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            13th August 2017


                     Welcome to the August edition of the Blue & Blue, which is a dedication to William “Bill” Halcro, [Class of ‘49] who passed away peacefully on 31st July 2017. Bill served as Secretary-Treasurer for the OBU since 2011 and had it not been for Bill, the OBU would have ceased to exist years ago. His good humour, dedication to the Old Boys and kind heart, kept him at the forefront of OBU operations, always looking to bring lost sheep back into the fold, reuniting friends of long ago. Bill and his wife, Gaye, had 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls.

Apart from being an amazing sportsman at school, distinguishing himself in football, athletics, swimming and cricket, Bill was a keen mathematician. Even in his last years, he continued to do the tax returns for all in his family.

Vale Bill.

Br. Paul Murphy has conveyed his thanks to Bill and the OBU for support given to Marist initiatives in the Phillipines at Kuya Center.

Photography at the reunion: Concern has been raised about the photographs remitted to members after the last reunion, with an accompanying bill for $29.80. Apart from the possibility that it may be considered excessive, it appears that at most tables, all were asked for those who would like a photo, to leave their contact details, however price may not have always been mentioned. Many understood that the photo/s would be gratis or sumised that there would be contact made, with an offer to purchase from prints, with specified prices, sizes etc. If you like the photo and the price is right, fine. Some, however, are confident that they did not order a photo but received a photo regardless. One such member has written to Mr. Slade advising ”Barry,  regarding a photo you sent me from the Darlinghurst school reunion. It was jolly nice of you to send me the photo but I didn’t order it and I don’t want it. So if you would care to send me the postage, I would be happy to return it.”

For those needing it, the relevant contact details for the photographer are: Barry Slade, 61 Mulyan St Como  2226  [email protected]


Alf Doyle [1959] was so inspired by [1963] Hugh Thompson’s historic effort of looking after a trophy for a classmate for 47 years, that he has volunteered to take a trip to Canberra and, with the concurrence of Marist College Canberra, to bring up some trophies of yesteryear from the MB Darlinghurst Hall of Fame, for viewing at the next reunion.

Kevin Fitzpatrick [1958] had a monthly catch-up with fellow '58 classmate, John Murray who corrected him on a detail. Kevin writes, “I claimed the class had seen the youngest & oldest architects to graduate from Sydney Uni. Correct but incorrect. While Michael Blakeney graduated at a young age, John began his architecture studies at 53 & completed them at 64. So he still claims the senior prize. John recently published a book on the Gerringong Station Master's house. He did a comprehensive search of a number of old station master's houses in the southern area. John is in indifferent health these days, all due to an accident he had 47 years ago when as a dashing 'temporary Australian' motor bike rider he was wiped out by a car travelling at speed failed to stop at a stop sign. 

A further fact; John & Michael packed down in the second row in the victorious 1958 State 10 stone team. Another common link was they were both sons of old boys, in Michael's case a third generation of old boys.”

Peter Clarke [1965] writes of classmates as he is “hoping to catch up with Col Sullivan soon as he has said he may be in Adelaide in August, as possibly will Peter 'Harry' Wells. Harry was down here some weeks ago and we got to the Roosters v Storm game at Adelaide Oval. ‘Was a great spectacle and of course, the good guys won (just).” Regrettably, that wasn’t also the case in their most recent game as the Storm were victorious and took the minor premiership. The grand final appears to await.

Col Sullivan’s apologies, rendered for the last reunion, were lost in the confusion but are belatedly acknowledged. Col had been doing it tough, soaking up sun in Havana.

Belated apologies were also received from Kim O’Brien [1962] “Thanks for a superb report on OBU news .. sorry I could not make the reunion .. hope to get to the next one ..” Denis O’Connor [1964] also has something to say in that regard, “It’s unfortunate that I missed this year’s luncheon by just weeks.  Anyway, there’s always 2018.

I’m in good health albeit having an unexpected stay in hospital earlier this year.  I live in a retirement facility, Dougherty Apartments, Chatswood; that’s another story.  In pursuance of my hobbies/pastimes of philately and photography I travelled to Tasmania and Melbourne over recent years.  The former keeps me extremely busy with a large (specialised?) New Zealand stamp collection, and also to a lesser extent British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia (Falkland Islands).”

