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Christmas extra  2014



Welcome to the Christmas extra edition of the Blue & Blue.


The November luncheon was celebrated in fine form with special guest Ronda Boyd, brother of Norm Timbrell who attended Darlo. Ronda was responsible for the compilation of the WW2 Memorial Boards which now hang proudly in Marist College Canberra. As usual, the luncheon was preceded by Mass at St. Patrick’s Church. This time, however, we had a rare privilege of Fr. John Anderson [LC’63] celebrating Mass.

Fr. John was visiting from Iquitos, Peru, located on the banks of the Amazon, where his parish resides. Fr. John included assistance to disadvantaged children in his dedications of the Mass, which add to the support for those children mentioned in the Christmas Day Blue & Blue. The statement of rights of children, by children, “The Children’s Manifesto”, received the support of Mass dedicated to it last year by Fr. John Doherty [LC’63] and by recently ordained Fr.Paul Nulley [Marist College Canberra], which has seen the voices of children reciting it, grow in number from three to nine languages. Class of 1963 was a good year for the priesthood with students from Darlo, as we had three priests ordained: Fr. John Doherty, Fr. John Anderson and Fr. Guy Hartcher.


Br Oswin McKinney’s dream to see Marscom Television grow into a medium for assisting the disadvantaged came to fruition this year, 25 years after he founded it. The production surrounding the Children’s Manifesto will see greater assistance to the Kuya Center, in the Philippines and too, many other institutions assisting disadvantaged children globally such as Huan Mbrillo and  Sisters of Las Amandos de Ninho Pobre in Iquitos, Peru. Your support for the initiatives is greatly appreciated.


The students of Uni of Sydney, Uni NSW and Uni of New York, who have made a tremendous contribution to the media project, also included a statement regarding their own generation, Gen3M, about the events of December 15, 2014 apart from noting their dedication to assisting the school girls kidnapped in Nigeria.


The luncheon saw Tony Smith [LC’64] and John Barclay [LC’64] join the Board of the OBU, so with Br. Paul Murphy, Bill Halcro [LC’49], who has done an exemplary job as Secretary-Treasurer and Tony Morrissey [HSC’65] who is a current Secretary and ex-President of Rostrum, we have a formidable team representing us.


Lost & Found

While the Class of 1949 is still in the scope, our Lost & Found section of the B&B has again brought fruition thanks to Ronda and Arthur Boyd. Greg Bell [LC’49], classmate of Bill Halcro, has been located. The Memorial Boards of WW2, as compiled by Ronda Boyd and mentioned earlier, are to be augmented with Memorial Boards from wars in Korea and Vietnam. Ex-president of the OBU, Kyran O’Donnell [LC’52] writes to advise that “an old friend (dating back to living in the same Maroubra street and starting with the nuns) was Major Adrian Nesbitt (LC 1954).  He did two tours of Vietnam, dying from a result of his time there”.


Vince Churchill [LC’59] was working for Consolidated Plastics until about 18 months ago and retired. His email was care of his workplace, which has no further address for him. If anybody has any point of contact for Vince, please advise us.


Darlo’s historian, Scott Coleman [Marist College Canberra] advises that he has been compiling a detailed 'Roll of Honour' of Old Boys from Darlinghurst and St Marys Cathedral who served their country in The Great War. To be completed in time to mark the ANZAC Centenary in 1915, the Roll will give detailed information as to the lives and service of over 250 men from the Marist Brothers' School who answered the call to serve their King and Country.

They came from all walks of life, and included storemen, butchers, a jeweller, clerks, plumbers, barristers, a timekeeper, farmers, bookies, jackaroos, surveyors and students, aged from 17 to 42. The numbers of gallantry decorations awarded to Darlo Old Boys attests to their heroism and courage; 12 Military Crosses, 6 Military Medals, 1 Companion of the Distinguished Service Order, 1 Distinguished Conduct Medal and numerous Mentioned in Despatches.

Forty Old Boys of Darlinghurst paid the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom, and entire Marist families were devastated. The Gilchrist brothers, Walter and Albert, are just one example; Walter, a gallant Captain awarded the Military Cross for gallantry, and his older brother Albert, a good man in the prime of life. Walter, who had served at Gallipoli and in Egypt, Belgium and France, was killed in battle at Pozieres in 1917 and has no known grave: a posthumous portrait painting in the Australian War Memorial serves as an ethereal reminder of his service. His brother, Albert Gilchrist, who had risen swiftly in rank from Private to 2nd Lieutenant, was shot and killed two months before the cessation of hostilities in 1918, and he lies at the New British Cemetery at Assevillers. It is hard to imagine what an impact the death of both her sons had on their widowed mother.

