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            March 2017


  Welcome to the Autumn 2017 B&B edition. Hopefully you’re almost fulfulling all those New Year resolutions. Life wasn’t meant to

   be taken too seriously, as Malcolm Fraser almost would have said.


Following suggestions to have the reunion in the summer or autumn months instead of mid-winter, we embarked upon the ambitious task of co-ordinating people and factors with 90 days notice. It was like trying to plug holes in the Titanic, so we reverted to July. Should there be a substantial number of you preferring the warmer weather option, please advise us so that we will have pleanty of time to prepare for future reunions.


The next reunion shall be on Tuesday, July 11th and please note the change of venue. It will be held at Quay West, 98 Gloucester St, The Rocks in the Harrington Restaurant, which is just a stumble back to St. Patrick’s Church for those who may have over-imbibed, wishing to repent. “Quay West” is highly visable from the street; “The Harrington” is not. The 10.30am Mass at St. Pat’s, preceding the luncheon, will be celebrated by Fr. Paul Chandler [Class of ‘67] . It will be a fitting celebration for those of the Class of 1967, having their 50th anniversary reunion.


We’re pleased to announce that the Speaker for reunion will be the mercurial Kevin Fitzpatrick [Class of ‘58], so please have ready whatever is necessary for the inevitable stomache cramps, following bouts of laughter interspersed with tall tales but true from his legendary adventures in the Antarctic. Anecdotes from the audience will be following, so have your best ready. Tony Smith has a ripper about the short career of another altar boy, after he swapped the altar wine with metho just before Mass.


People do change over the years and, to assist with recognition of our upcoming Speaker for those who may not have seen him in many years, we have included a recent photograph of him wearing his highly-fashionable Australia Day hat. As is often the case, an anonymous bystander crashes his way into the publicity shot, trying to establish fame-by-association with the famous Kevin Fitzpatrick.


Time marches on. Here we have, courtesy of Garry Cahill, 2 photos which are decades apart of himself and 3 classmates of LC 1961. From left to right we have Grayson Geary, John Hamilton, Garry Cahill and John Grygiel. Photo 1 was taken in August ’65 on Grayson Geary’s 21st birthday and Photo 2 was taken in March 2005, in the backyard of John Hamilton who passed away in 2007. Garry was in the school band with Philip Hogan [Class of 1960] who, as Drum Major, topped the Band Leaders' course at Singleton with most cadet bands in NSW.


North Shore Health fanatics - be challenged! Members of the Class of 1963 meet Wednesday mornings at the Nth Curl Curl Surf Club. Bob Brassil, Hughie Thompson, Graham “Percy” Jones and Roman Butchatsky have a mystery physical-fitness challenge each time, just to keep the ticker pumping. They’ve enlisted Butch’s young brother, Oleh, to set the pace and the out-of-shape Bernie York to guard the rear.


Oleh Butchatsky returned from France, where he visited Marcellin Champagnat Place, created on the right of the street of the Annunciation and named in 1981 after Father Marcellin Champagnat (1789-1840) co-founder of the Little Brothers of Mary [Photo-2].


OBU legend, Warren Thomas [Class of ‘65], arrived back from Japan and is rumoured to be now capable of drinking a schooner using chopsticks. We are yet to verify this.


A most observant  Peter Downey [HSC 1970, Yr 10 in 1968] recognised the Darlo “Servo Fidem” crest on the shirt of a youngster in cricket attire, appearing in the SMH last December and correctly identified him as a student at Marist College Pearce in Canberra. Peter would like to track down some classmates to get a group together in 2018 for the 50 year mark of leaving Darlo.

Last week a group of the Darlo LC class of 1958 got together for lunch at the Mosman Hotel.
Des Cannon whose brothers Adrian, Bernard and Clive went to the old school was visiting from Los Angeles where he lives after a career in teaching at the Brentwood Academy. Also visiting Sydney was Terry Quinn who now is retired and lives in Perth, no doubt happy with the weekend's election. Michael Blakeney, a regular at OB gatherings, is still doing some architectural consulting. Michael, son of a Darlo OB was, like Des, only 15 when he completed the LC and became the youngest architecture graduate from Sydney Uni.

