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           Christmas 2018


Merry Christmas to all Darlo Old Boys & your families

Wow, what a year it has been.

“The Last Hurrah” reunion was another record number in attendance for the anniversary luncheon of the closing of the school. Yet again, schoolmates found each other, some who had not seen their mates since leaving school. Laughter continued to echo off the walls and poignant moments were recalled. Toasts were made to missing friends and to those who’ve passed on. Later, toasts were made for the sake of toasts alone. What an inspiring group of individuals! Frank Curtin [Class of 1945], who dedicated his business career to the Forestry Commission, finished off an Arts degree, which he commenced at 75.


How fitting it was for the closing anniversary to coincide with Br. Paul Murphy’s Diamond Jubilee: 60 years as a Marist Brother. The late Br. John Murphy, Darlo’s last Principal, could not have chosen a more fitting time for his brother, Paul, to sit in for him, than at this reunion celebrating the closing of the school, half a century later.


As Br. Paul Murphy celebrated, he pondered, ”Where did the 60 years go?” Murf poignantly recalled and shared the last moments of the closing of Darlo as a school, when he sat with his brother, Br. John Murphy, at the base of the spiral staircase, lamenting that the school was to be demolished for a high-rise development. Of course the development did not proceed and the building remains as an historic trust.


If it hadn’t been for the kindness of Pete Sullivan [Class of ‘65] arranging beverages for the raffles, we would not have shown a modest profit and that’s not to diminish the importance of a rescue dash by Bill Duncan O.A.M. [Class of ‘64]. When Pete fell ill at the last minute and could bring neither himself nor the beverages to the reunion, Bill, unsure whether he was to carry the donor or the beverages, chose wisely. The raffles went well. Also a nice bottle of vintage red was donated by the Hart Hotel [no relation to the good Br. Norman] to the OBU committee. So, following the regulatory OBU procedure for critical determinations on matters of substance, a quick scissors, paper, rock, saw Bernie York walking away with a big smile.


It was most gratifying for the OBU team to receive a standing ovation from the members at the reunion, being most humbling but unfortunately everybody only clapped; ‘didn’t throw money. Clearly, we’ll all have to try harder. Next year, we’ll have discrete wheel barrows positioned at tables.


Fr. John Worthington [Class of ‘64] celebrated Mass at St. Patrick’s, prior to the reunion. What a refreshing and inspiring delivery, extricating from the most conventional sermon forms, captivating and engaging those present. What a loss to the commercial world: he did forsake fame and fortune, for surely he would have made a brilliant encyclopedia salesman.


We received word from Peter Downey [Class of ‘68] in which he writes, “Prior to the re-union in July,  number of us from the 1968 Fourth Form – Manny Prouzos, Robert Schiavuzzi, Ray Gilmore, Greg Martin, and I -  caught up for a meal in Riley St, Darlinghurst. It was more than a simple catch-up; some of us hadn’t seen one another since we were sixteen. The evening was filled with stories, reminiscences and laughter. It served as a pre-cursor to the big re-union in July marking the 50th Anniversary of the High School’s closing , which we resolved to attend. We spoke about how good it would be to make contact with Joe Fulton (former Br Redmond), who taught us over the last few years, and to invite him to join us.


Efforts to contact him, however, proved in vain. Our disappointment was heightened at the re-union when Michael Howard quoted from the article that Joe had written for the final edition of the Blue & Blue magazine. Imagine how Joe would have felt hearing himself quoted fifty years later. At the conclusion of the luncheon, I spoke with Michael. To cut a long story short, he was able to supply some contact details. This resulted in Ray Gilmore and I sharing an enthralling lunch with Joe at West’s Ashfield a few weeks later. My fellow Fourth Formers were not to be left out; we all plan to meet up again in October, Joe included.


