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19th. June 2016



Welcome to the 2016 winter edition of the B&B. In 1966 (see B&B), the Lord Mayor of Sydney, John Armstrong, President of the OBU, welcomed dignitaries and guests to the annual OBU reunion. Over eighty were present. It is a glowing reflection upon the dedication to the fraternity that over fifty attended last year’s reunion, almost half a century after the school closed. Congratulations! You are a very special breed of men.


  Only a few weeks to go and we’re filling up fast, so for anybody dragging the chain, now is the last opportunity to book a seat at this reunion. This year’s reunion promises to be an EPIC. Anecdotes are the order of the day. It will be hilarious!


Br. Joe McCabe (Br. Bonaventure) is attending in response to numerous requests and, after a contingent of Old Boys visited Br. Lionel Charlton several months ago, we’re in hope that he may be attending also, although health is a consideration. Several Old Boys of LC 1965 made the pilgrimage to visit Br Lionel Charlton (Darlo 1960-’66) at Campbelltown, Michael Howard, Tom Pinzone, Luigi Genua and Michael O’Leary. Michael wrote an engaging recount of the trip, while reminiscing about “chalk flying off the blackboard, as he drove us through maths and physics concepts and equations.” Click here to access the trip.


Without question, this edition is about a journey of courage. Much has been made of the issue of paedophilia in recent times. The ability to confront demons of the past and bring them into the public arena requires absolutely enormous courage. Enclosed is one such journey by one of our own at age 12, Philip Hogan (LC 1960). “I’m at the beach with my brother and mother.  Mum is reading a book and my brother has gone to find his mates, who congregate at the northern end of the beach.  I’m strolling along the waterline, looking out for anyone that I might know and I’m approached by this bloke in navy blue shorts, a blue work singlet, sandals and a straw hat with the Randwick municipal crest on it, with the words “Beach Inspector”. Read on with What the Wild Waves are Saying


                        Br. Paul Murphy is in Lourdes but will be back for the reunion. He feels fortunate to be working with thousands of the sick, learning from them through Faith. We received word from Kyran O’Donnell [LC ‘54], who has just arrived back from England with his wife, Rosemary. Many would have left their wife there. Tony Morrissey [LC’65] has gone on the campaign trail, assailing politicians {Baird, Turnbull, Shorten & others] in his efforts to save TAFE and with perfectly valid but apocalyptic warnings of the effects of substitution of their highly-qualified TAFE graduates by graduates from private providers. We heard from Grahame Howe [LC’63] working diligently at law in his office across the road from the Downing Centre. Grahame often gets together with Gary Singleton [LC’63]  and Peter Dawson [LC’63], with no suggestion that either are seen in any way but social, although I’m sure that either would look equally impressive in stripes and chains.


A special dedication will be made this year to members of the medical profession. Gavan Young [LC’49], has been a stalwart OBU supporter and regular attendee of reunions but may not be attending this year due to health issues. We will be having Honorable Mentions, with toasts, to Gavan and other members of the medical fraternity to honour their work in the profession. Others included will be Mario Adamo [LC’57], Paul Crea [LC'59], Grayson Geary [LC’61], Luigi Genua [LC’65], John Grygiel [LC’62], Philip Jones [HSC ’70 Marist Pagewood], Peter Langdon, [LC’65], Brian Pollard, Robert Schiavuzzi [HSC ’70 Marist Pagewood], Robert Woog [HSC'67], Ronald Young [LC’49] and Anthony Zahra [LC’60].

 There shall also be toasts to those who send their apologies such as such as Warren Thomas, Col Sullivan and Peter (“Harry” ) Wells, all of LC 1965, struggling their way through Europe, on a 99ft yacht off the Dalmatian Coast. There will be further toasts to others who send their apologies such as Warren Castray, Gerald Donovan, Col Jenkins, Paul McMahon, Duane Norris, Michael O’Leary, James Peoples, Grahame Pomroy, Kevin Riolo, Bill Sheehy, Alf Silvester and Bernie Woods.

By the time we finish those toasts, there shall be toasts to anybody left standing, to be made by anybody still capable of making toasts.


Bill Sheehy [LC’65] is off overseas with his wife, celebrating his retirement. Col Jenkins [LC 1962], living in Walcha, will also be away as he and his wife head for Europe and the States. They will be seeing their two daughters in Norway and Germany, as each gives birth. Col will now be in the position of looking at a Darlo record for international grandchildren with numbers six and seven. Then it’s onto the States to visit a son in San Diego, smiling all the way, spending the kids’ inheritance.

