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            Christmas 2017


                   It’s Christmas !


   The OBU Exec & Committee wish all you Old Boys and your families a happy, joyous and holy Christmas

   and a peaceful and rewarding 2018.

      As the year of the Marists bicentenary comes to a close, we reflect upon the legacy of St. Marcellin Champagnat, as provided by one of our members:


The Marist Institute was founded on 2 January 1817 by St Marcellin Champagnat, who welcomed two novices into a small house in La Valle on that day.

The 200th celebratory Mass occurred on Saturday 12 August 2017 at St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta with over 400 in attendance. Simultaneous celebrations were held in Brisbane and Melbourne.


After a wonderful mass, Br Peter Carroll, Australian Provincial and Leader of Marists in Australia, gave an  inspiring address noting the three matters  emphasised by the International Marist Provincial  for the Bi-centenary

---Gratitude, Forgiveness and Commitment---


Robert Casamento Class of 1960. [an expansive account may be found at “Marists 2017-bicentenary.pdf”]


The official OBU webpage for 2017-2018 confirms our tradition of supporting Marist causes, while pursuing the ideals of the Marist Assn. of St. Marcellin Champagnat. We proudly confirm our support for “The Children’s Manifesto” which has spread from English into numerous languages: Chinese, Farsi (Persian), Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish with Filipino, French and Japanese in progress. See Marscom.

Furthermore, the OBU continues to support Br. Paul Murphy’s commitment in the Philippines and Kuya Center. Although the OBU was able to make contributions to a recent tragedy, more help would be appreciated. [Story]

For those who did not receive the email of explanation, for an earlier email remitted from [email protected] entitled “The words women use”, that explanation is available at “Incredible IT abnormality. The explanation was remitted to the entire OBU membership but about 50% of the emails bounced back, further exacerbating the technical issues.

What a rich experience that was, ironically! Plenty of feeling, both for and against. Funny jokes, anecdotes etc. have come flooding in, since being unintentionally responsible for what generated the bulk email remittance to the OBU list. As always, opinions differ and there were three responses critical of the nature of the email, as remitted within the OBU. One saw one of our most revered Brothers pondering cancelation of further B&B subscription, if such action continued, until he became aware of the circumstances surrounding the remittance.


Another, curt but respectful, arrived from an old classmate about the inappropriateness of such an email within the OBU community, while further elaborating upon the inappropriateness of the accompanying “Adoption” anecdote, with which I had signed off. The third, which chronologically was the first, has been chosen for publication. [At the time of publishing, one more of few words has arrived, making a total of four critical responses. No doubt, others felt similarly who chose not to write.]


The response chosen, reflects those elements of a Darlo education: a critique , respectfully and objectively delivered; a balanced and succinct interpretation of possible wider effect upon others; a commitment to a personalised statement, which always takes a degree of courage when standing up and being counted; a closing endorsement of fraternity, leaving the tirelessly-working-for-the-OBU recipient with a pleasant feeling, while well-aware of the issue at hand.


“Dear Editor,

Whatever self-effacing humour this glossary may imply about men’s failings, it’s not so subtly critical of women’s role in relationships.

If ‘we’ have learnt anything about our cultural failings in gender equity in recent times, perhaps this is not the cleverest - or most supportive message – to circulate amongst a group of old, rich white men  (to reflect the generalisations).  Especially pre-Christmas.


I think MBHS OBU is a great resource to foster the spirit of Marist education, happy to be part of it. So keep up the good work please, but only the good.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas, Mr Editor”

My heart leaps to know that I’m among the “rich.” Clearly the contributor could not have been positioning ourselves toward the monetarily rich but to that elite group who, through education at a fine institution, find themselves abundant in …….... whatever.

The other two “generalisations” are up for grabs: “old” and “white”. Watching Alan Willoughby [Class of 1937] at the last reunion redefined what “old” was for many, given that Alan, the most senior of the group by decades, exuded youthful vitality and an engaging disposition, which some may have lost with a self-definition of “old.” Sparkling, anticipating eyes gave way to a smile breaking, as one engaged him in conversation.

I just hope, the good Brother excluded, that the other two who ventured critique, ponder what contributions they may care make to the OBU in future, particularly as both are of quite brilliant minds. Perhaps they’re just not rich?


A thank you also, to those who forwarded a cartload full of humour, albeit not all for publication.


Philosophy.45 Life Lessons” can be found in Non-Fiction on the Darlo main webpage. It was written by a young 90 year-old.