I hope that by compiling this information the Marist Boys of today and tomorrow will better understand the rich heritage of service and sacrifice that their great College is built upon.” Our sincere thanks go to Scott for his contributions.

Bill Duncan [LC’64] writes to advise that he is “following up with a research project into one of the Marist Brothers' very first Australian students, an old soldier who lead the famous Gilgandra "Coo-ee"  recruiting March of late 1915. ( I continue to be involved in the planning and organisation of those WW1 commemorative events with some old army buddies, the RSL and emergency services and so will be back and forth to Canberra and many other places around the State in the next twelve months.)


Inabilities regarding the luncheon were received from Br Paul Murphy, who is still recovering from hip replacement surgery but will soon be able hula dance with the best shortly;

John Pass [LC’54] who must have written with a smile that only surgery could remove after advising, “I tender my apologies for the next luncheon but I will be on the high seas between Barcelona and Miami. I wish all a happy lunch and the blessings of Christmas.”

Karam Ramrakha [LC’50] who was in Fiji recently revisiting MDHS Flagstaff, now manned by lay teachers and “regrettably the once proud multi-racial school which was Number One in Fiji in my time 1944 et set .. I was there in 1947.48 and 49; it would now have difficulty in ranking as 200th in Fiji !!!No Marist Brothers .. and worse still for some unknown reason, the students and teachers were all indigenous.” But Karam, ahhhhh, the blessed benefits of returning to the paradise of Fiji.

Rob Rimoldi [LC’50] writes in concern of recent advices, “I currently work for Catholic Care as a Foster Carer and I am a practising Catholic. I find it difficult to understand how members can remain members when they cannot fulfil their religious obligations at the OBU and indicate they are not even Catholics.” Voicing your concerns has been most appreciated, Rob.

Bernie York [LC’64] wrote from hospital during a bout with pneumonia, “be assured that you have my full support and admiration for your efforts with MBHSD . I hope that you are not too discouraged as a result of the negative correspondence that's been circulating , you're never going to please everybody .... So , in the words of the motto "Servo Fidem". Don't let the turkeys get you down....”

Thanks B.Y. from all at the OBU.

Larry Hensby [LC’48’] unable to attend due to a family bereavement writes, “When one considers that the OBU exists to promote a social activity that allows old school mates to get together for a Mass, a meal, a few drinks and a chat, it’s a pity that acrimony raises its head. I guess “you can’t please everybody”. Too true, Larry. Again, our ongoing condolences.

Jay Robertson [LC’59] advises that he “will be attending the annual Australian National Maritime Museum luncheon, to receive my Ten Year Service Award”. Congrats, Jay. Well done!

Kyran O’Donnell [LC’48] sends his inability advice and best wishes with “Hope that attendance is good and not affected by the latest nonsense”. Well said, Kyran.

Gary Goodman [MCC] sagaciously advises, “Unfortunately, I have another engagement – my wife’s birthday and a dinner that night.“ A wise decision, Gary. Hell hath no fury like …

Conveying apologies are also Br. Norman Hart, Br. Joseph McCabe (Bonaventure), Prof. Des O’Connor [LC’44], Kevin Riolo [LC’54], Bill Barry [LC’55], Philip Hogan [LC’60], Guy Hartcher [LC’63]and Frank O’Connor [LC’48]. Thank you, gentlemen.


In Memoriam:

Vale Linton Griffin [LC’63] 8-12-2014 After a long illness, “Fred” to his friends, passed on. His funeral at Castle Hill was attended by old classmates who later comforted Margaret, Linton’s widow at the family home in Baulkham Hills.


Vale Edmund John Blinkhorn (known as John) [LC’40] 13-03-2014 who is survived by his wife of 44 years, Norma. John rests in peace at St. Patrick’s Church, Sutton Forrest, NSW.



Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.



Sport: Jay Robertson will be teeing off with John Bolster [LC’50] and Tony Smith [LC’64] and a date to be arranged in the new year to discuss the next round of the Chippendale Cup Golf event. Golfers, please contact Jay towards the end of January for more info.

Servo fidem,



                Moon Landing


On behalf of all at the OBU,

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!



Servo fidem,


Kym Derriman


Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union





*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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