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Blue & Blue – March 2011 (P3)




From the members (cont):


Ø  Fr Michael Fallon has also written to us. He was at Darlo in 1st yr in 1949 and left to attend the Douglas Park Apostolic School from where he was ordained a Missionary of the Sacred Heart in 1961. June this year sees his 50th anniversary as a priest. Michael was hoping to attend the Centenary but will be in Vietnam at the time. See his website


Ø  Gerald Donovan (LC 58) says he is retired but still active in Eastern Suburbs tennis. Interested classmates can contact Secretary Larry for his contact details.


Ø  Kyran O’Donnell mentioned late last year that he had been in contact with Bryan (Smokie) Dawson’s (LC 50) wife and that he is in very poor health. Kyran also tells us of Len Owen (LC 38) who is slowing up a tad (at 88).


Ø  Bill Duncan (LC 64) although now retired, keeps busy with mentoring of executives and directors through his management company and also is active with the rural fire service and in providing nautical skills training to high school students. Some “retirement” Bill!


Ø  Michael Howard informs us that the author of the book, Crooks Like Us, is a Darlo old boy, Peter Doyle. His brother Bernie was also at Darlo (LC 65). The book drew from experiences of their father, Brian Doyle who was a senior detective with the CIB. Hope no Darlo boys got a mention.


Ø  Found an old note from Colin Mills (LC 46) who lives at Old Bar (popular place for old boys it seems). He sees Ron Thornton at Mass. Colin lived across the road from Des and Kevin O’Connor in Bankstown. He has fond memories of his two years at Darlo, remembering Br Elexis, Br Michael and Br Jude who were a great influence. Colin has 8 children and 20 grandchildren during his marriage of 58 years so far. He also is in contact with Fred Hawkins and Jack Smeal. Seems he also played in the B Gde footy team with Mark Trainor. Well remembered Col.

PS. Col asked about Darlo ties - school tie replicas and other memorabilia are available from Marist College Pearce. I even have some of their serviettes with our school crest printed on them.


Ø  The ever industrious Mark Trainor has sent in a copy of extract from the 1947 B&B. It contains mention of the passing of Br Fredric, former Headmaster, and photos of Andy See and Ron Yates who graduated from Sydney Uni in Aeronautical Engineering with Blues in football. Mark also reminds us of a famous old boy, George Taylor, who piloted the first “heavier-than-air flying machine” at Narrabeen Heads on 5 Dec 1909 in the presence of 100 witnesses.


Ø  Henry Tregillas now lives in Vancouver, Canada and found an old Aussie $10 note to send in for past subs. He returns to Oz from time to time and has called in to the old school site to peer through the very gates he remembers walking through many times.


That’s it for now – keep the news coming in. There will be at least one more B&B before the Centenary event…………….Warren Thomas









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