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           18th. August 2019


            Welcome to the 2019 winter edition of the Blue & Blue. I trust that you’re all somewhere protected from these icy gusts, happy and in reasonably good health.

 We welcome Reg Richardson A.M. (Class of ’53) & Mike Blakeley (Class of ’57) who have recently joined the OBU Committee. Reg writes, “I am the official welcomer at the 7.30 am Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church in Clifton Gardens.

Mario Adamo's sons Simon, an anaesthetist  at St Vincents Hospital and Daniel, a dentist like his Dad both attend. In fact they brought Mario with them a couple of years ago as we were in the same class for 6 years. It was such a surprise to see him as it had been decades since I had. He hadn't changed much at all over the years. Still likeable and good humoured.”

 Brian Fitzpatrick [Class of ‘50] wrote, advising that he has “joined my walking club (the dollar ten club) yesterday for walk no. 658.” Brian browsed the B&B archives and found “class information of my late brother, John, who had been at the Mittagong Juniorate but decided a Monastic life was not for him.”


The next OBU reunion is to be held at the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel at 169 Castlereagh St, Sydney which was previously known as the Masonic Club. Two course lunch is a mere $60.00. It is on Sept. 17th commencing at midday.

Please remember that there are no OBU annual subscriptions and the financial cost for the luncheon (venue hire, etc) is borne by the OBU committee, so any donations are gratefully received. Brothers and Priests attend as our guests.

BANK CREDIT:   Payee: MBHS Darlinghurst-OBU, BSB: 062-439, A/c: 10490076 

 R.S.V.P. August 25th, 2019. Please advise your preference for meat or fish.

 Guest Speaker will be Boe Rambaldini, who is the Director of the Poche Centre of Indigenous Health at the University of Sydney. He will be introduced by Reg Richardson A.M.


The luncheon shall be preceded by a 10.30am Mass at St. Patrick’s Church, Church Hill. We may have the pleasure of Fr. Paul Chandler (Class of ’67) concelebrating the Mass, in thanks for the promulgation of the Children’s Manifesto, now in 10 languages, giving support to children across many cultures. It was started by one young Marist boy so many years ago and thereafter supported in Masses by Old Boy priests from Darlo and Marist Pearce Canberra.


Although we look like having a record number in attendance, the following have sent their apologies:

Fr. John Anderson (Class of ’63), resident in Peru writes, “Distance makes it a bit difficult... but my best regards please to Old Boys present. I came to this Vicariate on this date, the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, in 1991... how time goes...”

Br. Joseph McCabe (Br. Bonaventure) Thank you for your invitation to the MBHS Darlinghurst reunion. I will not able to attend the gathering. Please pass on my best wishes.

Bill Duncan OAM (Class of ’64) writes, “I will be in Darwin at the time and so unable to attend but please pass on my best wishes to all our old classmates.”

Terry Malone (Class of ’63) writes, “on 17 September I will be in Gibraltar on a cruise of the Western Mediterranean. I was looking forward to attending in my 1964 House Captain's blazer which is a little tight but I can still get into it. Looks like it will have to be worn at the 2020 Reunion.”

Chris Minahan (Class of ’63) writes, “I am still teaching occasionally and unfortunately I have a class on Sept 17 so I will not be able to make it.”

Ray Gilmore (Class of 68) writes “I will be travelling for the balance of August through until early October. I have been in contact with a number of my classmates from the Final Year and we will be represented on the day. I will be in Munich on the day of the reunion and perhaps I'll raise a stein of Bavarian Ale to you and the Darlo faithful so gathered.”

Chris Scott (son of Reg) writes, “Would love to attend but shall be overseas. Not sure if there are many [Old Boys] in Western China, Pakistan or Kashmir but happy to see them if they are!”

Warren Thomas & Col Sullivan (both Class of ’65, travelling together) “We (Thommo & myself + minders) will be on a Greek Island Cruise finishing off a 7 week study tour of all the Cathedrals, Schools, Monastries, etc. in the UK & Europe, will have our School tie and hat which we will be wearing on all appropriate occasions, might see if Merle has any relations over there!!!”

Peter Sullivan (Class of ’65) writes, “My apologies I will be unable to attend I will be in Indonesia. Give my regards to everyone there. If u need raffle prizes let me know.”

Michael Letts (Class of ’60) living on the far North Coast is unable to attend.

Jeff Kildea (Class of ’67) is also travelling overseas.

If this keeps up, Australia will be empty.


Warren Eggins (Class of ’55) reluctantly hangs up his pharmaceutical white coat after 60 years of concocting brews. Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble now all behind him due to health reasons but not without great and lasting memories. Warren also advises us of Chris Scott (son of Reg), reaching his half century. Congrats Chris! It’s all downhill from there.


  To Ponder:

 Kevin Hoy (Class of ’54) sent across some nostalgia re. Bob Hope and also a short poem posted by Mike Funnell, challenging our politicians.  The poem has that familiar ring to it.

I love a timid country; a land of scare campaigns;

Where mindless bogan slogans, just overtake our brains

The stunted, short horizions, of those who will not see

Who, presented with alternatives, think only: me, me, me.

 Shane Smallwood (Class of 65) sent across some explosively funny emails but we had trouble getting them past the B&B censor.

  Maintenance & Repairs:

Chris Minahan (Class of ’63) was passing through Sydney to have cataract surgery and is in good care, as his wife is a volunteer at St. Vincent’s Hospital.


John “Blue” Gallagher [Class of 67]

Earlier this year, there had been a reported sighting of Major John “Blue” Gallagher in Tasmania. We’re undertaking veracity checks on reports regarding Blue’s state of health. It’s been reported that he had cancer, a stroke, a snake bite, a heart attack and was stabbed by a bipolar pigmy. All reports are under review.

