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                                                                                                                                             13th. Sept. 2020 




Welcome to the Spring edition of the Blue & Blue and with it, an invitation to the next reunion luncheon, which is on Thursday, October 15th 2020.

There is now some urgency for RSVPs with the invitation delayed due to the mercurial nature of corona restrictions. If you are coming, please advise within 7 days. RSVP by 20th Sept. 2020.




Marist Brothers Darlinghurst  OLD BOYS’ UNION  Annual Meeting & Luncheon


Venue:  The Castlereagh Hotel, 169/171 Castlereagh St., Sydney. Time: 12.30pm

Date: Thursday, Oct 15th 2020

(a preceding Mass at St Patrick’s Church, Church Hill will commence at 10.30am

being celebrated that children be heard globally with the Children’s Manifesto) .


             I will / will not/  be attending the luncheon this year.  Name: …………………………………………………………….


Please confirm your attendance or inability by inserting your name above and returning the invitation by email. (payment provisions below).

Brothers and Priests attend as guests.


On line Payment:

BANK CREDIT:   Payee: MBHS Darlinghurst-OBU, BSB: 062-439,  A/c: 10490076 

Be sure to include your name in the “Reference” of the deposit, if depositing online or in person.


          Full Payment: (discount may apply – see below)

I am enclosing/remitting my full payment for the luncheon on Wednesday, 11th July 2018                     $65.00


          I wish to sponsor a Marist Brother/Old Boy Priest/Brother.              (Any amount)                                    $________



Please find enclosed my tax-deductible donation to the Marist Order/Charitable Activities.              $________

            (tax-deductible receipt will be posted upon request)


# # Please remember that there are no OBU annual subscriptions and the financial cost (venue hire, guests etc) for the luncheon is borne by the OBU committee, so any donations are gratefully received.


R.S.V.P.   20th Sept, 2020


 If cheques remitting by snail mail, please post to MBHSD OBU, P.O.Box 6177, Malabar 2036


Fr. John Anderson (Class of’63) celebrated 50 years ordination on 22/8/20. On 22nd August 1970, six were ordained at St Mary´s Cathedral by Cardinal Gilroy.


Br Paul Murphy sends his appreciation to those who responded, supporting his work in Alice Springs.

Tony Baine (Class of ’61) writes alerting us to an article by Peter FitzSimons regarding a chivalrous act by a youngster, Theo Campton, in the Blue & Blue of Marist College Canberra.


For some time, it has been suggested that we organize another trip to Marist College, Canberra and this time Brian McNally (Class of ’48) was the first to book a seat on the bus. Naturally, it will be when corona restrictions are off and it will be a relaxing journey. The Marist Darlinghurst Hall of Remembrance awaits together with a warm welcome from Matt Hutchison, Headmaster, the staff and students. Having been on the last one, I can heartily recommend the experience.


Those wishing to be part of the next excursion, please signal your intent with a brief email. It would be subject to dates and corona restrictions, of course. More so, be sure to order your copy of the Maristian which has, in this upcoming edition, a contribution by Tony Baine about a most incredible family, the Flynn family. Six brothers all attended Darlo but the most amazing facts are revealed – a MUST READ!.


Marists are celebrating - 75 years ago, the Federation of Marist Old Boys’ Unions finally became fully functional in Australia.



Covid-19 Some excellent information.


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Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, and the other was eating fireworks.  They charged one and let the other one off.

(The contributor has asked not to be named for fear of retribution)


Ireland 's worst air disaster occurred early this morning when a small two-seater Cessna  plane crashed into a cemetery.  Irish search and rescue workers have recovered 2826 bodies so far, and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the night. 


Drama Dose - Quarantine gets a bit dry.... you need some drama in your day! This is it!  Contribution by Shane Smallwood (Class of ’65)



A man goes to the doctor with a strawberry growing out of his head.  Doc says,  “I'll give you some cream to put on that.”


Fishing with a python.  Contribution by Peter Clarke (Class of ’65)


Cause for concern: control of the water.


Maintenance & Repairs:

Tony Smith (Class of ’64), just out of hospital, has traded in his old hip for a new one and is planning for life ahead as it has an 80-year warranty.


In Memoriam:


John Currie (Class of ’62) passed away on 9 March, 2020, survived by his wife, Edith.

Vale John


Alan Willoughby (Class of ‘37) A gentleman and a remarkable example of “age shall not weary them”, reaching his century, passed peacefully. To the end, he had a bright mind and was physically fit; a kind man and most humble.

Vale Alan


Bill McMaugh (Class of ’43) passed 9th August, aged 93, as a result of a stroke about 4 weeks earlier.

He was the original ‘Chesty’, a tag which both Bernard and Peter carried at Darlo.  Fr. Pat McMaugh, his brother, will surely have been waiting, parting the clouds as Bill ascended.

He was active in the OBU when Br John Murphy set about reviving it.  Bill had degrees in Chemical and Electrical Engineering, Geology and a MBA.  He worked for many years with the Electricity Commission and then the Exxon as a research geologist. Always remembered as a kind and gentle man.

Vale Bill




Ted Hamilton OAM (Class of ’54) represented Marist Darlinghurst as he paid his last respects to Bernie Cannon in July at Wayside Chapel.





Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


Servo fidem,


Kym Derriman




*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


President, OBU

Kym Derriman

9311 3344


Vice President/Secretary

Tony Morrissey

9311 4598


Tony Smith




Reg Richardson A.M.

Michael Blakeney


Marist Executive

Br. Paul Murphy







All mail to:

The Secretary,


POB 6177

Malabar  2036







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