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            1st. November, 2014



Welcome to the November edition of the B&B and the last chance to book for the OBU luncheon on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 to be held at the Rugby Club. Joining us fresh from the banks of the Amazon at Iquitos, Peru, will be Fr. John Anderson [LC ’63]. We also welcome Mrs. Ronda Boyd, who is responsible for the compilation of names on the MBHS Darlinghurst WW2 Memorial which is now residing at Marist College Canberra. Ronda writes of her brother, Norm Timbrell who has a place of honour on the Darlo Memorial, “I still remember most of the words of the school song which my brother used to sing around the house.  The problem was that he was tone deaf!”


We will be marking the centenary year of the outbreak of WW1 at the luncheon, acknowledging 1000 Australian & New Zealand troops who set sail from Albany, W.A. for Gallipoli on October 30th. 1914. [WWW1 Memorial]


The 10.30am Mass at St. Patricks, Church Hill will precede the luncheon. The Class of 1964 are still celebrating their half-century since leaving Darlo.


The practice of fence-sitting, waiting to see who is attending before committing to the luncheon, is not only developing into a common practice but has developed into a fine art form. This results in subsequent advices of deep regrets with Old Boys advising that they would have come, had they known that so-and-so was coming because we don’t have resources to continually update the Attendee List. Last-minute flurry of registrations puts considerable strains on those at the OBU who are organising these occasions. Instead of posting confirmed attendees for each current reunion, we’re posting a list of those who one might expect to see, many of whom attend regularly, who have attended the 2013 and 2014 luncheons. Attendee List

 The final meeting of the M.B. Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union INC (previously known as the MB Darlinghurst Alumni Assn Inc) was held last month. The meeting was convened to vote on its dissolution. Of the 55 members, 26 took part in the vote and the vote was unanimous for dissolution. This brings to a close, a chapter in Darlo Old Boys’ Union history, where we can now look to the future as a united fraternity, once again. Expressions of gratitude are conveyed to all those who facilitated this final outcome.


At our last OBU luncheon, lively debate was sparked with a proposal by John Barclay [LC ’64] to reintroduce subscription fees for membership. The question was resolved in the negative after Tony Smith [LC ’64] speaking against it, offered to pay the fees for all 311 members. Obviously the insurance business is booming and anybody seeking some should contact Tony. It was resolved that we’d continue to rely on revenue from the luncheon and donations for OBU expenses. (Hint!)


A contingent of Old Boys attended the foundation lunch at Marist College Canberra last month where we were received by the Principal, Richard Sidorko and subsequently well escorted by the Captain and Vice Captain through the school and down the MBHS Darlinghurst Hall of Remembrance. It is an emotionally stirring experience and one well recommended. AT the luncheon, the Director of the Australian War Memorial, the Hon. Brendan Nelson speaking as special guest, gave an impassioned tribute to those who served for Australia during the wars with special reference to those from our school. It was most poignant, this being the centenary year of the outbreak of WW1. The occasion was well attended and immensely enjoyable.



Bill Duncan [LC ’64] is a grandfather for the first time welcoming Lachlan Sidney Duncan on 16-10-2014. Lachlan’s arrival naturally enough took precedence over Bill’s attendance at the Marist College Canberra Foundation Lunch on 17 October, which was also a memorable occasion.


The Br John Murphy perpetual trophy for the highest achiever in Yr 11 at Marist Canberra will be presented later in the year, being 10 years since it was first presented in 2004. This is a wonderful reminder of Darlo and Br John. Br. John’s brother, Br. Paul Murphy, has returned from his overseas sojourn and is back in the saddle in Sydney, continuing to assist disadvantaged children in the Philippines.


Lost contact:

Thanks to Anne Chippendale & Kyran O’Donnell [LC ’52], writing in response to the “missing” Old Boys, we are back in contact with Paul Bernasconi [LC ’51]. Anne writes that her husband, John who passed away last year, and Paul, had a very special friendship.    

“Paul was a very long time & special friend of John; they grew up together at Neutral Bay & went to school together from kindergarten onwards. In the last 2weeks of John's life Paul visited him in hospital almost every day & sat with John quietly just for a short time of each day. ‘A very special time for them both & a very special friend.”  Paul advises that he’ll be overseas this month and regretfully unable to attend the luncheon.


