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  March, 2012


First of all a big “Thanks” for all the correspondence in support of the Darlo website and the encouragement for the continuity of the Old Boys Union. ‘Very much appreciated.


As advised on the Darlo website and in the B&B of August 2011, the Annual Luncheon for the MBHSD OBU has been booked for July 11th, 2012 at The Rugby Club, Rugby Place, Sydney (between George and Pitt Sts, near Circular Quay). to follow mass at St Patrick's, Church Hill at 10.30 a.m. for the 101st anniversary of the opening of the school.


The MB Darlinghurst Alumni Assn. was formed some months thereafter, from which you would have recently received correspondence. Details of the association are available at and we wish them well with efforts to encourage greater fraternity among the OBs and clergy.


I’d also like to thank all those who have already confirmed their attendance for the July 11th 2012 luncheon. For those who haven’t done so and wish to attend, please do so as soon as possible, so that preparations may be made well in advance.  EMAIL  PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF THE DARLO EMAIL: [email protected]


This year will be the 50th anniversary of the *Class of 1962 and confirmations of attendance from some of those classmates have already been received, together with many of those from other years.


There’s been some confusion about the future of the Old Boys Union. Much to the surprise of some of our most dedicated Old Boys, Warren Thomas and Larry Hensby in particular, who both faithfully served the OBU Executive for a decade or so, is that it’s been suggested that, on a technicality, they - with all the 2011 officials of the MBHSD_OBU - still remain as such: i.e. members of the Executive. It is understandable however, that when they advised of their retirement from their respective positions, they deservedly intended to retire.


The issue is that: Point 3 of the Agenda of the Special General Meeting of July 11, 2011 states   “Failing the approval of the above (i.e. previous 2 Points), to accept the resignations of current OBU executives as advised on the day.” Well, given that there was approval of both of the previous 2 Points, it appears that the resignations of the (then) current OBU executives was not up for acceptance. The previous 2 points which were approved (i.e. Point 1 “To consider a proposal to merge the MBHSD OBU with the Marist College Pearce OBA ...” was approved and Point 2 “To approve the establishment of a perpetual part Bursary …" was also approved.


With all this confusion, a meeting of our most senior OBs is being convened next month to discuss the status and future of the OBU and their findings will be delivered at the OBU luncheon on July 11th 2012, where the future of the OBU can be decided definitively. The MBHS_OBU has never been a legally registered body and only ever existed as a virtual body, strictly adhering to the legal requirements of a registered body, for the fraternity of the Old Boys.


We'd like to advise that Twitter and Facebook provisions have been established to further encourage communication among the Old Boys. See the current online B&B for details

Twitter:  "DarloOldBoys"                         Facebook: "MBHS Darlinghurst Old Boys"

         Public Page                                                            Secure Page. Login required






Servo fidem,


Kym Derriman





        *Class of the Year refers to those who sat the LC in that year and to all who left earlier, who would have sat in that year, had they stayed on.

 Email: [email protected]                                      Snail mail: POB 6177, Malabar 2036




A meeting of senior Old Boys will be convened next month to examine if the following positions constitutionally remain, due to a technicality (see enclosed for details).





Warren Thomas

9527 9857

Vice president:

Mark Sinclair




Larry Hensby

9528 3957


Vince Hallinan

9533 2237


Committee: Colin Sullivan, Br Charles Aquilina & Dominic Sidoti