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  Blue & Blue                            

  March, 2013



Marist Brothers Darlinghurst OBU welcomes all into its second century of existence; a remarkable achievement for a school that closed almost 50 years ago.

A particular note of welcome is for the Class of 1964 who celebrate their half-century since leaving Darlo.


Date for next OBU Annual Meeting and lunch is Tuesday, May 6th, 2014. The Meeting starts at midday followed by lunch. A 10.30 Mass at St. Patricks, Church Hill will precede the luncheon. The Agenda will be posted on the website this week but details are herein.


As most of us are aware, the name our school lives on with one of the four Houses at Marist College, Canberra being “Darlinghurst”. From that House came Paul Nulley who was recently ordained. Congratulations and best wishes for the future, Fr. Paul. [MB Canberra article]


Hearty congratulations also go to Kevin Riolo (LC’54) who was given an Order of Australia Medal in the Australia Day Honors for services to Rugby League Football, well deserved. There was a photo of Kevin & write up about him in the Illawarra Mercury newspaper on Monday January 27. Perhaps anybody looking to have a good word put in with Prince Phillip, maybe invite him over for a BBQ next time he’s down under, should send it via Kev. Who knows, maybe Phil could still be up for a game of touch footie?


Br Paul Murphy will be leaving for the USA after 17th March, on a sabbatical. It involves a two month Desert Retreat in Arizona involving, among other things, a walk of the Spanish Camino (a mere 150 kms). “Murf” returns in September, hopefully free of blisters and rattlesnake bites. As W.C. Fields used to say, he always keeps some whiskey handy in case he’s bitten by a snake, which he also keeps handy.

Those seeking further information and the latest news on the centre to assist disadvantaged children in the Philippines, which Br. Paul founded, can follow the link Kuya Center or simply go to the website at


We may be blessed by the presence of Eric Mostowyj of LC’ 63 who, like Peter Clarke HSC’65, is currently residing in South Australia. Mos is invited to pass the Half-Century baton to the Class of LC’64. Athletics was Mos’ strength. Mos was so fast he’d fill the rest of your sentence before you could finish spelling his surname.


John “Blue” Gallagher HSC ’67 is busier than a bee in a beehave at present, re-shaping Sydney’s waterside on Foreshore Drive at the Ports Authority, with years of work coming to fruition. Behaving never was Blue’s strong suit. Specific recognition of Blue’s attitude has given birth to a new term for the current vernacular – beehave: a recalcitrant bee’s current domicile. Br. Norman would be proud of your contribution to the expansion of the English language, Blue.


There is nothing more befitting a fraternity than to see family reunited. Our 2012 OBU Annual Meeting saw a resolution passed for a sub-committee to be established to seek a path for resolving differences between the then named, MB Darlinghurst Alumni Assn** and the MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union. Families were not born to be immune from conflicts but to work through them. Perhaps we all need to be in praise of the sustained efforts of those responsible for maintaining the century-old-tradition of brotherhood among the men of Marist Brothers Darlinghurst. Those responsible for reuniting factions of the fraternity should be acknowledged: Philip Hogan LC’60 and Michael Howard HSC ‘65 in particular. Others similarly who attended the 2013 meeting to reunite are Dominic Sidoti, Ivor Thompson and Br. Charles Aquilina. The sustained efforts of Kyran O’Donnell also are acknowledged.

[**MB Darlinghurst Alumni Assn, formed in 2011, was subsequently renamed “MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union (Inc.)” disregarding overwhelming objections from members of the MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union against their use of the name.]

In the spirit of reconciliation, it is agreed:

that a motion be put at the next Annual Meeting of the MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union for the OBU to either remain as it has been for over 100 years, as a “friendly association” or to formalise into an “incorporated association”.

Representatives of the “MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union (Inc.)” have agreed to formally wind-up their Incorporated Association if it is formally indicated by the majority of members of the MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union that there is NO desire to incorporate. In such an event, that would leave the original MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union continuing in its original form and see the recently formed “MB Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union (Inc.)” dissolved.

Those unable to attend but wishing to lodge proxies, should direct them to the OBU Secretary, Bill Halcro at 20 Paterson St, Matraville 2036. Details will be available on the Darlo website.


A second motion will be put to the OBU to remain with our current constitution (the Chippendale draft) or change to a considerably more comprehensive one.


A third motion is proposed to address this current genocide. In Syria, specifically, the Oxford Research Group (Oct 2013) reports 11, 420 children slain in previous 18 months in Syria. As much as the focus of reunions is socialising among fraternity, the OBU continues to address Marist causes. Addressing genocide is paramount.

Elections of Office Bearers will follow the general business.

Due to an admin error on my behalf, the news that John Reed (LC’59) sent last year wasn’t discovered for months later.

John sent his apologies for not attending the lunch as he was to be in hospital that day. John retired at the end of 2009 after 12 years as Deputy Principal at Oakhill College, Castle Hill and over 20 years at Riverview as Head of Science and Senior Master. He is currently doing lots of travel with his wife Diane and playing some golf, when not back home in Artarmon.
We trust all went well in hospital, John, and that you’re getting your handicap down for the 2014 OBU Chippendale Cup golf classic.


Tom Ryan LC’46 has just returned from a trip around Australia, a far cry from the hectic life of running a pub at Waterloo decades ago. What a barrel full of adventures Tom will have to share at the next OBU get-together. Tom’s parish priest at Oatley is Fr. John Doherty LC’63.