Extract of the article by Bro. Redmond Adrian Fulton, B.A., Dip. T.G. as read by Michael Howard [Class of ‘64] at the reunion, “And so shortly the demolition squad will be moving in, to raze the present building and erect a thirteen storey block of home units in their place. It is natural that we all experience some regret, some desire to alter the now inevitable course of events – but we must stop there: rather, we must accept the situation as the only realistic one, consoling ourselves with the paradoxical thought that even in its own death-knell, and perhaps more positively and deliberately than at any other time, the High School is still proclaiming the theme that has exemplified it over its long history: Servo Fidem. It it because there is a Faith to be served and to be promoted that Darlinghurst, having lived its era faithfully and, by God’s grace, gloriously, must now unselfishly make way for other schools, very much its successors, to assume the role it has been privileged to play for ninety-three years.


What has been written here purports to be a sketchy survey, no more. It is painfully obvious that the attempt to capture the true spirit of the High School and its magnificent past has not been wholly successful – perhaps it is idealistic to seek to do so. The reader must rest content with what is little more than a eulogy of past Directors and a few illustrious Old Boys typical of the many, a few notable events and a catalogue of successes in study and sport. It is easy to record these and the contribution each has made to the maintenance of the ideals for which the High School has stood so firmly; less easy to record, but equally significant are the others who, as teachers or as pupils, have lived those ideals in the day-to-day activity of classroom and sports field in a manner perhaps far less spectacular but nonetheless important: these too merit praise. While they have no annalist to record their achievements – and perhaps no achievements even, in our worldly sense – we may be sure that their patient, consistent living of God’s Will in the spirit of their ‘Servo Fidem’ is recorded in a far more important place.’


Full article at

With the correspondence, we also received best wishes to all from Kevin Read [Class of 46] who turns 90 in August 2019. Among others who sent apologies, was Oleh Butchatsy. He was in Paris at the time. We’re trying to resolve veracity of the report that Oleh is building a new persona around golf prowess and Parisian influence and now prefers to be acknowledged as “Hole-in-one Pierre”.


Fr. Michael (Fallon), MSC.wrote, “Thank you for including me in the invitation. I am an MSC priest (ordained in 1961). I was at Darlinghurst in Year 1 of secondary in 1949.

Unfortunately I am giving a retreat here at Douglas Park on "Genesis" on July 11, so will not be able to attend. I trust you will all have a great day.”


Fr. John Doherty [Class of ‘63] was also on retreat, unable to attend. His classmate, Fr. John “Juan” Anderson, wrote from Peru: [email]


Br. Norman was also unable to attend, unfortunately. The rumour that he flatly refused to be included in the sing & dance Christmas review-fundraiser for the OBU president’s retirement package, is totally false and, of course, we’re investigating the source of that rumour. Anybody wishing to send money regardless, should send cheques to: the poverty-stricken OBU president’s {note the humble small “p”} ostentatious villa in Lichtenstein.  (address to be advised).


Tony Morrissey [Class of ‘65] offers suggestions for our esteemed Premier Gladys Berejiklian, while he still battles valiantly for restoration of TAFE in its previous form: Opinions-3 Are gone the good old days, when the pollies didn’t sell the farm? Also, Opinions-4 is a must-read for TAFE supporters.


Reg Richardson A.M. [Class of ‘53] encountered Tony Baine [Class of ‘57] under rather unusual circumstances for a reunion but that’s better left for them to recount. It’s always good to hear from Reg. He wrote,”I thought that you may be interested in this exchange of emails .


I ache been an advisor to the Mosman Art Gallery for 20 years and Jane Hurley works there and is a lovely young woman. [The “ache” Freudian slip by Reg clearly shows his devotion to the Gallery]


I knew that her partner, Des, was a musician but didn't realise he was Bernie Cannon's son. She apparently saw my name in the Old Boys Bulletin, which you guys so brilliantly produce .


I think that you may be able to extract some details from the exchange of emails , about Bernie and Des for a future bulletin .”


Kyran O’Donnell [Class of ‘54] wrote, “In a chance meeting I "found" another Old Boy in this area.  He is the second eldest of the Imbriotis clan from Surry Hills (and a Souths supporter of course).  One Con Imbriotis whose youngest brother is Paul.  Paul Imbree [Class of 1947] played halfback in the premiership winners of that year.  He has attended Dinners in recent years.  Con is 90 and was very closely associated with Souths in younger days and a friend of 1950's great, Bernie Purcell.


