter 10/07/1914   R.A.A.F. Squadron Leader K.I.A.
Rice Alan Laurence 25/03/1915 Cremorne Army Private  
Richards Keith         1sr year 1936. details pending
Rigney Herbert John Joseph         details pending (NX102358)
Roberts R         details pending
Robertson B.         details pending
Robin Philip Rollo Aloysius 5/04/1923   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant K.I.A.
Robinson P.         details pending
Rogers Eugene Augustine 24/12/1890 Hobart Army Major P.O.W.
Rosevear Claude Roy 7/12/1918 Mosman Army Warrant Officer K.I.A.
Rosevear R     Army Sergeant K.I.A.   details pending
Rutlidge John Edmund 1/05/1913 Pymble R.A.A.F. Sergeant  
Ryan J.     R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant K.I.A.?John Richmond.1922  details pending
Ryan James         details pending
Ryan L.         details pending
Ryan P.         details pending
Searson J.A.         J.J. 1914?
See Andrew John 20/12/1922   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  
Seldon A.W.         details pending
Sexton Cecil Clare 23/02/1915 Gladstone Q'ld Army Sergeant K.I.A.
Shanahan N.       ?Cornelius.K.I.A. details pending
Sharkey James         details pending
Sherley Kevin William 15/07/1922 Mosman Army Corporal  
Smith E.         details pending
Smith Leonard Raymond 26/10/1917 Northbridge Army Sergeant  
Smith Harold Willis 2/4/1888 Melbourne R.A.N. Lieutenant M.B.E.
Smith R.         details pending
Smyth John Justin 17/02/1918 Bexley Army Captain  
Snell Sydney Raymond John 31/03/1919 Dover Heights R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant  
Stack John Edward 12/10/1902   R.A.A.F. Squadron Leader  
Steele Hamlet Gordon 23/09/1915 Coogee Army Lieutenant  
Steele Keith Reginald 3/05/1923 Paddington Army Corporal  
Stoyles-O'Grady C.         details pending
Stoyles-O'Grady Percy Bede 6/04/1919 Rockdale Army Lieutenant  
Stoyles-O'Grady Richard c.1915       American Silver Star.?Stoyles on A.W.M.list
Stratton Victor Joseph James 17/06/1902 Dulwich Hill Army Sergeant  
Sullivan J.         details pending
Sullivan T. (Tom)         details pending
Thrower Thomas George 22/11/1907 Kingsford R.A.A.F. Corporal  
Timbrell Norman John 12/03/1923 Hunter's Hill Army Sergeant  
Tonkin Henry Lawrence 25/07/1891 Bellevue Hill Army Captain Dr.
Towey Andrew Martin 9/04/1912   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Trouville John Joseph 13/09/1906 Elizabeth Bay Army Private  
Trouville Marcel John 25/10/1904 Berowra R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer  
Tudehope James Robert 12/10/1921   R.A.A.F. Warrant Officer  
Tudehope Reginald Joseph 30/07/1919   R.A.A.F. Flight Sergeant K.I.A.
Tully Laurence John 13/07/1917 Chatswood R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Tumilty Alma George Ross 16/01/1925 Sydney R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Twohill George Francis 10/11/1914 Bellevue Hill Army Lieutenant  
Twohill William Ruwald 30/04/1916 Edgecliffe Army Warrant Officer  
Vincent W. c.1919     or Walter F.1907 Walter J.,E.Sydney;or Walter H.,N.Sydney
Wadsworth Joseph Robert 25/08/1917   R.A.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  
Ward Albert Frederick 18/06/1915 Blakehurst Army Corporal  
Ward D.         details pending
Ward M.         details pending
Webster J.         details pending
Weingarth Delman Francis 4/01/1896 Darling Point Army Lieutenant Colonel  
Wells R.         details pending
Wigg John Joseph 17/10/1914 Campsie Army Sergeant  
Wilkie Evan 2/10/1921 Arncliffe Army Lieutenant  
Williamson R.         details pending
Willoughby Allan Thomas 9/08/1920 Cammeray Army Private  
Wilmshurst Walter Francis 22/10/1912 Chatswood Army Lieutenant P.O.W.
Wilson A.J.         details pending
Woods F.         details pending
Woods Leonard Vincent 2/05/1926 Maroubra R.A.A.F. Leading Aircraftman  
Woods Reginald Francis 8/01/1919 Maroubra Army Lieutenant  
Wright John Lawrence       M.C. details pending (N73766)
Yates Ronald John 17/09/1923   R.A.A.F. Flying Officer  
Yonna Aldo Peter 25/05/1922 Darling Point Army Private  
Young C.     Army Major details pending
Ziliani James Luciano 9/01/1924 East Sydney Army Staff Sergeant  

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