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           9th. April 2019


                         Welcome to the April edition of the Blue & Blue.

  We have a really great chance of achieving something significant with The Children’s Manifesto this year, particularly with support of the youngest generation, Gen3M. This year is the 75th year since the formation of the Federation of Marist Brothers Old Boys Unions, now represented by Marist Alumni, which we will be celebrating. Perhaps we shall see some support representing the Blue & Blue, from those of the youngest generation at Marist Pearce, Canberra.


  The Maristian is the school magazine of Marist Canberra, which inherited the Darlo colours after the closure of our school. Darlo Old Boys are welcome to contact [email protected] if any would like to be added onto their mailing list. If so, please advise your preference to receive the publication via email or by mail.

Br. Paul Murphy has been working with disadvantaged children in South East Asia. His latest missive is a MUST-READ for all. One particular case, unrelated to the children in this article, is regarding a youth suffering from leukemia. Funds are needed urgently and this would not be specifically referenced in the B&B had not all other avenues been exhausted by Br. Paul.

  If you can help, please contact Br. Paul directly. <[email protected]>

 #  It must be noted that this petition comes from myself, not Br. Paul.



The MBHS Darlinghurst Vietnam War Honour Roll is in progress and any information pertaining to it is gratefully received.



Fr. John ‘Juan’ Anderson [Class of ‘63] writes, remembering Philip Hogan. Fr. Juan also sent greetings to all while he was in Panama celebrating World Youth Day with a group of youngsters from his parish in Iquitos, Peru.

 Manfred Gorshek [Class of ‘59] wrote, advising of running into classmate John Doherty (not to be confused with Fr. John Doherty, Class of ‘63), “who retired from City Council and is writing a book on the history of Eastern Suburbs Junior Rugby League. His brother, Warren Doherty, retired as Aust. Sales Manager for Pfizer, the biggest drug company in the world. Ken Bottomley, Maurice Nowytarger and I, go to Robert Dick’s reunion every couple of years. I retired 12 years ago after being in the hospitality industry, owning restaurants and then working in 5-star hotels for a few years.”


We received word from OBU legend, Lt. Col. Vin Hallinan, O.A.M. RFD ED (Ret’d), CPA [Class of ‘45], who served over a decade on the OBU Board as Treasurer. Vin advised that his younger brother, Fr. Denis, will be arriving back in Australia from Rome, later this year. He passes his greetings to all.


Peter McMaugh A.M. [Class of ‘52] MEMBER (AM) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA Mr Peter Edwin McMAUGH, Carlingford NSW 2118 for significant service to horticulture through the development of Australian turf varieties. Congratulations Pete.


Reg Richardson, A.M. [Class of ‘53] welcomed Peter McMaugh A.M. aboard, with Peter being the newest Darlo member of the A.M. society. At the time, Reg was toughing life out, on holidays at Boomerang Beach.


Kevin Riolo, O.A.M. [Class of ‘54] wrote with some background on Peter. “In 1952 Peter McMaugh was the Senior Athletics Champion and broke the School record for the Mile and then won the MCC Open Mile and 880 yards;  a member of the 1st Grade Rugby League and 1st Grade Cricket teams. It was my first year in the 1st grade Cricket team, as I was only in 3rd year, and I opened the batting with Peter, and the team won the MCC 1st Grade Premiership.  He was also a very good bowler. Peter was a Cadet Lieutenant in the School Cadets and he won the Cardinal’s Prize for Religious Knowledge. That same year, his brother, Patrick was ordained a priest. All four sons attended Marist Brothers Darlinghurst. Peter was an above average sportsman and an outstanding middle distance runner during his years at the School.”



Tony Baine [Class of ‘57] was “Reading Mike Carlton’s informative Memoir,On Air, and saw that his father , the legendary Jimmy Carlton, went to Darlo before getting a Scholarship to Joeys. He mentions him being at Darlo circa 1920-born in 1909.

The early chapters on his Mum and Dad (who died when MC was 5-6) are moving and, to a reader of this era, quite sad.