I repeat, what an amazing group of men the OBU has. At last year’s reunion, we saw Alan Willoughby [Class of ‘37] celebrating his 80th anniversary since walking from the hallowed halls of Darlo. Those celebrating their 50th anniversary of Darlo at the same function, surely had immediate restructuring of their potential future, as the youthful, energetic, intellectually-agile Alan intermingled. [photo]



John Stanley [Class of ‘64] kindly sent a few photos of the reunion and I bear the responsibility of not having arranged photos of the record number who attended:

1. The digital editing expertise of the OBU is sometimes in question but we do our best to compensate for lighting corrections, particularly when the hirsute appear less so: reunion photo 1

2. Photo 2: Bernie York; Chris Minahan; Fr John Worthington; John Stanley; Tony Smith; Tony Morrissey; Shane Smallwood & Denis O’Connor.

3. Photo 3: Col Sullivan, Kym Derriman, Warren Thomas

4. Photo 4: Michael Howard  & Mike Bradley


In an effort to instill the value of “it’s not what you have but how you use it”, the late and loved, Brian Wiley, asked John’s older brother, Geoff, to stand in class with one other in 1961, referencing recent Vocational Guidance results. He said that even that those standing had genius IQs, they were both barely passing in school exams. Geoff retired as an expert in vehicular spare parts, the other as a gatekeeper. Somebody once wrote, “It’s not what you’ve achieved in life that most matters; it’s how you’ve lived it.” If not, they should have.


If we, the MSHSDOBU, do one thing going forward communally, as other OBU generations have done in leaving a legacy, surely the impetus is upon us - this dying breed - to change the face of mankind just one degree. If it is so, let’s give it our best shot. The unborn are our best chance and few of us will be here to see too many more of them, as they emerge. Their wellbeing, however, is something held in the ethos of every prayer that we said.  Masses have been celebrated for the success of “The Children’s Manifesto” and a papal request is being made, sent to one of our Old Boys in Rome, Fr. Denis Hallinan, requesting delivery to His Holiness regarding a Mass at Christmas 2019 in St. Peter’s Square for such children in need.

Kindly, Matt Huchinson, the new Principal at Marist College Canberra, offered his assistance and so we may see some inspiring things emerging under the Darlo colours in 2019.


Maintenance & Repairs:


Robert Dick [Class of ‘61] Had the best of treatment at St. Vincent’s recently and is in recovery mode after some diabolical internal surprises & subsequent operation. He advised that the regular yearly reunion for LC’61 +/-, regretfully had to be cancelled for 2018 but shall be back on, same time, in 2019.


John Gallagher [Class of ‘67] and his irrepressible humour were missed at the reunion as he was recovering from bouts in hospital, which he attributes to the results of “a miss-spent youth and middle-age” and to which the writer annexes “and since then too.”


Peter McMaugh [Class of ‘52] recovering from heart surgery at the time of the reunion, lamented being unable to attend. Pete has been supplying B&Bs for scanning, to augment the OBU’s online library.

Warren Thomas [Class of ‘65] has relocated to Bermagui toughing life out, as he writes, “Retired completely and didn’t bring my CV down here. Incognito and loving it. Two great golf courses nearby and skiing only two hours away. Life is good!”

Lost & Found

Mark Sinclair has been found with the help of several, including Warren Thomas [Classof ‘65] and Bernie Woods [Class of ‘61]. Bernie advises that he’s “been friends with the Sinclairs, the best part of 45 years (Mark's wife, Judy, passed away almost 2 years ago). Mark is in Moran Nursing Home, 99 Caldarra Avenue Engadine.” Regretfully, Mark is suffering acute memory loss. Mark is an absolute legend of the OBU, having served on the previous Board for over a decade and having continued for several years with the current one.

Kyran O’Donnell re Mark Sinclair

I remember Mark clearly in my first year at Darlo in the lines before school.  He was a real "Jack the lad".  Little did i realise that he was off to the seminary along with Pat Mc Auliffe* at the end of the year.   My sister-in-law grew up with the Sinclair boys in Maroubra Bay.  She was saddened to hear of his medical condition.  *Married Rosemary & I at Lane Cove in 1969.

