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                                                                                                                                             Christmas 2019 
                                                      christmas bow
                          All at the OBU wish you & your families Merry Christmas
May peace reign supreme in all your homes. With armed conflicts raging in so many areas around the globe, we are all so blessed to be living in such peaceful, resourceful country.

Fr. John Worthington (Class of ’64) celebrated Mass at St. Patrick’s Church prior to the reunion in September. What is it when you look deeply into someone’s eyes? Soul searching? Reflections? ‘Receiving communion, his eyes reach across into you; an experience in Itself.

  A thoroughly enjoyable September luncheon was held at the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, Castlereagh St, previously known as the Masonic Club. A superb gathering!

The new venue provided an excellent ambience, cuisine and fine wine. Apart from the record number of apologies given prior to the reunion, belated ones were also received from Peter McMaugh AM, Mick Laffan, Bryan Griffin, Dennis Regan and Greg Naimo. Many of our regular attendees were travelling in September, giving rise to the suggestion that the next reunion may be better held near the Mediterranean. As always, laughter was the sound echoing off the walls as friendships were rekindled and reminiscences flooded conversations.

  Reg Richardson AM (Class of ‘53) introduced the Guest Speaker, Boe Rambaldini, Director of the Poche Centre of Indigenous Health at the University of Sydney. Boe provided further insight into Indigenous culture and elaborated on the progress that many young people are attaining through Poche.

We were privileged to have two Old Boys Tom Ryan & Robert Oong, both turning 90, who were in the same class in 1946, 73 years ago. To see their smiles, knowing that the OBU played a small part in bringing them together for this occasion, makes it all worthwhile.

    John Stanley [Class of ‘64] kindly sent some photos of the reunion including the classic of Tom Ryan & Robert Oong.

Pic-1, Peter Clarke, Mike Bradley, Tony Morrissey, Shane Smallwood, Mike Howard, Bernie Doyle; 

Pic-2:  Tony Morrissey, Tony Bray, Tony Smith, Reg Longhurst;

Pic-3: Kym Derriman, Fr John Worthington, Tony Smith, John Stanley, Reg Longhurst.

Words are so ineffective sometimes. Shane Smallwood (Class of ’65) brought a collection of Darlo memorabilia. Quite literally, so many life instances and emotional connections flash across memory, while transversing the emblems. ‘Leaves you needing cerebral stop lights.

If any of the other attendees have photos that they would like to send across, we’d be only too happy to publish them.


Reg Longhurst (Class of ‘64) writes, “Yes, ‘been in western Sydney for 42 years and never regretted although a little far from my Rabbitohs roots. It’s where we brought up our 4 children and now we have 8 grandchildren living nearby. Incidentally, classmate John Stanley met his future wife at my wedding in Inverell and was my best man.


2019 is the 30th anniversary of the vision of Br. Oswin McKinney for Marist Communications: Marscom Television. For all that Marscom has delivered and all the good that it has inspired, Br. Oz justly deserves the credit. “The Children’s Manifesto” has been supported by Marscom since its inception. Fortunately the spirit of Christmas is carried across many cultures and nations with this simple statement by children.


   Rumour has it that Peter Dawson (Class of ’63) has a standing arrangement to park his car in a friend's driveway when he does marshalling at the Australian Open!


Robert Dick (Class of ’61) hosted another reunion for his class and some others Old Boys. What an absolutely delightful gathering it was. Bryan & Neil Griffin, Tony Zahra OAM, Phil Findlay, John “Rob” O’Carroll, Vic Brunetti, Kym Derriman, John Grygiel, Manfred Gorshek, Ken Graham, Robert Dick, Peter O’Carroll, Rowland Mackay, Frank O’Young, Michael O’Carroll, Chris Grygiel, Graham Morris.


Kevin Fitzpatrick (Class of ’58) writes, “Got to meet Craig Reucastel of Chaser fame who graduated to War On Waste at the Climate Strike. A group of us marched together across the Bridge, Cahill Expressway and along Macquarie Street to the Domain. We were accompanied by the Sydney Uni Marching Band and entered the Domain to the strains of Ride of the Valkeries, stirring stuff.

                   Looking again at the picture of the WW1 honour board that was in the main stairwell of the old school, I counted about 255 names of those who enlisted with 26 dead - 10%. Got to be a story in that given that a number received honours such as the Military Cross, DSO and other awards, not to mention the sacrifice. One of those remembered was Joe McGloin captain of the A Grade cricket team. He went on to establish McGloin Pharmaceuticals when he returned. Pat Cummins is his great grandson. Will approach a member of the family to see if we could get Pat to attend next year and give a short address.”

Maintenance & Repairs:

Garry Cahill (Class of ’61) decided that his engine wasn’t running as fast as he preferred and skipped the reunion at Robert Dick’s home to have a pacemaker inserted. He’ll probably jog across from the North Shore for the next reunion. Attempts to locate him at hospital were unsuccessful, concluding that he may have tried a do-it-yourself kit at home to save a buck.


   Paul DiLeo (Class of ’61) had a quadruple bi-pass and is good for another 50 years. “Be careful,” says Paul, “this was just tightness and pain in the throat, not chest pain.”

In Memoriam

John Breslin O’Donnell (Class of ’44), eldest brother of Kyran, who advises, “John retired from the ATO in 1985 after 35+ years having worked in Tax with quite a few Old Boys in both the Sydney and Parramatta Offices.”

Vale John


Brian Davies (Class of ’64) of Zetland & Maroubra, passed away on 1st October 2019, husband of Toni-Ann, younger brother of Leigh, father of John, Mark, Nicole & Luke.

Vale Brian.

Lost & Found

Barry Horrox (Class of ’63) – John Stanley (Class of ’64) writes, enquiring about Barry. He used to work in the Gov. transport department. Anybody with info, please contact the OBU.

Bryan Griffin (Class of ’62) writes, “I caught up with John Grygiel in Sydney after nearly 50 years!  My wife and I were on our way home to Canberra and spent a couple of days in Sydney seeing my brother, Neil, who had a severe stroke last year.”

Bryan recalls times with Peter Dawson (Class of ’63) “with whom I grew up in Rosebery.  Haven't seen him for about 40 years.  Peter and I used to sneak onto the Australian Golf Club after school to play a few holes before being ejected!” Bryan also managed a lunch with classmate Rowland Mackay (Class of ’62) and too, caught up with Frank O’Young in Canberra prior to his trip to Scotland.”



     Premier Gladys Berejiklian looks likely to approve a shipping terminal at Yarra Bay but if so, it won’t be without some serious opposition by Tony Morrissey (Class of ’65): Captain Kidding’s $600m Yarra Bay cruise ship calamity!


Theremin: It is a quantum instrument that is played only with the energy of the hands that forms a magnetic field and is played without being touched. Its sound is like the human voice. Only three countries in the world have music schools that teach how to play theremin: Russia, Ireland and Japan.



1.     Heartwarming

2.     Unbelievable

3.     Practical Jokes

 …. and the winner is Shane Smallwood (Class of ’64) with:

    Husband: “How was your drive back home?”

   Wife: “It was fine. I almost missed the exit but I managed.” Classic



Again, may you and your family all be blessed with peace this Christmas and beyond.

 Servo fidem

 Kym Derriman



*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


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