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  Blue & Blue - Notice to all members                          

            3rd.. November, 2014


I have today received word from one member (name deleted) of the OBU-INC,  as follows:


Sent: Monday, 3 November 2014 8:33 AM
Subject: MBD OBU

To Whom it May Concern

 Over the past months I have been receiving emails from the Marist Brothers Darlinghurst OId Boys Union.

 This email is to inform you that as long as a certain "Old Boy" forms part of your Union's Executive I cannot in good conscience be a party to it.  I am pretty sure that person knows who I am referring to so there is no reason for me to name him.

 I am no longer a Catholic and have no intention of turning up to a Mass if I can get out of it.  The only time I enter a Catholic Church is to attend a Wedding, Christening or a Funeral involving a family member or a friend.  From what I can gather, none of my old school friends are part of your Union so I can see no reason to turn up to a function where I am a lone wolf.

 I am asking you nicely therefore to remove my name and all my email addresses from any of your contact list.  



There’s no prizes for guessing who this is written in reference to, given that the other two members of the Executive are Tony Morrissey and Bill Halcro; Bill not having an enemy in the world (sometimes the halo is visible) and Tony, as outspoken as he may be, he’s well respected for his views. So, theatrics aside, I hereby resign as President of the Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union, effectively immediately.

Tony Morrissey, Vice President currently, is now President of the MB Darlinghurst OBU. You’re all in good hands with Tony & Bill.

 Being President of the OBU: May I say that the honour has been bestowed upon the unworthily, however deeply it’s been appreciated. I will not be standing for re-election on 18th November 2014 or thereafter, while any Old Boy feels likewise ostracised.

I will request the creation of a new, non-Executive role, one from where I came and would be happy to return: Gatekeeper of MB Darlinghurst (i.e. look after the website) but at triple the salary of President.

 Perhaps those who would wish to do so, pray that the member attends St Pat’s just to know that he is not a lone wolf and what Darlo fraternity really means. Should any of you be wanting to extend a personal message of fraternity to the member, please send “NOT A LONE WOLF” via Bill Halcro who will ensure it reaches its destination.

 Quite some time ago, the member expressed the view that I had come into the role of President with an agenda. I did. I had simply wanted to see the OBU continue. His comment made me realise that, as President, I should have an agenda; one consistent with the wishes of the fraternity. The opportunity to pursue the Marist cause of assisting disadvantaged children, enabled me to continue with the work I’ve been doing for decades. On November 18, I’d like to present an initiative to the OBU which I believe can have global benefit to disadvantaged youth and, if the star of Darlo like all stars, is to eventually fade, I hope this initiative will light the way at least for a long way to come..

 For all you’ve given me, thank you & God bless.

 Servo fidem,

 Kym Derriman

Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union


*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


President, OBU

Kym Derriman

9311 3344


Vice President

Tony Morrissey

9311 4598



Bill Halcro

9661 7710


Marist Executive

Br. Paul Murphy

0449 640540 


Social Media Portfolio

Tim Martin


Sports Portfolio

Jay Robertson 



All mail to:

The Secretary,


20 Paterson St

Matraville  2036








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