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  31st January, 2013



The start of the New Year brought an outstanding success! The first of the Old Boys’ Union Centenary Luncheons for 2013 was like sitting among hot springs, with bursts and bursts of laughter constantly bubbling from all the tables, as reminiscences abounded. Old friendships were rekindled and new friendships born.

Fr. John Doherty (LC’63) and Fr. Ray Chapman concelebrated mass at St Patrick’s Church beforehand, with a substantial number of Old Boys attending.


Even though it was the worst ever period in NSW for fires, with quite a number of Old Boys offering last-minute apologies, needing to defend their homes or citing road closures, the luncheon was a resounding success. Br. Norman sent his apologies due to medical issues.


We acknowledge a debt of gratitude to the founders of the Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union. The legacy which they have left, has reached far beyond their own terrestrial existence ….. and perhaps it’s our job to see that it reaches beyond our own.


Jay Robertson (LC’59) was one of the first off the mark with that one. Jay volunteered for the Sports portfolio of the MBHSD Old Boys’ Union and is organising a Golf Day. Darlo website for more info.


Tim Martin (LC ’67) kindly volunteered to take over the Social Media portfolio of the Old Boys’ Union. Tim makes it clear that he’ll be relying on his teenage daughter for backup with Facebook.


Bob Brassil, School Captain ’63, appeared with the old Bondi crowd: Hugh Thompson, “Butch” Butchaski (we’re all sure that Butch must have been Christened with a first name but nobody knows it), Duane Norris and also Terry Malone, who volunteered to co-ordinate the 50th Anniversary for the Class of ’63 in July. Eric Mostowyj, sent his apologies from South Australia, and Tony Smith, who is holidaying with his wife, Chris, in Israel, sent his. Ahh, those days of playing touch footie at Barracluff Park after the beach, are fond memories. Bob Jones and Tony Bray were also there in support of the ’63 contingent. ‘Great to see!


Ron Young (LC’49) took time out from his short Australian schedule to lunch with us. Although resident in the US, Ron hopes to soon be back in Oz permanently. Ron expressed his gratitude to the OBU for assistance in securing his Australian citizenship.


What typified the essence of it all, was watching one of the new friendships emerge, as one of our most senior Old Boys, Alan Willoughby (LC ’37), met one of our youngest, John “Blue” Gallagher (LC’67) and time dissolved as they chatted, deep in conversation.


We’re trying to identify an Old Boy who has a farm in the Batlow area. Jay Robertson ended up in St Vincent’s after a cardiac issue in 2011 and, in the same ward, he encountered another patient, the mystery Old Boy whose contact details were misplaced, so any help in identifying him would be appreciated.  Speaking of St. Vincents, one of Jay’s classmates is Dr. Paul Crea, now at St. Vincents in Oncology. Some of the others in LC’59 who we’ve lost touch with are Les Bateman, Tony Stabback, Max Williams and John Murray.


We found Stephen Wenham on Facebook who fondly remembers Br Demetrius (aka “Magoo”) and mentions that he’ll “always remember the kindness of Br. Norman”. Others found on Facebook are Ed Leach (LC’59) and Bill Sanderson (LC’63).


Br. Paul Murphy returned from his work with homeless children in the Philippines. Kuya Center for Street Kids is now fully functioning and it has expanded to be able to do some many additional things that were simply not possible in the old broken down, unhealthy building. The place gearing up to getting kids off the streets, re-socialising them in preparation for return home, support for their families through education, monthly counselling, home visitation, self-employment skills, loans to low income families to help them be self sustainable (Gremeen Bank model) and so many other things. The OBU continues to support Br. Paul with his work. Want to help?


Maintenance & Repairs:

Gary Stanmore (LC’64) is in the POW rehab unit and, despite the heart attack, the stroke and tracheostomy, that fighting spirit is alive and well, reflected in his eyes. We all wish you a fast recovery, Gary.



 The marble War Memorial that hung in the stairwell of Darlo, courtesy of Scott Coleman (see the Darlo website-photogallery).

OBU Medal awarded to A. Keogh in 1934 courtesy of John Gallagher (LC’67). (see the Darlo website-photogallery).



