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  "Eddie" edition            11th. July, 2014



The 2014 May reunion and celebration of Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union into a second century of existence was (oxymorons notwithstanding) nothing other than what it always is: extraordinary; an absolutely extraordinary event!  It’s an exercise in enjoyment of life. Much later, the laughter still can be heard, as memories linger and linger. Reminiscences and old friendships are rekindled.


As you’re aware, July 11 is the anniversary of the opening of the school in 1911. Fr. John Doherty [LC’63] celebrated Mass at St. Patrick’s Church which, as always, was well-attended by Old Boys prior to the Rugby Club luncheon & celebrations. It was an historic Mass. Fr. Paul Nulley, an Old Boy of Darlinghurst House, Marist College Canberra, also celebrated Mass for “The Children’s Manifesto”. TCM is an historic statement of rights by children. This edition is dedicated to Eddie, a little tyke, the grandson of one of our Old Boys. Eddie has been battling an incredible run of diseases in his few years of life, with the latest being Leukemia. His fighting spirit is inspiring and personifies everything that The Children’s Manifesto is about.


The absence of “Murf”, Br. Paul Murphy, (Kuya Center) away fighting rattlesnakes in the desert and others (not fighting rattlesnakes in the desert) from whom advices of inability to attend were also received, was graciously noted. We were just short of a half-century confirmed for attendance but several were unable to attend on the day.

The omnipresence of “Norm”, Br. Norman Hart was a pleasure to share, with his enduring challenges. “Norm” rarely departs without others thinking of the philosophies, still floating.

At the luncheon, we were also privileged to receive as a guest, Gary Goodman, representing Marist College Canberra. Bill Duncan [LC’64 } advised that Gary “was a lad I taught in the early seventies when I was a teacher and he a student at Hurstville Boys High“. It makes one wonder about the 6 degrees of separation theory. A bus trip, provided by Marist College Canberra, is being arranged for those wishing to attend the Marist College Canberra Foundation Lunch on 17 October that will have a Darlinghurst Old Boys focus.

For an insight into the passion Bill Duncan experienced while there, please click here. To register your interest, please contact Bill Halcro, OBU Secretary.


A motion was put forward at the Annual Meeting to address the possibility of eventual demise of the Old Boys’ Union. The presence of Chris Scott, son of Reg (RIP 2011), was the personification of the continuity of the OBU and put a nail in the coffin of any further suggestion about any imminent demise of the OBU.


The three men responsible for the continuity of the Old Boys’ Union, Larry Hensby, Mark Sinclair and Bill Halcro, were duly honoured at the reunion. Mark Sinclair did not stand again as Vice President, ending a remarkable period on the OBU Board spanning over a decade and being officially acknowledged as an OBU Legend.

Tony Morrissey [LC’65] kindly accepted to fill the vacancy of Vice President. He is currently holidaying in his caravan at Shoal Bay, enjoying the serenity.


Jay Robertson [LC’59] was again elected to the Sports portfolio - keep watching for advice of the next Golf Day (The Chippendale Cup).


Our most senior members, Alan Willoughby (LC’37) and Geoff Burfoot (LC’38) again helped to make up the senior ranks, each providing plenty of humour for the banquet. B&B isn’t advised how fast Alan Willoughby was on the track at Darlo but, following the Mass at St. Pats, the remainder of the field were left behind as Alan exited the Church doors, heading for the Rugby Club. He sets a fast pace.

The OBU is pleased to announce that the Chippendale draft, with update amendments, will remain as the constitution of the OBU. Again, there had been an overwhelming, almost unanimous support with proxies, apart from 2 abstentions (one religious) to retain the existing constitution.

Any recommendations for updates will be heard at subsequent Annual Meetings.


