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            4th July 2017



  I trust that this finds you all as well as can be expected and enjoying the fruits of life.

 We’re now well over the half-century of attendees for this year's reunion and just checking for stragglers. In one week, we shall be priveleged to share and celebrate to the 80th anniversary of Alan Willoughby {Class of 1937] leaving the gates of Darlo as a student for the last time. Alan is a young 97 and will be accompanied by Robert Dick and Garry Cahill, both of the Class of ’61. The youngsters, Class of ’67, will be celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The attendance years covered for this reunion include 1937, ’47, ’48, ’49 ’50, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’57, ’58, ’60, ’61, ’62, ’63, ’64, ’65, ’67 and others who moved from Darlo to do their HSC in 1970 and 1972.

WHAT A REUNION THIS GUARANTEES TO BE. The quick wit and rich tale-telling of Kevin Fitzpatrick (Class of ’58) while acting as speaker, only serves to add to the superlatives of an historic encounter.

Be sure to check out your Class photos, sports etc in B&B Archives on the Darlo website:

 Tim Martin (Class of ’67) will be bringing along the school bell – what a souvenir !!!!! Needless to say, Tim will be the Timekeeper and have a good story about how the bell was “safeguarded” with the closing of the school.

Michael Howard (Class of ‘65)  writes ‘I am one of the dying breed of folk who read a hard copy of the SMH every day and the first place I read is the Letters page. I’ve often wondered if an intermittent contributor,  ‘A Everett of Wareemba’, might be Tony Everett from my LC year. Recent topics have included how best to teach maths in school and a free character assessment of Pauline Hanson. But his latest contribution, praising the upgrade to grammar in the HSC, put the matter beyond doubt. An excerpt: 

‘I done the Leaving Certificate in 1965, the final year that exam was held in schools prior to the Wyndham Skeem replacing it. In those days. correct spelling was an asumed, having been routinely driled since primary days. Grammer was a part of the English exam in the LC and our teacher, affectionately known as Nobby, felt us boys needed extra practice so we began the day at 8:30 with a 30 minute session learning the rules of correct grammer. ..…PS The education people have my permission to use this letter as an exercise in "correct the errors in this opinion piece”.’ Br Norman would be proud!


Fr. John Andersen (Class of ’63) wrote while visiting Australia: I appreciate the news and contact. I am at present at the Benedictine Abbey at Jamberoo and will return to Peru on the 27th. March. Still in Iquitos and God willing, will continue on there. Our Parish will celebrate our Golden Jubilee in 2020. Best regards to yourself and other Darlinghurst Old Boys,  John.


Reg Richardson A.M. (Class of ’53)  writes regarding Roderick Quinn:

I was attracted to an article on page 12 of today's (May 12) SMH as it featured Bronwyn Bancroft an aboriginal artist , well known to me , who runs an aboriginal artists gr called Boommalli Artists Co-operative where I am one of the patrons .

Bronwyn produces children's books as well as her paintings and , as you will see , she is now selling her books in China , a very tough market to crack . 

The interesting part from the OBU's viewpoint is that the first pieces of Australian literature sold in China , in 1921 were poems by Dame Mary Gilmore , Hugh McCrae and our own RODERICK QUINN , a mighty Darlo old boy and author of Light , Blue and Dark  Blue, the colours of our school etc.

 And to think that I thought the only people who knew about Roderick Quinn were the Darlo boys . They knew him in China  too while the rest of our country knew about Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson , but we were privileged .


            The NSW Premier is now under siege as a ‘Not-Happy-Jan’ Tony Morrissey [Class of ‘65] lets fly at the NSW government …..  AGAIN!      Tony’s letter to Southern Courier, berating the transport system, may be found at:



For those of you who do not receive the Maristian, an article appeared in their most recent edition noting “a gathering of very special men”: 7 men of the Class of ‘49 Jim Travis, Don Ferguson, Bill Halcro, John McCauley, Bruno DÁdam, John Tozer and

 Karam Ramrakha.


            Repairs & Maintenance:

            Bill Halcro (Class of ’49), guardian of the OBU treasury, is in Prince of Wales hospital following a fall.

            Philip Hogan (Class of ’60) is having a break from the endless digitising of OBU records.

            Brian Staunton (Class of ’48) is in Hammondcare at Miranda for respite.

            Ted Leach (Class of ’59) had a mishap recently and is recovering from a broken femur.

            Tony Jones (Class of ’63) is unable to fly from Perth this year following surgery and is recouperating under the watchful eye

              of wife, Toni.


            Humour: How to encourage people to exercise:


            Fact: A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight, live longer than men who mention it.



                In Memoriam:

       Vale Father Paul Francis Cahill, (Class of ’44) former P.P. at Lindfield, ordained along with Fr Ron Harden in 1950.

            Born June 7, 1928
            Born to Eternal Life February 4, 2017
            Ordained to Priesthood at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, July 21, 1951.
            Served in the parishes of Maroubra Bay, Strathfield, Lithgow, Chatswood and Killara.
            Son of James Edwin and Anne Catherine (both deceased). Brother of Francis FMS, Jack, Molly and Ronald (all deceased)

           and survived by  his sister-in-law Mary Cahill. Loving uncle to his nieces and nephews.
            May he rest in peace.
            Mass of Christian Burial for Father Paul Cahill was offered in Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 76A Fiddens Wharf Road,

            Killara on Thursday February 16, 2017.
            The funeral followed the conclusion of the Mass for Macquarie Park Cemetery, corner Delhi and Plassey Roads, North Ryde.

             - See more at:

            R.I.P. Fr. Paul


           Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management

              and resilience.



Please pardon any and all editorial/grammatical errors as, with key personnel suffering from permanent illness, we’re now short staffed and in need of Committee members. Please email is you’d like to nominate for the Committee.


                Looking forward to seeing you at what will be yet another FABULOUS reunion for the Darlo OBU. 



 Servo fidem,

 Kym Derriman


Marist Brothers Darlinghurst Old Boys’ Union




*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


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