Meanwhile, we catch a “last seen” glimpse of “Blue” exercising his ingenuity. Jacuzzi


 In Memoriam:


 Bernie York [Class of ‘64] Secretary of the Old Boys’ Union, 16/ 7/ 1946 - 10/ 5/ 2019.

Loving husband of Sondra. Beloved father and father-in-law of Claudia and Tim, Dom and Bec. Brother and brother-in-law of Deb and Ric. Loved uncle. In God's Care.

Requiem Mass for Bernard was celebrated in St Thomas The Apostle Catholic Church High Street, Willoughby on Thursday 16th May 2019.

As OBU Secretary, Bernie was an invaluable asset to the OBU Committee with his irrepressible humour, quick wit and loyalty as a good friend.

Bernie’s farewell advice: Well …

Hi all,

Certainly not the text i thought I'd be writing at this time.

But here goes. After lots more consultations with my Prof of Onco and exploration of my condition, it seems the best option is for me to move to Greenwich Palliative care hospital now. From there I'll be doing a sort of "in a few days then home again for a few. "

 Over there I will be having more direct attention and it will be quieter as well as having access to same treatment in the drugs etc as at RNSH. As to 'how long ... ' I'll be there, then it's back to the topic heading, "WELL...'

I'd reckon only the Good Lord knows ... but I be trying to string it out....

so that's about it ... 

Vale Bernie

 Mark Trainor (Class of ’48) passed away peacefully Sunday, August 11, 2019. A Mass of Celebration of his life was held at St. Peter Chanel Church, Woolwich on August 15 with an overflowing congregation. Mark is well-remembered for his friendship, good nature and also commitment to, and support of, the OBU fraternity. He remains an OBU legend.

Vale Mark

 Bernie Walford [Class of ‘64] Passed on 23 March 2019. Br. Norman Hart and Joe McCabe (Br. Bonaventure) in attendance at Randwick for the Sacred Heart Church funeral, together with Bernie’s classmate and life-long friend, Michael Howard and other close friends & family.


Vale Bernie

 James “Jim” McFall [Class of ‘55], brother of Bill & Kevin, passed away Tuesday, 16th April 2019 at his home after a sudden stroke. Jim was an acolyte at St Bernard’s of Botany for many years where he had his funeral on 7th May 2019. Jim was a brilliant scholar, kind and gentle man.

Vale Jim

 Kevin Bleasel [Class of ‘40], passed away 7th June, 2018. No further details available.

Vale Kevin

 Anthony Earl Cronin (Class of ’45) passed away 3rd. August 2019, survived by older brother, Robert.   Tony Baine kindly advised that the brothers were both at Darlo in the 1940's.

Vale Anthony

With Old Boys such as Anthony Cronin, not being listed in the OBU Master Records, we rely on our archives of the Blue & Blue editions in the OBU library to find details of them. To that end, we remain grateful to donors of old B&Bs.


 Lost & Found:

Warren Doherty. Earlier this year, Frank O’Young [Class of ‘62] wrote, in search of Warren, “I have been trying to contact him for ages with no lead of his whereabouts. He used to live in Palmer St before the family moved to Woy Woy.” We searched the OBU records.

Frank later wrote, “I was able to connect with Warren Doherty through Manfred and Ken Bottomley. It’s the same Warren I knew in primary school whose family moved up to Woy Woy. He now lives in Abbotsford across the river from me at Cabarita. Small world, thanks for providing the conduit for us to reconnect. ‘Organised to meet up and have a drink at the Sydney Rowers.”

Frank leaves for Scotland at the end of the year, catching up with family. Many are eagerly anticipating the sight of Frank arriving at a reunion wearing a kilt.


Should anybody have contact details or information on the following Old Boys, please contact the OBU:

Patrick Larkin of Ryde. No phone contact and correspondence marked RTS.

Darrel Sullivan (Class of ’60) of Sth. Australia, RTS and phone disconnected.

Peter Warrilow (Class of ’53) of Turramurra, RTS and phone disconnected.


Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


  Dementia Quiz: Try to answer all 5 questions within 1 minute.

   Sent in by Peter Derriman (Class of ’62)  Quiz



  Questionable sense of Chinese humour:


  There are some other good chuckles at Humour



 Message to the young men of Marist Pearce Canberra:


As young men of Marist College Canberra, soon to embark on the adventure of adult life, you each walk a remarkable journey. With the eldest of you turning 18 years old, you are the first generation, not just of a century, but of 1000 years. You are Gen3M. You shall be under the spotlight, by demographers and others, as you begin to write chapters in life that shall be recorded and which shall define your generation.

 History awaits the legacy you leave for future generations. Carry proudly, the legacy left by those who wore the Blue & Blue before you, supporting the Marist ethos.

 There is a communal voice of the preceding millennium that many of Gen3M carry forth as part of that legacy. It is that of the Children’s Manifesto, now championed across many languages, by many young people such as yourselves. It was commenced by one young Marist boy, long ago. Perhaps you too, may choose to have your voices heard supporting that communal voice, which brings hope to many of your own age, who do not have the good fortune that you share. They exist in hunger, illness and oppression. We, of Marist Darlinghurst, wish each of you well in life.

Be kind. Be courageous.


Servo fidem

 Kym Derriman


Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union


*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


President, OBU

Kym Derriman

9311 3344


Vice President/Secretary

Tony Morrissey

9311 4598


Tony Smith




Reg Richardson A.M.

Michael Blakeney


Marist Executive

Br. Paul Murphy







All mail to:

The Secretary,


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