Apologies, not previously noted, were from Ted Leach [LC’59], Hugh Thompson [LC’63], Frank O’Young [LC’62], Des O’Connor [LC’44], John Kennedy [LC’64] of Wagga and Ron Brayan [LC’51] who was also heading overseas. More apologies not noted:

John Reed [LC’59] who was away in Turkey with his wife, Diane, reminisces about times with Jay Robertson [LC’59], “we were the only two in the class lessons had to be  before school. Our speaking and listening lessons were at Fort St Girls High, when it was near the south end of the harbour bridge. Needless to say , it was a bit daunting coming from an all boys school, especially as the girls were much better than we were. I still do some french at Macquarie Community College”; Terry Malone [LC’63] who was in Copenhagen and looking forward to a cruise around the Baltic Sea; Scott Coleman Marist College Canberra who was recently presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; John Gallagher [HSC’67] who was unable to join us advises that he and Paul Rix [HSC’67], who was able to join us, were altar boys together at St. Anne’s Bondi Beach; Neil Hamilton [LC’65] away in Noosa, reminisces, “I still remember cricket in the nets using Pick Handles for bats. I get reminded every afternoon in Summer when walking my dog past the cricket nets in Birchgrove Oval. The kids these days from 8 years of age have full kit including helmets , thigh pads, leg pads etc.  ... How things have changed.  Then of course there was those Chemistry Labs on the top floor. I hated Chemistry , can't understand why I went on to become a Chemical Engineer. And yes I still hate Chemistry. And now I remember , Brother Norman never did teach me to spell, maybe that’s why I became an Engineer.”


Maintenance & Repairs: Prayers are requested for Sr. Jill Kennedy, Hon. Director of Marscom Television, who is undergoing chemo-therapy. Sr. Jill is with the Order of Presentation Sisters and in whose tenure as Honorary Director of Marscom Television,

The Children’s Manifesto has come to fruition. Marscom Television was created by Br. Oswin McKinney 25 years ago and continues to maintain the MBHS Darlinghurst website.


Linton Griffin [LC’65] who is in ill-health, unable to attend the reunion.


Gordon Fetterplace’s passing was noted in the B&B recently and Warren Eggins [LC’55] writes,

“As promised...just an update on Gordon Fetterplace,  Gordon was Mayor of Campbelltown at the same time I was Mayor of Camden, in the mid 1980's, we both had spent many years in Local Government.  The various political parties had tried to get him to stand for State election, but he declined.  He had friends in high places, and a political career would have been a natural for him. Who knows where it would have led.? He did a huge amount of work for local charities, and when one would need to raise money, they would call on him to chair the fund raising unit.     We had been friends for years,  because of Darlo. At one time Gordon had a Pharmacy in Camden, the same time I had my Pharmacy.   He provided tough competition. One of his great skills was with his veterinary knowledge.  In those times, country pharmacists sold huge amounts of veterinary medicine.  His friendly personality drew many customers to his shop. We shared much information when we were Mayors, and I would like to think it was to the benefit of all the ratepayers. We were a good team.  We jointly hosted many visiting groups from overseas, especially from Asia. He was a natural entertainer, and visitors always felt very welcome.   His premature death was a great loss to the Community, Local Government and Retail Pharmacy.  I felt his loss deeply.”    Regards    Warren Eggins


Bill Morgan’s passing on Anzac day 2013 was previously noted and his wife, Jenny, wrote to advise that “Bill had suffered from Parkinson's Disease for many years, but it really only slowed him down significantly in his last few years and he enjoyed hearing what was going on at his old school”.


Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


A date is still to be set for the last luncheon of 2014. The 2015 luncheon will be dedicated to Br. Charlie Aquilina, who has forged a path across Millennia with his dedication to Marist Brothers Darlinghurst and the Old Boys.

‘Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Servo fidem,


Kym Derriman

Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union


*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


President, OBU

Kym Derriman

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Marist Executive

Br. Paul Murphy

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Social Media Portfolio

Tim Martin


Sports Portfolio

Jay Robertson 



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