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                        MBHS Darlinghurst Old Boys' Union Initiative         

In keeping with OBU tradition of supporting Marist causes, while pursuing the ideals of the newly-formed Marist Assn of St Marcellin Champagnat , which Br. Norman Hart spoke on at the July 2015 luncheon, the OBU resolved to continue supporting, what had been a young, lone Marist voice in 2009 (, promulgating "The Children's Manifesto".

That young voice of a son of a Darlo Old Boy, has since gathered many other young voices in numerous languages. Like a wildfire, the statement of rights of children is burning a pathway across nations, into the aspirations of the young, to forge a better way forward for humankind. The movement has made its way to universities, where students are attempting to change the face of this new millennium.

 A petition for assistance from some the uni students, calling for assistance from other uni students, to help lead the way, can be viewed at or follow this link uni students presentation.

In progress is a theatrical production at UNSW (16th - 18th December), a mini-series and a documentary. The OBU through Marscom, is doing what it can to provide a web platform but Marscom resources are limited. Marscom news

Suggestions and support for any of the media formats are gratefully received. Email


The Children’s Manifesto ©


We the children, the innocent, the impoverished, the fun-loving, the abused, the trusting, the disillusioned, the homicidal, the forgiving, the suicidal, the hope-filled, we ask to be heard.

 We have a spirit, a common, irrepressible spirit and it demands to be heard, please.

 We offer you love, regardless of your colour, regardless of your race, regardless of your religious creed, regardless of your circumstance, we offer you love.

 Creativity is spawning, soon it shall be morning,

We the children know; our new millennium's dawning.


Like dawning's rays spread hope

A blessed path awaits us

Deliver us not from evil, for only God will do that,

But unto that, which we can justly say is ours.


A world in which we may

Have a parent, or two,

Be creative; and never want for food,

Be open and free to trust,

Be innocent and free of the horrors of war;

Be healthy and never want for medicine,


Be able to use our inspiration, both collective and individual, and simply ask you, and others, to accept our inherent, abundant love to help build a better world.


© Kids 4 Kids Inc.