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  August, 2013



From the pulpit of St. Patrick’s Church, Fr. Eugene Szondi delivered a profound, passionate recount of his time at Darlo, having arrived in Australia as a migrant and his recount then expanded on the history of the school and ex-students.

The second of the luncheons celebrating the Centenary of the OBU was simply another outstanding success. The Waratah Room at the Rugby Club was vibrant with laughter of so many, echoing through the halls of reminiscence.

The 1963 school captain, Robert Brassil, opened this historic OBU Centenary Luncheon, reflecting on the good fortune of us all to attend MBHS Darlinghurst. His reflection on the popularity of Br. Norman was also noted. In closing his speech, he made a poignant reference, which so many of us identified with: the sacrifices of his mother in sending him to Darlo. Well said, Bob.

 [POST PUBLISHING SCRIPT: To allay the concerns of readers, we’d like to advise that there is no truth in the rumour that Robert Brassil, after making the comment about the popularity of Br Norman, was rushed to St. Vincent’s to have his tongue surgically removed from his cheek.]


Br. Norman Hart kindly responded with an impromptu speech. His reflections on past students and former teachers gave considerable enjoyment and his response was not without some philosophical suggestions for the betterment of teaching generally. Nobody was given detention. Thereafter followed an “open rostrum” where various men shared anecdotes of their Darlo experiences. There were some absolute classics; so, so funny.

After commenting on the luminaries and mentors who were available to us, I quipped that my current mentor was Homer Simpson. Afterwards, a friend came over with tears in his eyes, shuddering so much with laughter advising that, when I made the quip, a voice behind him said, “I didn’t know we had a Br. Homer”.


An invitation was distributed regarding the OBU international Golf initiative ~ The Chippendale Cup. There’s only two places available in one of the teams for players still remaining. If you’re a golfer, be quick. It begins on Friday 13th September at Randwick Golf Course. To book a place, contact Jay Robertson or phone 9744 8377; 0417 421 095.


Bill Halcro advises from the 1950 B&B that the golfers mentioned include, John Bolster, Des Donovan, Brian Kelly and Barry Power (State Schoolboy Champion, 1950).

Donations for the golf initiative to assist disadvantaged children can be credited to:

A/C Name: Kids 4 Kids Inc    A/C Number: 199919    BSB: 032159  Please write “Golf” under the reference with your name.


Warren Gray (LC’65) advises that he’s now living in Washington DC, teaching golf to the diplomatic punters and passes on his best to all, especially Br. Norman, who was an adversary at Darlo but a golfing buddy from St Michaels, where he most often ruled the roost, either with his smile or gruesome tough demeanour.  The more things change the more they stay the same.

Kevin Riolo (LC’54) also sent apologies as he was off for an overseas holiday. Similarly, Bob Jones (LC’63) and his wife were also heading o/seas for a break.

Graham Jones (LC’63) was unable to make the luncheon. Both he and his wife, Anne, were in Paris babysitting their French grand-daughter and catching a bit of Tour de France.

Tony Morrissey (LC’65). Sent his apologies for the luncheon also as he was taking his caravan up to Uranga during the TAFE Holidays. “When it rains it pours. I started TAFE doing only 12 hours and due to shortage of teachers, I have been doing 24 hrs. so to keep my sanity I must get away. I have sent a donation of $20 to the Secretary so have a cool one for me. Tony adds, “I went for a swim in the Malabar rock pool this morning. It was great and the water was crystal clear”. Mid-winter for an ocean swim ~ ahhhhh!

With so many apologies, one must wonder how there were still 60 plus who confirmed attendance and, with last-minute inabilities, well over 50 attended. Des Donovan (LC’50) was one who trekked from far, coming from Noosa, Qld. Des also brought some B&Bs for the OBU library, as did others.

With a recent passing of an Old Boy, a trove of B&Bs was thrown out. May I ask those who feel that at some point they will be departing the terra firma, to consider advising their family to contact the OBU regarding any unwanted B&Bs or Darlo memorabilia please. For those who will be refusing to depart, this of course, is not applicable.

Gerald Donovan (LC’58) writes, “I'm still involved with tennis in Eastern Suburbs even though I haven't lived there for over thirty years” and sends his regards to all.

Fr. John Anderson (LC’63) sends his greetings to all from Iquitos, Peru, where he’s been for 20 years. Iquitos is on the banks of the Amazon, reached only by plane or boat. It is an Apostolic Vicariate, i.e., mission territory, and not yet a Diocese. Fr John is also chaplain to the Peruvian Army there. He writes, “Should anyone from Darlinghurst ever be travelling in these parts of the world, it would be great to see you.” Fr. John took a a team of young people from several parishes in Iquitos to Brazil for World Youth Day, which included 11 boys from Marist Pagewood.

Graeme Cureton (LC’60) advises that Fr John married Liz and himself at the MBHS Kogarah Chapel some 37 years ago.

Vin Hallinan (LC’45), brother of Fr. Denis and retired, decade-long member of the OBU committee, also sends his apologies.

It was great to see Larry Hensby (LC’48) also a retired, decade-long member of the OBU committee, at the luncheon.

Paul Di Leo (LC’62)
sends his regards to all from the sunny state.


In Memoriam:


Vale Br Fabian OH (Geoff Hynes) passed away 24 June, 2013.  A separate tribute will be uploaded to the website shortly. A remembrance is made for the other classmates who were also pharmacists, John Lee, Laurie Macinante and Kevin Torpy, who all predeceased him.

R.I.P. Geoff


Vale John Musgrave passed away on 27 July, 2013, aged 82 years, lovingly remembered by family members and friends.

R.I.P. John

 Vale Denis Towson passed away on 23 June, 2013 aged 76 years, Dux of the school in 1954, lovingly remembered by family members and friends.

R.I.P. Denis


We’re most grateful to all those who did send in donations. Donations are the only source of income for the OBU to cover costs. Please consider doing so, if you haven’t already done so.

‘My apologies for the delay in publishing this rushed issue of the B&B due to an encounter with a rare bug while in the Philippines. As overdue as this issue of the B&B is, there’s still more to come. Pics and videos of the luncheon will soon be uploaded to the website, which is also late in being updated.

Good luck in the golf against Samoa for those playing.


Servo fidem,

Kym Derriman


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*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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