Memories:  ARCHIVES

###  For those who wish to take a trip down memory lane, the Blue & Blue archives are available from the main page of the Darlo website or directly at B&B Archives.

Friday 22 August 1924  MB Darlinghurst Sports Meeting


10th Oct 1930 Annual Sports Meeting of Marist Brothers Darlinghurst


1955-1956 MB Darlinghurst


Scott Coleman’s Historical Contributions


Michael Curnow M.M. (1909-1989) attended Marist Brothers High School, Darlinghurst as a boy and later served with distinction during the Second World War. He was awarded the Military Medal. In 2010 Michael Curnow’s son, Brother Michael Curnow, donated his father’s Military Medal to Marist College Canberra together with an assortment of other items, including Private Curnow’s slouch hat, ration tin and compass. [Follow the link to the Darlo website for the full story]

Richard Dennis Stoyles-O’Grady was born on the 19th of February 1915 in Sydney, New South Wales, son of Mr and Mrs Percy Stoyles. Young Richard was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church and came into Third Class at the Marist Brothers High School at Darlinghurst in 1924. Gunner Richard Dennis Stoyles-O’Grady – Awarded the American Silver Star. [Follow the link to the Darlo website for the full story]


 In Memoriam:

Vale John Chippendale (LC’54) passed away on 21st January, 2013 after a long battle with cancer. John’s wife, Ann, and the family gave him a send-off to remember. In a capacity-filled church with seven priests, six concelebrating and one in the congregation, it would have been easy to think it was a joint-farewell for John and a pope. Kevin Riolo (LC’54), John’s classmate and life-long friend, farewelled him at the service. John remains an absolute legend at the OBU. We all owe a great deal to the man who was instrumental in redrafting the OBU constitution and for his decade long service on the OBU Committee. John’s grandson, Patrick, carries on the Marist tradition as School Captain of Marist College Eastwood.

R.I.P. John


Vale Bill O'Donnell (LC’46) passed away peacefully on 21st September, 2012 after a short illness.  He died bravely and was carried out of the church to the Marist anthem Sub Tuum.  The entire family took part in the ceremony: Bill’s wife, Vanda, four sons, two daughters and eleven grandchildren.  There was standing room only in the church at Manly Vale which was a mark of the esteem in which he was held.  He was loyal to the end to Darlo, always totally dedicated to the Old Boys’ Union and the Marist Brothers. Bill was another OBU legend, sadly missed.

R.I.P. Bill


Vale Paul Mitchell (LC’53) passed away on 21st September, 2012. Loved husband of Mary and father of Charles, Luke, Cameron and Joseph. Paul was a Waverley man but late of Byron Bay. He joined the Marist Fathers and had an older brother, Sid, in the Order. Paul stayed for 3 years until his first vows, then left the Order and later did an engineering degree.

R.I.P. Paul

Vale Denis Condon (LC’50) passed away 30/8/2012. Denis was an electronics engineer but far better known around the world as a reproducing piano collector, erudite, with a knowledge of the repertoire and too, known by pianists whose music he recorded on the special rolls that produced all the nuances of their original performances. He was also a school music teacher, choral singer and conductor as well as an affable friend and host. Denis is survived by his partner of 47 years, Robert Mitchell and his nephews Michael and Julian Condon and niece Lesley Fentiman.

R.I.P. Denis




###: Don't forget to diarise the second of the Luncheons for the Centenary Celebrations of the OBU on July 11th, 2013.


Sincere thanks go to those who stood up to be counted in the recent issue regarding any change of name for the OBU. The passionate unanimity ensured that the name of the OBU and the status of the OBU, will remain as it always has been. If any Old Boy wishes to challenge any matter pertaining to the OBU, they’re always, not only free, but welcome to do so, in the appropriate manner.

The great thing about the OBU is that, with all the inevitable conflict that comes with any family or fraternity, it’s a bit like a good game of rugby, where there’s always opportunity for reconciliation after the game.


The phone calls and emails of gratitude to the OBU Committee for organising the luncheon were, as always, very much appreciated.


Servo fidem,

Kym Derriman


Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union




*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC in that year and to all who left earlier, who would have sat in that year, had they stayed on.


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