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25th. March 2016

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         Happy Easter 

   to each of you and to your respective families. Let’s hope that 2016 brings health and happiness to you all, in abundance.

  May the season bring you each an inner peace, while you’re reflecting upon its significance.

 In contrast, what tumultuous times we live in: more terrorist bombings, mass migrations, ice shelves dissolving, but we witness justice and truth prevailing with a genocide perpetrator convicted and sadly, a Cardinal’s veracity in question.

 We’d like to note a significant omission, long overdue for correction.

Peter McMaugh [LC 1952] kindly advised in 2013, of the Queens Birthday Honours conferred on Vince Hallinan [LC 1945] however, due to a technical error, the notice didn’t reach the B&B. In the list was:

Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Edward HALLINAN RFD ED (Ret’d), Narwee, NSW. For service to veterans and their families, and to the community.

 Congratulations go to Vince, already a legend for his decade-long tenure on the OBU’s previous Board.

Summer saw John Gallagher [HSC 1967] renovating his home at Cronulla and in reach of the RSL sub branch where Warren Thomas [LC 1965] also spends considerable time as President.

 Bill Duncan [LC 1964] headed out on the Kookaburra trek late last year, when he and others followed the path of the Cooee Marchers. One of the trekkers advises, "We not only set out to honour those brave men and women of 1915 who enlisted for military service but also to encourage Australians to step forward for community service. If we are 'fair dinkum'  about keeping the ANZAC Spirit of volunteerism alive then we need to encourage modern Australians to join us in the Emergency Services, youth and sports groups and all sorts of community organisations that enrich the Australian way of life.”

 We heard from Bob Timmins [LC 1963] in Namibia sending his best to all. Climatically, Namibia appears to be one of the idyllic geographic locations, located with a large coastline on the Atlantic and generally free from the political issues seen in other African nations recently.

 Fr. John Anderson [LC 1963] in Peru advises that there are now 3 Josephite Sisters living in the Parish, on the banks of the Amazon. In January, Fr John attended the military chaplains’ retreat in Lima and then went onto Sicuani, out from Cuzco, in the southern Andes.

John Pass [LC 1954] updates us on the Passing Parade of those now filling our old classrooms. “I was recently at a ‘Cauliflower Club’ sports luncheon and met a gentleman, about my vintage, who was extolling the virtues of living close to the city. As he spoke I suddenly realised he was living in the apartments at the High School. I was able to tell him the history of the school and surrounding locale, including Winchester House (?) which became home to Baz Luhrman.”


Fame was always to engulf Darlo more and more, as the years rolled on. The portrait of Reg Richardson [LC 1953] by Mitch Cairns, which was runner-up in the 2014 Archibald Prize, has now been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

 Bill Halcro [LC 1949] reflects on the many South players he’s met over the years, with “the greatest player probably being Clive Churchill.” Clive had a fruit barrow outside Customs House at Circular Quay, where Bill worked for decades. On many occasions Bill bought fruit from Clive. “We often talked about his tours overseas and when he was with the Australian Kangaroos in 1948.”


Bill Halcro wishes to advise of the passing of his beloved wife, Gaye, on 3rd March 2016 at Scalabrini Village Nursing Home. Gaye was a devoted mother to their nine children. Bill remained by her side until her final breath.


Ellen Smeal advises that her husband , JOHN SMEAL passed away in September 2015 . John did his LC in 1945 and was a brilliant student at Darlo. He went on to become an accountant in Kempsey. They lived in the Cardinal Gilroy Village in Merrylands. John died of dementia, aged 87yrs.


TECH ADVANCES: 1944 becomes 2014. Left click and hold on each photo, and then drag your mouse gently from left to right on the original photograph and it will be become a photo of the exact same location and view in 2014. 



Karam Ramrakha [LC’49] wishes to ascribe a quote, well-worth repeating, which appeared in the last edition of Blue & Blue, to a Darlo Old Boy of 1933, Hon. Mr Justice John Henry McClemens, KCSG, QC, BA, LLB. Karam recalls him addressing an accused young man, who had stolen and frittered away his loot at the races. The Judge said in effect, " There are hundreds of people, owners, trainers, jockeys and other people in the racing industry who make a living out of the Game but they do not make it off each other but from mugs like you and me."


OBU Luncheon: Tuesday July 12th at the Rugby Club. Please pencil this in your diary. Final arrangements are still being made and a formal advice will be forthcoming.


   A special thanks to Peter Clarke [LC 1965] for ensuring that humour is in abundant supply at the OBU.

HUMOUR: - Obviously the warning about the woman who had an exorcism at Christmas and couldn’t afford to pay for it, so she was repossessed, didn’t fall on deaf ears. John Tozer [LC 1949] writes, “Thanks for the warning. I have been saving up to have one but now I will avoid both the embarrassment and cost of my proposed abjuration.”

-          When I was younger I decided I wanted to be a doctor so I took the entrance exam to go to Medical School. One of the questions asked was to rearrange the letters PNEIS  into the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect. Those who answered 'spine' are doctors today. The rest of us are sending jokes by email. Anonymous.

-a belated St. Patrick’s Day joke: Paddy's wife was ready to give birth so he rushes her to hospital.

 On arrival, the nurse asks, "How dilated is she?" to which Paddy replies,

 "Oh absolutely. We're both over the bloody moon."


Waterbeds: The clip is in German but its language is irrelevant beyond noting that a sign saying “Don’t …” is so often the catalyst for people to “DO !”

Michael Howard, Tom Pinzone, Luigi Genua and Mike O’Leary (all from 1965 LC) all headed to St Gregory’s at Campbelltown to have afternoon tea with Br Lionel (Charlton). Br. Charlie Aquilina also resides there and takes good care of the ailing Brothers.





 Health Advice: Carrots may be good for your eyes but booze will double your vision.

#  Be sure to keep your anecdotes and reflections rolling in and enjoy the Season.





 Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.




Servo fidem,

 Kym Derriman


Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union

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Post-publishing correction, courtesy of Tony Baine (LC 1957) :

I think the article under "Reflections" has wrongly described  Hon. Mr Justice John Henry McClemens, KCSG, QC, BA, LLB.

Jock , as he was known, was never a student at a Catholic school, let alone Darlo. He was a convert to Catholicism and a most outspoken lay Catholic.

You will see from the ADB entry that he left school way before 1933-he would have been an ancient student then, having been born in 1905

Some time prior to his retirement he was highly critical of the then Askin Government for not having appointed a Catholic as a Supreme Court

in the 5 years they had then been in power;

The only old Boy to achieve high Judicial office was Eddie (Sir Edward Aloyisius) Mc Tiernan, who was NSW Attorney General in the mid-twenties and was appointed to the High Court of Australia in 1930, where he sat until 1976.

I refer you to the Wikipedia entry rather than the ADB entry. 

" In total, McTiernan was a member of the High Court for 46 years, making him the longest-serving judge in its history. This is a record unlikely to be broken, as a constitutional change in 1977, perhaps sparked by McTiernan's extremely long term, introduced compulsory retirement ages for federal judges; a justice of the High Court must now retire at 70.[3] McTiernan had no intention of resigning from the bench even into the 1970s, but, after breaking a hip at the age of 84 in 1976 while chasing a cricket in his hotel *with a rolled up newspaper, Chief Justice Barwick's refusal to include a wheelchair ramp in the design of the new High Court building prompted his retirement.[4] He died in 1990, at the age of 97. He was the last surviving MP who served when James Scullin was Prime Minister."


*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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