Compliments to those who recognised the “Mystery  Santa” from the previous edition. Yes, those ever-compassionate eyes of the good Br. Norman were a dead giveaway.


The Blue & Blue is now available in all editions, except pre-1944, digitised up to the final year of 1968. It comes in thanks to Des Donovan [Class of ‘50], Tony Smith [Class of ‘64], Reg Richardson [Class of ‘53],  Garry Cahill [Class of ‘61], John Gallagher [Class of ‘67], the late John Chippendale [Class of ‘54] and an enormity of thanks is due to Philip Hogan [Class of ‘60] who did the laborious, lion’s share of the digitising.


After some conjecture regarding the continued presence of the spiral staircase at Darlo, it was confirmed by our missed-his-real-calling-as-a-crime-reporter, Bernie York, that it still does, in fact, exist there albeit covered by trees. Photo-1. Now for a nostalgic front view: Photo-2.

 Repairs & Maintenance: Tony Smith visited Walter Cranney (Br. Walter) at Chesalon Aged Care Malabar and found him fit and well, ready for the next challenge.

 In Memoriam:

Vale Michael Potter [Class of ‘67], who passed away on 22 February, 2017. Dearly loved by his wife, Evelyn, and their three children, Michael was highly respected by all who knew him at Darlo. He  kept his family and many friends close to himself.

R.I.P. Michael


Post Memoriam:

Of Michael Potter, John Gallagher writes, Today I attended Mick’s funeral with Dennis Coleman and our wives Sue and Karen. Rest in peace Michael, thanks for the memories.

Mick had endured very poor health for many years and regrettably I had not seen him since Dennis’s 50th when we were all in our prime. Where have the years gone?Dennis and I started at Darlo in January 1958 at the age of 7 and 8 and walked away in December 1967 at the age of 17 and 18, in my case straight into the Army despite being rejected as a cadet at Darlo. We grew from boys to men in the shadow of World War 2, Vietnam, Bondi, Moore Park, the spiral staircase and Kings Cross, Palmer Street and the cane. Ironically, I met Rosaline Norton in the Bushranger Hotel on the outskirts of Canberra in 1968, while AWOL from Duntroon. An interesting lady also known as the “Witch of Kings Cross” who did “study trips” to Canberra occasionally with a harem of young Gothic girls.  During this ten year period at Darlo our class comprised a passing parade of students, many of whom joined in 1962 from St Anne’s at Bondi, to complete their secondary years. Mick was one of these having moved to Bondi from Mt Isa with his family some years prior. A friendly, tough but gentle bushie character who was good at sport, ensured Mick quickly became popular in the class culminating with him being school Vice-Captain in 1967.”

Unfortunately, due to the constraints of OBU finances & publishing costs, the first paragraph only of this eulogy to Michael Potter by John Gallagher is contained herein but this is a MUST READ in entirety, which is now permanently located on the Darlo website. Read on at Mick Potter and Muddled Memories from Darlo Dayze 1958-1967


Of Kevin Hornery, Kevin Fitzpatrick writes, “Kevin was one of the great number who came to the school from out Kingsford/Maroubra way. Kevin and Daryl Rees from the 1958 LC class repeated the following year. Daryl's return would have been welcomed on the football field as he was an athletics champ and speedy centre. He later played a bit of rep football for Easts Union Club. His son Nathan became a short term premier of our state and is numbered in the Choir of Acclamation at the imprisonment of the king/deal maker, Eddie Obeid. We have had a number of class gatherings in the meantime but could never contact Kevin.  John Murray is another member. His dad was a celebrated army general. Had received the MC in WWI and was the Brigade commander of those who held out Rommel at Tobruk. He later became AustralianTrade Minister to Singapore and New Zealand. He was afforded a State Funeral.”


Fact: For those who would enjoy a Trip Down Memory Lane please just click on the hyperlink or visit:


Humour: This was only performed once, on the Johnny Carson Show in 1992. It was a good thing they taped it, because it was never done again; Steve Martin, as The Great Flydini, and he doesn't say a word. The Great Flydini



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 Servo fidem,

 Kym Derriman


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