Robert Dick’s [Class of 1961] reunion, centering around those of the Classes of 1960-2 predominately, was just so funny, funny, funny. No doubt others would add expansive adverbs, reflecting the widespread effect of the encounter upon fraternity. Fabulous; absolutely fabulous and anybody of those years is encouraged to contact Robert, who is a welcoming and delightful host but numbers are limited. Photo


It was an opportunity to deliver Frank Restuccia’s regards to someone who, at one stage, was listed in the B&B’s Lost & Found: Roland Mackay [Class of 1962]. Peter Derriman [Class of 1962] had to rush back to Victoria the day before, to sandbag his property due to the rising flood waters. If anybody sees Pete floating by, the sandbagging didn’t work.


Frank O’Young [Class of 1962] independently connected with old classmate Grahame Turner and both undoubtedly swapped tales, as they each are not only well-travelled but also preparing to head off on new overseas adventures.


Duane Norris [Class of 1963] writes, “I missed Tony Bray and Richard Mason, Bob Woog and John Gallagher, to name but a few at the last reunion. I would be grateful if you could mention in your ramblings a message to them apologising for not catching up.”


John Stanley [Class of 1964] writes, “I had unfortunately been relying on my brother [Geoff Stanley Class of 1963] over the years for info in relation to Old boys re-unions. He had been to a couple of them quite a few years ago but forgot to inform me as to when they were on. He lived in Sydney and I in Gunnedah. After the last re-union he went to, he apologised that he didn't let me know it was on but said it would be the last one as the Brother, who was the organizer, was in bad health.

Geoff now lives in Terrigal and I am still in Gunnedah.

My wife Jacinta is a Gunnedah girl and I met her at Reg Longhurst's wedding in Inverell. We are both retired now. Jacinta was a primary school teacher at the local catholic primary school and I was an Office Manager at several local businesses. 

We have five children-four girls and one boy, all grown up now of course.

We keep ourselves busy these days with voluntary work with the church and St. Vincent de Paul conference work.

Again Many Thanks Kym

and Regards


Karam Ramrakha [Class of 1949] shares this with us:

When I tell them Moslems simply took over Cordoba Mosque the pundits laugh at me..

Did you know there  still are Catholic symbols in the Al Hambra .. in the same way there are sacred Hindu symbols in Taj Mahal 

Here is a book on Origin of Mosque at Cordoba.. why have a mosque with forest of pillars.. look up the edifice on your internet 

Islam enjoys a false conceit and has had a charmed run.. to challenge them in any way brings cries of Islamophobia.. no other religion iz met with the tag even on the slightest criticism 


Pass it.. the Moslems want Andalusia restored to them.. the Moors were nomads and if they could build such stuff in Spain why not in their native country.. no cdonqueror builds in a conquered country what they do not have or have built in their Mother Country.. e.g. Greece, Rome and Britain..


[The full contribution of Karam is available at 02-Karam]


Vince Restuccia [Class of 1962] enquired about an OBU Honour Board for Vietnam vets. We don’t have one. We should have one. Any suggestions for its creation and placement would be appreciated..

In Memoriam:

Frank O’Connor [Class of 1948] passed away earlier this year. Frank was in Mark Sinclair’s class and they continued to play squash together for many years.

R.I.P. Frank


Peter Vild [Class of 1968] Devoted husband of Celia (dec). Passed away on August 4th 2017. Late of Chatswood
Aged 66 years

R.I.P. Peter


Alan Musgrave [Class of 1950] passed away on Nov. 5th 2017. Old Classmate, Des Donovan, wrote,

“For those who remember Alan at school, they would agree with me, that he was never a sportsman nor indeed a brilliant academic,  but he made up for all this with his wonderful personality which made him very successful  in the challenges which he faced and defeated in his amazing business career. Because of his honest dealings with clients and associates he had built up over time he was successful in approximately 7 or 8 businesses which started mostly from scratch. His two important standouts were 1. He built up a chain of 27 kitchenware shops throughout Queensland. The second was that he lived up to the school motto ‘SERVO  FIDEM‘ ( I KEEP THE FAITH).

His funeral at St. Thomas Aquinas, Brisbane, was huge although he was out of circulation for the last 8-10 years with a combination of two very serious conditions, being Parkinson’s  Disease and then in the end Dementia. The burial service, before a congregation of about 250, was conducted by two priest friends and I had the honour of delivering the eulogy.”

R.I.P. Alan   


Fact or Fiction:

   The Future of Warfare – or not?

    An amazing contribution by John Gallagher [Class of 1967]

    Little Drones


   The Pyramids

   Another amazing contribution, this time by Bernie York (Class of ’64) back recently from doing the local rounds of Perth and Caloundra.



    Alternatives for keeping fit. Peter Derriman [Class of 1962] has mastered the latter and swears by it.         



            Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and      resilience.



                Looking forward to seeing you at what will be yet another FABULOUS reunion for the Darlo OBU in 2018. 


            Servo fidem 

            Kym Derriman



            eMail: [email protected]



*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school in earlier years.


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The Secretary,


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