Don Ferguson [LC’49] has made a special request to those of his era to attend, bringing the memories made for sharing, that shatter silence with laughter. Although he strenuously denies it, with some encouragement, he may present some of his now world-famous impersonations of less-famous, world celebrities. There was some suggestion to support Don’s act, if it eventuates, insofar as to beseech the St Vincent’s Girl’s College, LC 1949, to provide a contingent to sing and dance but the proposal was voted down.


Lost & Found:

Among the many others who will be attending are the brothers Grygiel, John [LC’61] and Chris [LC’62]. After many years, we received word from Affred Doyle [LC’59], who had been listed as lost. Also found are the brothers Brennan, Les [LC’47] and Bill [LC’46], deemed lost due to errors in the OBU records. Les went on to play first grade for Souths.

We have lost contacts for Don Simpson [LC’46] of Hornsby and Bob Wright [LC’51] of Sunnybank Hills Qld. Anybody who can help with information, it would be most appreciated.

While still in the mention of Souths, Reg Richardson [LC’’53] was at Darlo in the late 40s onwards and, like most, idolising Clive Churchill. Reg writes, “I have followed the team ever since , but never met Clive . Imagine my surprise when , about 6 weeks ago , I received an email from the Souths executive office that his widow , Joyce would like to meet me as she has heard that I am an ardent Souths supporter and get involved in a few things that are a little different. I subsequently met Joyce in Coogee and she is a charming and switched on person . Her and Clive's son, Rod, was there too .

The purpose of my meeting her was to see if I could place Clive's memorabilia in a museum somewhere . There are over 800 pieces and they are in good nick. I am on the case and if I need help from other Old Boys on where such a museum could be located , I'll let you know .

Bill Halcro mentioned Clive's 1948 tour to England . Well, Joyce showed me the very letter, in good condition, from

the rugby league hierarchy telling the great man that he had been selected for the 1948 tour. She had even kept the trunk that the league provided for the boat trip, which was about 6 weeks long.

So I spent a few hours with Joyce and Rod and it took me back to the great times of our lives: our youth.”


Paul Finnane [LC1949] kindly responded to a query regarding pastoral work in penal institutions. It doing so, it shed light on the selfless work he has undertaken for many years, least of all deserving of acknowledgement in the B&B.

Paul writes, “I got a note from Bill Halcro the same day and it was good to read how many Darlo OBs have sent Bill emails, offering their support and prayers.

 My experience was first as a friar when I had four years with juvenile offenders at Morning Star Boys Home, Mt Eliza Vic - now long gone and replaced by a boutique winery and wedding centre! When I was approached by a Mercy Sister in 1996 to take on the Remand Centre I could hardly say no, could I? So I was there for about 5 years, and in the second year of that term I took on additionally Yatala Labour Prison, our maximum security prison. The experience with the boys stood me in good stead and I found the time spent with adult prisoners very worthwhile, even if I left it with some very critical ideas about how dehumanising it all is.

I do enjoy getting the Blue and Blue news by the way, thanks very much. Even if it does remind me that I am indeed very bloody old!”



Brian Fraser [LC’46] passed on peacefully in March 2016. He is survived by his wife Devona, married 60 years.


Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


For those of you who’d like to get lost in reflections of yesteryear, we’ve been digitising the B&Bs. While several years are still to be done, please visit the Archives to find your photos. We’re all most grateful to exhaustive work in the compilation of OBU data by Terry Malone [LC’63], Philip Hogan [LC’60], Tony Smith [LC’64] and Tony Morrissey [LC’65].


Fact: People with hyperthymesia can remember nearly every detail about their lives. They can even recall things like the colour of their sox that they were wearing on any given day.


 A Boss Asks his Employee: “Do you believe that there is Life After Death?”

Employee: “Certainly not, there’s no proof of it”.

Boss: “Well, there is.... After you left early yesterday to go to your cousin’s funeral, he came here looking for you.”


This video is too funny - dog    The reality is that it represents each one of us, in different ways at different times.


     For those attending the reunion, please be sure to bring your best anecdote of yesteryear. See you there.


Servo fidem,

 Kym Derriman


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*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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