Literary Corner:

Radio Vatican announces:

Catholicism and Citizenship’ is the title of a new book, published on Saturday April 1st, which takes an in-depth look at the relationship between the Church and politics in the 21st century.

The book’s author, Massimo Faggioli is a professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University in the United States. He believes that since the terror attacks of 2001, the West has experienced a growing crisis of the concept of politics as a solution to global or local problems.  

Yet he believes that Pope Francis is calling Catholics to rediscover a vocation to politics and to the crucial task of serving the common good in the public square.,_citizenship_popes_view_of_political_vocation/1302314

Peter Derriman [1962]:

I have just started another book by William McInnes. They are very funny, and also at times, very deep (deeply funny?). Anyway, the current book is called “The Laughing Clowns”. I am only 100 pages into the book but it had Leone [Pete’s wife] rushing out to see what was wrong, I was laughing that much. The hero has two 15 year old boys and their high school wants the dads to write to their sons and explain their feelings for their progeny. Somehow, the hero gets side tracked into telling one of the boys, not to worry if he has a small penis. It is very funny.  It also made me feel much better about me being short changed. 


Michael Howard [1965] arrived late for the last reunion but confirmed that he had a note from his mother. Apart from the “I’ve been sick” bit, which always has been a ritualistic preface to any such letter, Michael gave his imagination wings, even including an unchallengable, death-of-an-unknown-in-transit, in his scenario. It was better than anything Greenbottle could have offered up in yesteryear’s radio program “Yes What?”.


Brian McNally [1948] called –he’s now retired from golf after several ops on his legs and, instead of chairing the golf buggy, he’s now Chair of Retirement complex. Brian was looking for an old mate Bob Timmins [1948]. With the connection seeming obvious, I contacted Bob Timmins [1964] only to be advised by Bob that, “There is no mention of a Robert (Bob) Timmins in my family tree, going back to1774.” ‘Small world and a remarkable coincidence so, if anybody has info on Bob Timmins of 1948, please contact the OBU.

Kevin Hoy [1954] was confident that he had a great story about Bill Barry [1955] and wrote, “The relatively new Bishop of Toowomba, Robert McGuckin, came to us from Parramatta Diocese 2 to 3 years ago after our beloved Bishop Bill was forced out by the Vatican with some help from Cardinal Pell. Every time it seems I run into him he asks did I know Bill Barry and then proceeds to tell the story of how Bill Barry maintained that all west of Botany Rd spelt danger.


This theory of Bill Barry’s was proven to the same person one day when he was taking a new lawn mower home on his trailer and pulled into a servo in the Marrickville area to refuel, came out and car.trailer and lawnmower gone never to be seen again.”

After some to and fro, it was confirmed that there were two Bill Barrys !!! The Bishop’s one is no longer with us and Darlo’s one lives on happily and healthily, still attending reunions.


Frank Restuccia [1964] writes, “I had chance to watch some MCC football this year as my grandson plays for Champagnat College Pagewood. It brought back so many memories, anyway he won the Grand Final  u13 against Kogarah. They play their home game at Nagle Pk at Maroubra.

I also watched a couple of games at Heffron which is Randwick’s home ground and I can tell you the standard is still great. Anyway I thought you might be interested - love the newsletter.“

Frank has just turned 70 and considers himself elderly. Little does Frank know, that he’s just a pup.

Fact: 'Viagra'   is now available in tea bags. It doesn't enhance your sexual performance but it does stop your biscuit going soft.


Repairs & Maintenance: John Gallagher [1967] has a minor issue with water on the lungs, which he attributes to being “probably all that water I swallowed at the Darlo swimming carnivals at Coogee Aquarium”, however his doctor is allegedly quoted as saying, “With all that booze you've been drinking, your body probably had nowhere else to put it but in the lungs.”

 Humour: This is an anonymous but hilarious contribution; a MUST READ: 

 Confessions of a Defrocked Altar Boy


  Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management

   and resilience.



  Servo fidem,

 Kym Derriman


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