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                                                                                                                                             Easter 2020 

      ..And so it was written that God looked down upon Planet Earth in the year 2020 AD to see a lethal virus sweeping the world; justice under question for a Cardinal; and the word of children, in support of each other, spreading across many cultures, giving hope and offering love to many children in need.

         Happy Easter, Gentlemen and too, to your families, as confined as it may be.

Humanity has been assailed. Surely we, with the support of the incredible youth who bear our colours, can help to provide a solution to the crippling effects of covid-19. ‘The scientists & medics? Yes, helping of course, with isolation strategy while seeking vaccines but what shall our contribution be or are we to “pass” as an entity, in the face of such a global assault? The finance solutions are left to the communal governments to resolve but is there one solution or even more which could help, perhaps accelerate the recovery? What a conducive environment we have for thought, while we’re doing out bit, staying inside to help flatten the curve. Perhaps, just one idea from those brilliant minds … Suggestions?

Subsequent to the Cardinal Pell acquittal, Greg Craven, professor of law and vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University, wrote (article) “The case against George Pell was misguided, unreasonable and vile.” One may question when someone so well-skilled in the word of the law, constructs the sentence as such, whether it reflects a biased position. The case against George Pell was not vile. The alleged acts were vile, not the case. In his zeal to defend catholicism and its ecclesiastics, Prof. Craven’s total delivery loses acceptance as an objective opinion and his subsequent resignation as vice-chancellor of ACU was as predictable as Pell’s ultimate acquittal.

‘Perhaps worthy of reflection: Cicero's prescient remark, "The more Laws, the less Justice".

For those in any doubt, Cardinal Pell was not found innocent of the charges. The High Court judgment simply determined that there was the possibility of “reasonable doubt” as to his guilt, quashing the conviction. Many attribute the demise of the alleged co-abused, prior to the matter being brought to court, as the reason for ‘not enough evidence’.


Marist Canberra featured “The Children’s Manifesto” in their latest edition of the Maristian, which has provoked a flurry of support from other Marist schools and alumni. Well done MCC!

One of our esteemed members, Peter McMaugh AM (Class of ’52) is to be featured in the next edition of the Maristian.

For those wishing to make a contribution to the absolutely destitute, Br. Paul Murphy has a commitment in Thailand, assisting such a small community: Living Water Foundation          [email protected]

 The date for the next Darlo reunion is Monday 13th July 2020 at the Masonic Club and, regardless of the current restrictions, we are hopeful that they may be relaxed, come July. So, at this point, it is a mere ‘pencil in’ for diaries. Invitations will be remitted later, if circumstances allow.

In the midst of the January fires, Bob Timmins (Class of ’64) wrote, clearly on a mission to make the next reunion because in recent years, fate has been intervening. He advises, “My trips to Namibia are usually impromptu affairs on an "as required" basis. ‘Usually to put out a bushfire or two, but that metaphor seems a little in bad taste at present.”

An intrepid Souths supporter, Reg Richardson AM, (Class of’53) chats with Damian Cook where he later welcomes a valuable recruit from Easts into the ranks of Souths: Latrell Mitchell. Easts supporters - read it and weep! Now it’s just a question of how soon we will see any of the players back on the field.

Kyran O’Donnell (Class of ’54) writes, “We survived the bushfires in Narooma as the town was saved - twice - by wind changes. That meant that others were hit more than once. Narooma became an evacuation centre from other villages and the Press were centred here. We had the car packed ready to go but it never came to that.”


As there is considerable information regarding the coronavirus, covid-19 in the media, it was deemed unnecessary to add anything further herein, however, the following prophetic delivery was captured by George W. Bush. ‘A pity no one heeded it and arguably the best and most important speech he ever delivered! [Speech]

Constipation Resolution – a non-recommended remedy


Humour Contributions

Banking with the Elderly -  Grahame Pomroy (Class of ’48)

Random - Shane Smallwood (Class of ’65)

Which option? - Name of contributor withheld to protect against death threats or espousal retribution (the latter being of greater concern).

To access the above Humour go to

Should you have a joke or a link to some good humour that you’d like to share, this is the time to send it in to alleviate the effects of confinement for other members of the fraternity. Also, if you wish to receive the contributions by others, do so at your own risk. [email protected]


Quiz question: What is the origin of the name, Covid-19?

Maintenance & Repairs:

Peter McMaugh AM, (Class of ’52) had a heart attack on 28th March but is back at his desk already.

In Memoriam:

Noel Reid, (Class of ’47) passed away peacefully aged 92 on 21 February, 2020 after several months of illness.

We'll have a chair for you, toasts to you & a few beers too, at the next reunion. You'll be missed ... but there.

Vale Noel.


Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


Servo fidem,


Kym Derriman


 eMail: [email protected]        


*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


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