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31st. July 2016

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                     Wow! From Western Australia to Victoria, from South Australia to all points of NSW they came …. what a diverse roll up ! It was even more impressive given that there was no final year Class to celebrate a 50th anniversary due to the 1966 transition from LC to HSC. Regardless, we had members from all the Classes from 1947 through to 1968, with only 1951 and 1959 not represented. Thanks to the efforts of Don Ferguson, we were well represented in the latter years and similarly, Michael Howard and John Gallagher for the more recent years.

                     The magnificent and unique experiences/moments that are created, make each OBU reunion what it is: a brilliant legacy of this Dying Breed – incredible! The open microphone witnesses confessions and inspirational deliveries, heartfelt revelations of life and too, encounters with abundant faith and much, much more. The anecdotes and poems, which had waves of laughter rolling across the sea of faces; the challenges and oratory, even the occasional pain-in-the-b***. They all make it what it is: an experience not easily forgotten, dementia notwithstanding. Laugh in the face of pain! Smile in the face of death! ‘Not easy reminders to run with sometimes, as the bitter-sweet awareness of lost friends mixes with richness of the reunion with old school mates. In their absence, toasts were raised to many, both living and passed: Allan Willoughby, Mark Trainor, Reg Scott to name but a few.

                     It was a GREAT moment when Br. Joe McCabe (remembered as Br. Bonaventure) appeared! While sometimes it’s not easy to immediately recognize faces behind what half-century of life presents, Joe’s engaging smile transcended decades. Many had been keenly looking forward to his attendance and he shared himself with the many. We were privileged with Marist Brothers representation as Br. Joe joined Br. Paul Murphy and Br. Michael Curnow at the reunion.


                   Sometimes even the best-intentioned, like Noel Reid [LC’47] who encountered an accident en route to the reunion, are among those casualties who experience the unexpected. Peter Dawson [LC’63] assured the ’63 contingent, “He’ll be here”, as the seat for Grahame Howe [LC’63] remained vacant for the entirety of the afternoon. Grahame also incurred the unexpected and belatedly conveyed his apologies. Similarly Warren Eggins [LC’55] found himself savouring hospital food instead of enjoying delicious tucker at the Rugby Club, as did Bernie Walford [HSC’67] also. Apart from those previous acknowledged with their apologies, we also heard from Frank O’Young [LC’62] who celebrated the day in China and sent his regards to all. Paul Finnane [LC’49] was in hope that his wife’s urging and his physio’s magic may have left him well enough to travel but it wasn’t to be. Michael Attard [LC’65] found himself in Brisbane, particularly disappointed that he was unable to meet up with Br. Joe McCabe. Chris Scott who has been carrying the baton of the next generation, could not be with us this reunion, as he’s done with the passing of his dad, Reg. Drew Derriman joined us for the first time and carried that baton of the next generation. James McDonnell  [LC’60] was another casualty to the unexpected, heading off on a European cycling tour. James reflected on OBU reunions with his Under 15’s MCC winning RL teammate, Phil Findlay {LC’60].

                    Noel Reed [LC’47] featured prominently in the last edition of the Maristian (p.35), where his tireless charity work through St Michael’s at Nowra was acknowledged. Noel had a chance to reflect on the 1947 Darlo’s athletics & rugby league teams, each winning the inter-school competition. The Maristian thanked Noel for loaning his school blazer to Marist Canberra (notably, in lieu of donating it). Clearly Noel, always thinking ahead, is already preparing his wardrobe for post-reincarnation.

                        Many thinking of attending reunions ponder, “Who will be there from my class?” as opposed to awareness of the pleasure and appreciation that each attendee’s presence brings to the many, when a face from yesteryear appears. So in response to requests about who attends, a list of just the last 3 years is published on the Darlo website: Luncheon attendees Many are regular attendees.

Br. Paul Murphy brought back inspiration from Lourdes as he recounted numerous experiences of faith personified. He also expounded on the development of the Kuya Center in the Philippines, assisting disadvantaged children.  Dr. Anthony Zahra O.A.M. [LC’60] was about to head for Great Barrier Reef on his cruiser when he received the invitation for the luncheon. He signaled his intent to cut short his holiday, to fly back for the reunion. After fitting extra fuel tanks just to make the voyage, that’s real devotion. Tony spoke the importance of getting out there, enjoying life and taking on new challenges.


                       We experienced a range of emotions with impromptu speakers, being taken from chuckles to laughter to tears as Kevin Fitzpatrick [LC’58], Bill Barry [LC’55] Tony Smith [LC’64], and a number of others, recounted experiences. If there was ever an inspiring delivery to be made in praise of what the Brothers of Darlo did for us and meant to us, Tony Smith [LC’64] delivered.

It’s always especially engaging when we see siblings attend, as the McFall, McMaugh, O’Donnell and other clans have done over the years but understandably with health and passing, numbers diminish. This reunion saw the presence of the brothers Grygiel, Chris and John. They were so warmly received as a special entity and many shared their company. We are a Dying Breed, which is not a negative comment but very much a positive one. We have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, as a very special fraternity.


                 Shane Smallwood [LC’64] finally got to spend more time with his classmates. He spent 6 months of 1964 in hospital and missed out on finishing school in the normal way.

                     In 1944, the President of the Marist Brothers Darlinghurst OBU, T. A. Herbert, was elected as the President of the newly-formed Federation of Marist Brothers Old Boys’ Unions. The concept at that stage was to unite the Marist Old Boys’ Unions of NSW to provide an extended fraternity and address moral and social issues; to provide a forum for advice on post-school studies and vocations; and to encourage Marist causes. The Darlo OBU continues to maintain that legacy at  In keeping with OBU tradition and while pursuing the ideals of the recently-formed Marist Assn of St Marcellin Champagnat , about which Br. Norman Hart spoke at the July 2015 luncheon, the OBU resolved to continue supporting the young Marist voice of 2009 (, promulgating "The Children's Manifesto". The efforts in that regard to this can be followed at as the Children’s Manifesto continues to transcend borders and cultures. The efforts of students from Champagnat College, Pagewood led an historic charge into the new millennium to assist disadvantaged children, when hundreds declared “The Children’s Manifesto.” That number has already grown to thousands; one day to be millions.


                      With the OBU database in need of updating, we thank Dr. Robert Schiavuzzi who kindly advised of some medicos who had been overlooked for our toasts. A correction to the last B&B edition is that Robert sat HSC at Champagnat College Pagewood, not Marcellin, as previously advised.


                       We warmly welcome Bernard York [LC’64] to the OBU Executive.

Lost & Found:

“Where is Rowley Mackay?” was heard. Ahhh, Neil Fraser & Rowley Mackay; what a half and five-eight combo for a younger kid watching, to have his football ambition launched into the stratosphere. If somebody has a contact for Roley, please ask him to beam up the OBU.



An interesting exchange between two geniuses ...

*Einstein to Chaplin: "What I most admire about your art... is that you don't say a word, and the rest of the world understands you."

*Chaplin: "your glory is even greater. The whole world admires you, even though they don't understand a word of what you say."


Extract from primary schoolboy’s questionnaire: Q.  What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty?
Answer given:  He says goodbye to his boyhood and looks forward to his adultery.



Try it for free … an excellent developmental tool for all, especially seniors: brain training.  N.B. It’s lumosity, not luminosity.


Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


We could not function without the donors because we try to break even on the luncheons. Without you, we may be looking at fish & chips in the park for reunions. So again, ‘our sincere thanks to each of you who have donated whatever amount.

Servo fidem,

 Kym Derriman


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*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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