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  Christmas, 2013



Here we are at the end of a century of tradition; a remarkable piece of history.


It’s Christmas !

All of us on the OBU Exec & Committee wish all the Old Boys and their families a happy, joyous and holy Christmas and a peaceful and rewarding 2014.

One hundred years ago, a group of young men celebrated their first Christmas as an Order of men, unaware that 100 years later, men who would follow in their footsteps,  would reflect upon their legacy. They were us and we were them: young men embarking upon a career, with zeal to shape the future.



As we’re all aware, the OBU was created to foster fraternity of Old Boys and promote Marist causes. Perhaps no cause could be more noble than that undertaken by the participants in the Chippendale Cup (the OBU Golf Day): to assist disadvantaged children in their declaration of human rights (“The Children’s Manifesto”).  Funds raised went to assist the Kuya Center, the organisation founded by Br. Paul Murphy for displaced children but the awareness raised with The Children’s Manifesto has seen it translated and recorded in many languages, burning a path into the new millennium to protect children’s rights.


Jay Robertson (LC’59 ) did a masterful job of coordinating the golf game and lunch. Alf Romeika, honorary Darlo Old Boy, kindly stood in for Trevor Daley (LC’64) who was in attendance but called away due to a passing within the family. John Bolster (LC’50) was unable to attend due to an earlier, long-standing commitment to the game. Robert Brassil (LC’63 School Captain), Grahame Cureton (LC’60 ), Max Granger (LC’64) and Oleh Butchatsky (HSC’68) all challenged the windy conditions at Randwick Golf Course and the rules made for a fun day. Max Granger didn’t even question the footprint on top of his ball, burying it deep into the sand trap. Trevor Daley put his foot on the sprinkler, with obvious consequences to himself and Jay Robertson, who was trying to putting out. It was a close finish. Although it appeared Team 1 were ahead on handicap, due to lack of sledging, they were penalised and lost.

Team 2 won on handicap. Under the Catch 22 Rule, however, if a team wins, it automatically loses. Team 1 were declared the non-losers, not wishing to be declared the obvious, thereby losing their non-loser status.

Oleh Butchatsky led the golf challenge to Marist ex-students internationally, with a hole-in-one and so now celebrates super-hero status, championing children’s rights. It remains unverified if the family have petitioned the papacy to see if the hole-in-one constitutes later grounds for a beautification.

Conditions in the game led to the Adjusted Rules: During the course of the game, only one player of a team may activate a sprinkler, whether his opponent is taking his shot, or not.


Golf ~ it’s a dangerous game:

Golf tips: new golf swing -


The Chippendale Cup has been created In memory of John Chippendale.


Ann Chippendale received an award on behalf of her husband, John, for his life’s work in education. It was presented by the then Finance Minister, Greg Pearce. With Ann, were her son, Paul and grandson, Daniel.      Carrying on the Chippendale tradition, John & Ann’s grandson, Patrick, school captain of Marist Eastwood, received the Respice Finem award.

Reflecting on the year,

Ray Akhurst (LC’63) started it with separate injuries to a shoulder & knee, unable to share the first of the 50th year reunions for the Class of ’63 at the initial OBU Centenary Luncheon. The AGM in February will be the next opportunity for Classes of ’63 and ’64 to celebrate the half-century. We heard from Alan Reed (L.C. ’63), who was a champion swimmer and who is still stroking away regularly. He was enquiring after Barry Horrox, Dennis Chant, Paul Greig and John Camilleri. Anybody with updated contacts for them, please let us all know. Alan had come across Hayden Reece not so long ago.

Frank Restuccia (LC’64) recovered from a prostate op mid-year. Frank worked for The Sydney County Council in admin for 33years and there were quite a few Old Boys there. Rowley MacKay kept in touch with old class mates.


Brian Oong (LC’49) has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He was a top student ( in the 1st. 100. ) of the State for the L.C. He received a degree in Engineering and worked for the Sydney C.C. as the chief engineer. Brian advised that the doctors have his condition under control. We all wish Brian a speedy recovery.  

Kevin Hoy (LC’54) married 52 years to Janice O'Leary, has been a Qlder now since 1986. They have 10 grand children!!!

Don Ferguson (LC’49), an old Maroubra boy, advised that Brian Cameron (LC’50) lives in Chifley. Being so close, I contacted Brian and found that his son, Mick, was teaching maths at Marist Pagewood. Surprisingly, Mick was teaching my son, Drew, in Year 12. Jim McFall (LC’55) earlier found Karam Ramrakha (LC’49) in an Art Class. Jim is one of the 36 Legends who have run in every City-to-Surf race.


Bill McFall (LC’60) was queried on the whereabouts of Peter Morris. Bill writes, “. I joined The Grain Handling Authority in 1985 and Peter had his Accounting Certificate and had been there for some years. We worked in the finance department  together until 1991 when Graincorp was sold to The Prime Wheat Association and Peter took a redundancy package.  

Peter, always a cricket tragic, told me of his bowling record at Darlo and how he would have also broken Lindwall's batting record as well if that brother SO AND SO had not giving him out LBW when it was clear the ball was going down leg side. Peter played Shield for NSW and he recalled to me his debot innings when he came in on a hat trick on the SCG. When I asked what happened with a big smile he said I got 84. I do not have Peters current address as he moved to the hunter region to escape the demons in Balmain, but I have on display in my bar at home a photo of the NSW Shield side in Adelaide 1927. In the photo is the DON and Peter's father Norm Morris. He was a spin bowler and played one test against the poms. Peter told me that at home in the back yard, his father would upset him by saying I could bowl you out with a cabbage. Peter was also a boxer which sometimes got him into trouble.”

We thought that we may have located ex-teacher Brian Wylie at Maroubra. It turns out the Maroubra Brian Wyllie attended Darlo as a student for one month but was never a teacher. The search continues.


In Memoriam:

  Vale Wilfred Byrne (L.C. ’37) late of A.C.T, passed away 13th August, 2013, aged 92 years.  What a great innings.

R.I.P. Wilf

 Vale Barry Driscoll (L.C. ’46) passed away 4th February, 2013 completed his LC in 1946 with excellent marks. He received Hons.(11) in Maths, together with (A) pass's in (3) other subjects.  Became a Civil engineer.  Late of Penshurst.

R.I.P. Barry




With the upcoming, historic edition of the Blue & Blue, “The Centenary AGM of the Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union”, the more it’s clear that it should not be for one person to address, but that it is ours to address: we are a unique brand of men; a dying breed. May I ask those of you who wish to leave a written legacy, a simple statement, for this next edition, to please do so, remitting your content to Bill Halcro, OBU Secretary.  

We’re most grateful to all those who sent in donations, including Mrs. Frank Richardson, which are the only source of income for the OBU to cover costs. They are most appreciated.


Servo fidem,

Kym Derriman


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