Grahame Turner [LC ’62] helped us contact Colin Jenkins [LC ’62]. “I have not moved, but since retiring recently I have cancelled my PO Box, hence the returned mail.” Grahame joined us for a meeting of the OBU Exec at Malabar RSL recently.


Dr. Gavan Young [LC ’43] advises that his long-time friend Frank Richardson (LC ‘44) has Alzheimer’s disease and is in a nursing home at Collaroy. Frank is being treated by Dr. Michael Armstrong. Michael is the son of Pat Armstrong (LC ‘44). Frank was at one time the beach sprint champion of Collaroy Beach.

Thanks to those writing in response to the B&B Lost Contact section, we were able to locate 3 of the 3 Old Boys mentioned. If you’ve lost contact with old mates, feel free to email with an advice and through the B&B, the OBU may be able to help you locate them.



In the classis Souths vs Manly Rugby League game, early Sept, when Souths beat Manly, Ray Warren mentioned an old South Sydney player, Les Brennan [LC ’47]. Apparently Les was one of 2 players who scored 3 tries in his debut for Souths. Les left Darlo in 1947, where he was an outstanding winger for the A Grade side.


In Memoriam:


Vale John Fitzpatrick [LC ’51] As with many families, sibling followed sibling into the hallowed halls of MBHS Darlinghurst. Brian Fitzpatrick [LC ‘50] writes to advise of the passing of his brother, John, at the Netherby nursing home in Wahroonga.


Vale Tom Akhurst (LC ’58). Bill Akhurst advises, “Sadly I write to tell you that my brother Tom succumbed to cancer on 24 August 2014, the day before his 73rd birthday.  He had been ill since late in 2013 but treatment had slowed the advance of the disease until rather recently.  Right to the end he was able to be nursed at his Beacon Hill home: he died surrounded by his children and grandchildren.  His funeral was held at St John's Church at Narraweena.

 Tom was the second of the five Akhurst boys who were schooled at MBHSD through the 1950's and '60's. The love of sport which he developed at Darlinghurst lasted throughout his lifetime, to be passed on to his children and much-loved grandchildren.”


Vale Gary Stanmore [LC ’64]. Life-time friend, Frank Restuccia [LC’64] advised of Gary’s passing after Gary had been struggling valiantly following a heart attack and a stroke months earlier. The Chapel at Eastern Suburbs Crematorium and also the side hall were both overflowing into the multitude outside who could only hear the service.


Vale Tom Mullins [LC ’47]. Kyran O’Donnell advises that the SMH reported the recent passing of Tom. As a very tall man, he was a member of the 1st XIII, MCC Premiers in 1947 and later went on to pursue a career in the USA in Marine Science. His older brother, Peter, was an Olympian in the decathlon at the London Olympics, in 1948.


Vale Walter Bruce McGinnity [LC ’45]. Fr. Ian T McGinnity, Parish Priest North Rocks, advises, “I sadly write to inform you that Dad, Walter Bruce McGinnity (known as Bruce) passed away on 29 September 2014 after 14 years with Alzheimer's. Dad did his leaving certificate I think around 1945. Dad worked in the Commonwealth bank for most of his working life. There may be some from his year still surviving! You may like to inform them if possible and to request their prayers for Dad.”


Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


 Maintenance & Repairs:

Gerald Donovan (LC’58) advises that he has “been in and out of Royal North Shore several times over the last six months or so but am on the mend now.” Gerald sends his apologies for being unable to attend the reunion.

Best wishes from all at the OBU for a speedy recovery, Gerald.

 We’ve just received news that Nancy, wife of OBU Legend Geoff Burfoot [LC ‘38] is seriously ill and we ask for your prayers for her wellbeing.




 Video chuckle of the month: Ouija Board

 Be sure to keep your anecdotes of yesteryear and current news coming in.


Remember to get your booking in for the reunion of Nov. 18th. Simply contact Bill Halcro, OBU Secretary, 20 Paterson St, Matraville 2036 (Tel 9661-7710) or email [email protected]

 Donations to: Account: MBHSD OBU  BSB: 062-439,  A/c: 10490076


Servo fidem,


Kym Derriman

Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union


*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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