Rowley Mackay [Class of ‘61] for those who’ve been enquiring, is alive and well, brimming with health and still at home in Paddo, while attending class reunions at Robert Dick’s home.

In Memoriam


Brother Raymond Mulvogue and ex-student of Darlo passed away (14 Oct 2018) rather unexpectedly in the US recently in his way to a Marist renewal in italy. He had not been all that well but had doctor’s clearance to travel. His body remained in the USA and was released to return to Australia for burial. He was 79 but joined the Marist Brothers after completing School at Darlo. Bro. Ray was community leader of the aging brothers’ home at Randwick.

R.I.P. Bro. Ray



Justin Cranney, who we knew as Br Walter, passed away on the July 4th 2018, aged 88. He was often seen at Bondi but lived his last days in an Aged Care facility at Maroubra.

“Best teacher I ever had, changed my life in a positive direction.” Tony Smith [Class of ‘64]

R.I.P. Justin



Br. Charles “Charlie” Aquilina passed on the 28 July 2018. The tributes flowing in from OBU members were such that regretfully, there is simply not enough space to accommodate them all but below are some for reflection.

R.I.P. Charlie

.. sad very sad.. the Old Ordeer changeth yielding place to new .. hope God fulfils himself in many, many ways.. As the pot opined

Karam C Ramrakha


A grand Gentleman that has left a fond memory of laughter and kindness, RIP Charlie, u were the best,

Regards your old Paul Street Wollahara ( now Bondi Junction )schoolmate,

Colin Sullivan


I am sure Charlie will be fondly remembered by many and it should be a nice farewell at St Greg's where he spent so much of his life. His final resting place of Mittagong is also a place where he spent a number of years. Vale Charlie.

Tony Madeley


May the good Lord receive Charlie into full glory...

Fr John Anderson


Charlie was/is much loved by those of us who had contact with him over the years. 

Really enjoyed his company at many OBU lunches over the years. 


Warren Thomas



John Kerwick [Class of ‘65] passed away in 2017 and was a Vietnam Veteran.

R.I.P John



Vincent Connell

A well regarded member of the former Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission and a gentleman.

R.I.P Vince



Frederico “Fred” Gregson [Class of ‘66] passed away on 22 May, 2018 at Macquarie University Hospital, aged 68. Fred is remembered by his classmate, Mark Knight. [eulogy-p1; eulogy-p2]

R.I.P. Fred



Tony Jones (Class of ’65), one year after his passing- a Memorial service is being held on Saturday, 2nd March 2019 at Manly (Steynes Hotel – Function Room) commences midday. Numbers are limited. Please email OBU for seating.

R.I.P. Tony



HEALTH:  Sleep Apnoea – a SIMPLE CURE that WORKS!! Advice received: ”I have spent years with the condition diagnosed as sleep apnoea; had sleep studies, breathing marks with the full apparatus, tried a variety of alternatives. THIS CURE WORKS! Have serene sleep, no groans or snoring, wake revitalised.

It may sound archaic but you simply place light-grip, surgical tape across your mouth before sleeping. Keeping your mouth closed, it retards your tongue falling fully to the back of your throat. Be sure to get the wide tape 50mm. It’s easy to remove but if you find the tape too clinging, simply apply it on the inside of your hand first, remove it, then apply it across your mouth.


[The OBU takes no responsibility for the above and it’s passed without prejudice]



Brain challenge: sent in by Peter Derriman [Class of ‘62]

A guy is in such a hurry that he quickly parks, runs off leaving the engine running but forgets his parking space number. What is it? You have only 20 seconds to figure out the correct number for this specific parking space.

Remember, when you click on the hyperlink, your time starts – ready? …set ….

parking space



Laughter – the best medicine: “This will occur


Subject: annual confirmation of your contact info - please Reply to confirm your email address.

We have had a number of Old Boys, who have changed their email addresses in recent times and several didn’t receive advice of the reunion. If this email does not reach you, then there is absolutely no need to respond !!! Should you wish to be assured of receiving the B&B, please respond and also advise of a phone contact and/or postal address for backup, where possible.


May you all be blessed with peace this Christmas and beyond.


Servo fidem


Kym Derriman




*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


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