The Paul Murphy email was also very moving.” 


Bryan Callinan [Class of ‘47] wrote to advise, “Living in Orange, as I have for more than fifty years, I have not been involved in OBU events but I enjoy the newsy B & B bulletins and remember some of the men who get a mention now and then - I well remember Paul Imbriotis was referred to in the Christmas edition.

As a matter of interest, attached is a copy of acigarette card[to magnify the image after opening it, use the icon on bottom right hand side] - they were collectable cards included in cigarette packs back in the 1920s and 1930s.  Mostly they were series of well known sportsmen but this one is one of a series of badges and colours of 68 schools, colleges and universities in Australia at the time. Darlo was apparently one of the well known schools.”


Brian Warham [Class of ‘49] wrote from the Tenterfield farm which he & his wife, Norma, purchased some 20 years ago and where Norma grew up. [letter]


Dennis Regan [Class of ’63] wrote to advise that he’ll be along to the next reunion. What a BLAST it is, when you meet up with someone who you haven’t seen in half a century. Dennis was wandering through reminiscences in Darley Street recently. “My sister, Pam, and I are catching up with Duane Norris [Class of ‘63].”



Maintenance & Repairs:

Brian McNally [Class of ‘48] wrote with apologies for missing the last reunion and to advise that he was in Concord Hospital “with exercises to strengthen my legs, now being 88 years young and feeling that there is still plenty more life in me. Hope to see you next time.”

We’ll keep a seat reserved for you, Brian.


Bernie York [Class of ‘64] fortunately heard the Grim Reaper knocking at his door and took shelter in Royal North Shore Hospital. He left RNS after donating a substantial part of his internals, as a trade-off deal with GR, and is now recovering at home.


Hugh Thompson [Class of ‘63]

Like us all, soaking up the sun for decades, Hugh had a close encounter with melanoma and, after some serious surgery, is on the mend. It’s rumoured that Hugh may be a contestant on Hard Quiz, Wednesday 10th April Channel 2 about 8pm.


Kyran O’Donnell {Class of ‘54] wrote, “ I was in the cardiac ward in Moruya hospital recently prior to transfer to Canberra for surgery. The previous occupant of my bed had gone to a general ward and I met up with him later on several occasions ...................Bryan "Smokie" Dawson (LC 1950). Our treatments are continuing.   Our wives are members of the same embroidery group so the contact is there.

I know that Bryan played for both Paddington and Gordon, as a grade cricketer, at about the time that John Bolster played for Randwick (?) as I remember.


 Lost & Found:

Greg Wenham [Class of ‘70] was able to catch up with an old classmate, Ray Gilmore.

Greg is involved with Marist Canberra through A.C.T. Junior Rugby Union. He passed by Darlo late last year.

 We’d be grateful is anyone has information on the following Old Boys:

Bill Kerwin [Class of ‘47] of Paddington – RTS & contacts disconnected

Gerald Donovan [Class of ‘58] of Artarmon– RTS and contacts disconnected

Paul Imbree [Class of ‘47] of Caringbah – RTS and contacts disconnected



 In Memoriam:

Philip Hogan [Class of ‘60], Chairman of the MBHS Darlinghurst OBU, passed away 8th. Jan 2019. Philip’s contribution to the Old Boys’ Union is historic. He rebuilt the OBU online library. He forged a path when the OBU had divided, to bring unity again. He was an inspiration in confronting challenges, a dear and faithful friend. His philosophy: If you get knocked down, just get up again.

Vale Philip


Philip Hogan’s farewell was a very private gathering and I was grateful to be invited. Hoges had been clear that he wanted humour to predominate at his wake. Not knowing anybody well apart from his wife, Carol, I was very tentative about any injection of humour, especially when speaking with his youngest daughter. Assured by her, I decided to give it a go – but was still worried – and said that since this was Friday, due to the interest of other members of the Old Boys’ Union, I was contemplating continuing his wake until Sunday and added, “Well, that will be the 3rd day of the wake, but nobody would be expecting him to rise from the dead for the occasion.”