Don Ferguson (LC’49), a whizz on the latest technology, was sending from his iPad last Christmas – a shining example of being at peace with the world: Hi Kym, Bon natale, felice navidad, merry Christmas to you and all those old Darlo names and acquaintances of long ago which you mentioned in latest e.mail. If I may copy Jeff Fenech I say " I luv youze all" I am at peace with the world at my son's place at Balmain on the waterfront looking through a haze of three or four Hennessy brandies (XO) to top up a lovely Christmas lunch with liquid accessories to titillate the palate. Goat Island to the left, the coat hanger straight ahead and Barangaroo to the right and Brother Cassian above to check on correct behavior. Regards from that boring old fart Don Ferguson.

Some of the tales of yesteryear told at the last luncheon, leaves you with a lifelong reputation of anything-but-boring, Don.


The almost-palpable atmosphere created in Don’s email raises the themeValue what you have for Australians, which was sent in by Peter Clarke (HSC’65), citing David Mason is a US writer and professor, and poet laureate of Colorado. BRILLIANT!


Bob Timmins (LC’63), did Agricultural Science at Sydney Uni with Duane Norris (LC’63) and Bob Woog (LC’63). He was later drawn into geophysics which now sees him alternating residence between Australia and Africa, Nimibia to be specific. One can imagine Bob, for many months of the year in Africa, occasionally stopping to run some soil tests while carrying his spear, leaping over lions in his laplap.

Other news from Bob about the west was the regretful demise of John Murphy (LC '63) who settled in the sunset state and regularly socialised with Bob. Bob describes John as a man of great wit, as many of us will remember him, and he initially ran into John at a musical concert in a run-down "speak easy" of a pub. John passed away in Sydney the mid '80's waiting for a heart transplant (cardiomyopathy).

Bob also kindly resolved the queries in regard to the whereabouts of Darlo lay teacher, Brian Wylie. Brian went on to teach at Waverley College after Darlo and regretfully passed away in 2004.


Emeritus Professor Des O'Connor (LC’44) writes on the subject of O'Connors at Darlo during his stay 1942-1944. I am very anxious to locate John Mortimer O'Connor who came from Mosman. He was a scholarly fellow, interested in the classics, Greek in particular, and earned the nickname of "Alpha". He was being groomed for the Cooper Scholarship, but I don't know the outcome. During my years at Darlo, there was a glut of O'Connors--I was "French Joe".

Anybody who can assist Des, please contact Bill Halcro.



Maintenance & Repairs:

Bill Halcro LC’49, one of the fastest lads on his feet during his time at Darlo, recently went in for a knee reconstruction at St.Vincent’s Hospital. While undertaking rehabilitation, Bill was doing hydro therapy and found Brian Cameron LC’50 doing the same after a knee replacement. We’re checking the validity of the report that Brian usually does his hydro-therapy floating around the pool on his back with a cigar in one hand and a Tequila Sunrise in the other.


Following up on an advice in the last Blue & Blue, we received word from Bryan Callinan (LC’48), who wrote “As an old boy of MBHSD (1943-48) I occasionally read the Blue and Blue newsletter on line and in doing so recently I noted that Brian Oong (LC’48) had been unwell. I spent most of my Darlo time in the same class as Brian and remember him as a great friend.

I would be grateful if, through you, I could pass on to Brian my best wishes, with the hope that he is now enjoying better health.”

Bryan Callinan

Orange   NSW


In Memoriam:

Jim Brassil A.M. (LC’45) wrote in to relate a little about Wilf Byrne (LC’37), who passed away last year. Wilf was Private Secretary to Ben Chifley in 1961, when Chifley was Prime Minister. Wilf was later awarded the Canberra Gold Medal for Public Service by Ben Chifley. Wilf was remembered in the last edition of Blue & Blue.

Vale Wilf


Mrs. Patricia Woods phoned in to advise that her husband, Leonard Woods (LC’42) passed away on 5th November, 2013 aged 87 years at their home in Melbourne.

Vale Len


Joe Howard (LC’45) phoned to advise that his younger brother, John Howard (LC’48) passed away on early December, 2013. John had been living in Italy for many years. He developed dementia and came back to Australia where he lived in a retirement home at Narrabeen. John had no family except his brother, Joe. Their other brother, Jim, had also passed on. All three brothers went to Darlo. For those who would like Joe’s phone number, please contact Bill Halcro.

Vale John




Emeritus Professor Des O'Connor (LC’44) writes, “in the Newsletter you mention a simple statement from a unique brand of men,  *a dying breed.  *At 87 I feel qualified on this score, so I include a few notes.”

Des O’Connor attended St Patrick's in Harrington Street 1939-41, and came on to Darlo to finish in 1944.  On leaving School he was Articled to Surveyors and was qualified in 1949.  and went on to Sydney University 1950-53 where he graduated B.E. in Civil Engineering.  He was appointed to the University of NSW as Lecturer, and later Senior Lecturer, in the period 1954-63. In this period he obtained the Degrees of M.E. and M.Sc.(ITC Delft).

In 1963 he went to the USA to the US Army Engineer Geodesy, Intelligence and Mapping Research and Development Agency. He later became Research Director and Scientific Advisor.  In 1971 he was appointed Chief of the Environmental Sciences Office of the US Army in the Pentagon.

He came to Perth in 1973 as Foundation Professor in Environmental Studies at Murdoch University.

His whole life has been dedicated to community service on committees and boards, including President of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and President of the Ryder Cheshire Foundation for the Relief of Suffering. 

He holds a Commercial Pilot's Licence.

He kept in touch with Brothers Quentin, Owen and Romulus until they passed on, and is proud to acknowledge his indebtedness to the Brothers.

He is retired and is active in Amnesty International and Pax Christi.



The School Song: (lyrics)


Congratulations once again to all for supporting the OBU into the second century of existence. Meanwhile, for those looking for odds on us making a third century, please see Tom Waterhouse.

 ‘See you at the luncheon.


Servo fidem,

Kym Derriman


Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union



*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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