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                                                                                                                                             30th June 2020 




Welcome to the winter edition of 2020. I trust that you are all safely distancing still as most states, Victoria notwithstanding, ease out of covid-19.


The scythe of the Grim Reaper has never come closer to us all as members of a group, being among the age most vulnerable. A simple walk down the street could have seen any of us booking in early upstairs … hopefully upstairs. The positive side is that it offered a rethink of priorities, as covid-19 could strike, with death only days away in such susceptible circumstances. Take care. GR may come visiting again, soon enough.


The reunion luncheon for 2020, scheduled for July 13th, has been postponed until Thursday, October 15th at the Castlereagh Club due to covid-19. Be sure to pencil that in.

Michael Howard (Class of ’65) writes, that during the virus lockdown “Mike O'Leary has been hosting weekly Zoom catch-ups with old classmates Tom Pinzone, Luigi Genua, Bernie Doyle, Michael Attard and myself plus two of Mike’s other friends. We chew the fat about any and everything to do with these current 'interesting times'.”


Br Paul Murphy has left South-east Asia for a time and those in Alice Springs are the beneficiaries of his cheerful nature and charitable acts. Support for Murf can be made via the OBU BANK CREDIT:   Payee: MBHS Darlinghurst-OBU, BSB: 062-439,  A/c: 10490076  Be sure to include your name in the “Reference” of the deposit. 



Art & Culture:



Nessun Dorma (in quarantine): A classical example of the creativity that has permeated across cultures in troubled times:


Greg Naimo (Class of ’68) extended a welcome to have a look at some of the Dante videos that he put up a while go, initially for his children but really for anyone, to help them understand how the language and the content work together in Dante’s Commedia. Here’s a short sampler:
“I started the walkthroughs with Inferno 26 - the famous Ulysses canto:
or, many people like Canto 5: the Lustful and the Francesca and Paolo episode:



Alzheimer’s Test: Find 20 animals and you’re doing OK. Anything more is a bonus.

It is written, “History repeats itself every 100 years.” Below is during the Spanish Flu epidemic 1918-1919.




Consideration +++

As one of those who is out of condition and doesn’t like walking, I find that parking is horrendous at Bunnings but now they have a parking spot just for fat guys who like the BBQ grill.

Anonymous contribution


Humour 13 has a little extra added:


Humour 14: Kids in Quarintine: contributions by Shane Smallwood (Class of ’65)


Sport: Rugby -THIS is a kick. Sent in from the Land of No Corona (Qld) by Grahame Pomroy (Class of ’48)



Ronald Phelan


Inspirational story, sent in by Peter Clarke (Class of ’65): Lennie Gwyther. Major “Blue” Gallagher (Class of ’67) advises that Lennie’s dad was awarded the MC and bar and was one of 5 brothers who served in WW1. Lennie’s dad also served in WW2.


Inspirational concepts:


Joe Howard (Class of ’54) Joe followed his passion, born from Tech drawing, designing rail carriages for Dept. Railways, receiving commendations from the Commissioner.

Joe fondly remembers Bernie Cannon.


In Memoriam:


Bernie Cannon (Class of ’54) passed away on 18th March 2020 after a long illness.   He was 82 years old. His wife, Patricia writes, “Bernard left Darlinghurst to join the Army as an apprentice radar technician at The APS Balcombe Victoria. He loved attending the Old Boys Reunion Dinners and I have a treasured photo of him with one of his Marist Brother Teachers. Bernard’s brothers Clive, Adrian and Desmond all went to Darlinghurst.

Reg Richardson AM writes, “Bernie was a lance corporal in the cadets and a bugler in the cadet band. I was a drummer.” Neither were destined for fame and fortune as musicians.

Kyran O’Donnell (Class of 54) writes, “Bernie was a very popular bloke, well liked, courteous and outgoing.  Have a memory of a cadet camp at Singleton when we detrained at Whittingham for the "march in" with Bernie's bugle blaring to herald Darlo's arrival.   Benny Goodman' s orchestra could not have matched it.”

Vale Bernie


Ted Hynes (Class of ’48) passed away peacefully April 22, 2020 on the Gold Coast. Edmund Harrington Hynes, loving husband of Jill, loved father of Michelle, Tom & Geoff.

Don Ferguson and Brian McNally are among Ted’s surviving classmates.

Vale Ted




Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience.


Servo fidem,


Kym Derriman




*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


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