She quipped, “Except him.”


The memorial for Tony Jones [Class of ‘65] who passed away in March last year was held

at the Steynes Hotel, Manly. What a gathering! What a celebration! Laughter and reminiscences abounded. Warren, brother of Brian Berkery [Class of ‘53] remembers Bill O’Donnell and too,

Fr. Paul Maloney OSA, previously of St. Kieran of Manly Vale knew Bill well. Fr. Paul remains a very good family friend of the O’Donnells. As Kyran O’Donnell [Class of’54], Bill’s brother writes, “Bill and Vanda's boys went to their school in Brookvale from Forestville.  Paul came to dinner one night and a firm friendship was born.  He was until very recently the PP at St Kieren's which is very much connected to them.   Bill designed it. He was buried from there in 2012 with Paul officiating as was Mum who died in the nursing home next door in 1981.  Vanda goes to Sunday Mass there.  Last Sunday Paul said Mass and mentioned the previous day in his homily.  That was his style. No dry sermons. He comes from the little town of Uranquinty which lies in a valley below Kapooka Army Camp looking towards The Rock.

You mentioned the brother of Brian Berkerey. Brian was a year ahead of me. He succeeded John Howard (youngest of the 3 brothers) as Drum Major.  Aided by the many army disposals stores in the 50s he was kitted out looking like John Philip Sousa. In 1984 Chip (John Chippendale) and I attempted a roundup for the 30 year reunion of the '54 LC class.  The troops were widely scattered. Brian, I discovered, was living in Tasmania.”


Prof. Emeritus Des O’Connor [Class of ‘44] wrote and kindly included a copy of his book,A Boy from the Bushfor the OBU library. What an inspirational read it is. It is published through Billabong Valley Publications and would make an excellent present, especially for any Old Boy. Thanks Des.


The People vs Muhammad” J.K. Sheindlin.

While one may consider the gent expressing his views on the subject matter as being a tad too sedate, his courage in doing so is irrefutable. May he continue to express them for the quite-probable, limited time that he has left on this planet.

   Je suis Charlie.


We have lost the intimacy of video content from those of us who lived before the digital era.  Those who wish to have their views on what/how/who/why/ the 3rd Millennium presents, please just send in a “Selfie” video. [Please see your youngest relative for advice on taking a “selfie”].


 Humour:  For those grandparents who are looking after their grandkids occasionally, a suggested reference on Non-verbal Teaching is to be found at



As there has been much ado about the evils of alcohol, so after due consideration, the entire OBU Board abstained for the period Feb 29 to Feb 31st inclusively.


Several years ago, in my work with Kids 4 Kids Inc, I asked a group of youngsters what they would like their generation to be called. Amid a number of possibilities, they chose Gen3M. The registration of that name was challenged by the multi-billion dollar conglomerate, 3M Corp (USA). Wisdom would have dictated the correct path to follow but I was in the B-class at Darlo. To cut a long story short, after a prolonged legal challenge, we won. In seeking support for GEN3M, I would like to declare that I now have a financial interest in GEN3M. More so, those kids and their whole generation are now free to refer to themselves as Gen3M.


 As you’re aware, we don’t have annual subscription fees to support costs of the OBU.

We run at a loss with lunches, except for the raffles which, with the donations, save us from the Grim Reaper. It’s a real balancing act with Tony Smith as the Wizard’s Apprentice. That said, we’d like to acknowledge those who’ve donated, to whom we are most grateful. For the intellectually challenged members: there’s a hint in there, guys.

 Thanks to all who wrote confirming their contact details. ‘Also very much appreciated.


May 2019 see you all free of injury and illness and, if GR does come knocking and you don’t have alternatives, welcome him with open arms for a hell of an adventure awaits. (No pun intended).


Servo fidem


Kym Derriman




*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


President, OBU

Kym Derriman

9311 3344


Vice President

Tony Morrissey

9311 4598



Bernie York


Marist Executive

Br. Paul Murphy



Tony Smith






All mail to:

The Secretary,


POB 6177

Malabar  2036



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