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            Anzac Day 2018


Welcome to the Anzac Day 2018 edition of the Blue & Blue.


“The Last Hurrah” celebration - the Golden Jubilee of the closing of the MB Darlinghurst School will be held on July 11th 2018. The Class of 1968 graduated and the gates closed for the final time as a school. The reunion will be held at the Amora Hotel, 11 Jamison St., Sydney and lunch will be served at 1pm.  It’s the closest venue yet to St. Patrick’s Church for a reunion. A Mass at St. Pats is being celebrated at 10.30am preceding the luncheon. Seats are limited at this venue. Previously we have been able to accommodate last-minute reservations but regrettably, we will be unlikely to be able to do so at this venue because of the limited capacity of the Hart Room. So to be sure of a seat, book early. Still, we have the ex-students still meeting regularly, half a century after the school closed. What a legacy! The Old Boys’ Union: what an institution!


There is a book coming out entitled, “Darlo”. It’s in the course of compilation and, as I reiterate, we are a dying breed. Your contributions are its core value. Anecdotes of each of you reading this could be a gift, not only to your families, but also to disadvantaged kids who will be the beneficiaries of the book’s proceeds. It’s an amalgam of stories of those who’ve gone before us, those among us who have a story to tell and those who never did have the opportunity to tell their story but who gave their lives in defence of this nation.


On this day, as we stop to remember the Anzacs, I would ask you to cast an eye over the Darlo Memorial, referencing but some who have sacrificed themselves on the many battlefields: Perhaps too, reflect upon the bounty that we share:


At the reunion, we have provision for 10 speakers, each for approx. 3-5 minutes. If you’d like to speak, please register. Anecdotes –we all love them, especially about life at Darlo. If we have too many registering, we shall have a draw.


Vin Hallinan O.A.M. [Class of 1945] kindly donated his treasured collection of B&Bs to the Old Boys’ library and each B&B is being inscribed accordingly, as with other donors’ contributions. Vin is one of the OBU’s legends, guarding the OBU coffers as Treasurer, for over a decade. His brother, Fr. Denis Hallinan O.P. [Class of 1946], has his parish in Rome and, as per the last advice, is still hearing weekly confessions in St Peter’s Basilica.


Matthew Hutchison, the new Principal of Marist College Canberra, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the opening of their school when they received the MB Darlinghurst colours, the Blue & Blue. Matthew carries forth the amazing legacy of Richard Sidorko.


Denis O’Connell [Class of ‘61] was found in his role of assisting victims of crime, on his passage through the courts of Parramatta. Denis is Principal Coordinator of VWCCS Inc., Victims & Witnesses of Crime Court Support, tending to those in many other courts also. ‘A noble pursuit, reflecting well upon the principles imbued with a Darlo education.


The bliss of a cruise with his wife, over Christmas, has passed to find John Pass [Class of’54] back doing the hard yards of daily grind.


Michael Moore [Class of ’67] wrote chasing up old mates Dennis Coleman and John Gallagher and lamenting the passing of another. “Probably about time I caught up with these blokes again and probably a few others at the next reunion. It has been a while since I attended one and none of us are getting any younger. So sad to hear of the passing of Mick Potter. Even sadder to learn that he had suffered ill health for many years. A great guy Mick, who I remember very fondly from my days at Darlo.

Michael has moved from “The Shire” to Oran Park, into a new single storey home where he does “not have to tackle 18 stairs on a daily basis and no pool to clean!!!”

Maintenance & Repairs:

Peter Clarke [ Class of ‘65] had a bad turn and accepting advice from sister, Jenny & friends, had an MRI which revealed that he’d had a stroke. Fortunately, South Australia will still be represented at the OBU reunion, as Pete looks like having made a full recovery.


Peter Dixon [Class of ‘62] supported the recent motion for an Honour Board for Vietnam Veterans, so we’d like a volunteer to compile the content, while we await contact by those who wish to be remembered, with their respective details.


Lost & Found

We received a ‘Return to Sender’ from a letter to Ted O’Halloran of Greenwich with no phone number to follow up. If anybody has news or a contact point, please contact the OBU.


Mark Sinclair (Class of ’50) was diagnosed with dementia and despite contacting several nursing homes, we have been unable to locate him. Similarly, if anybody has a reference point, please contact the OBU.

In Memoriam

Br Lucius Bernheim late of Marist home at Daceyville, passed away just before Christmas, 2017.

R.I.P. Br. Lucius


Tony Jones (Class of ’65) passed away 11-3-2018. The world lost a good man that day. Buggsy was … was Buggsy. Unique. He confronted despair with good humour and courage and his irrepressible smile will be deeply missed. Ciao amigo. R.I.P.



Prophesy: Comprehensive gravitational control is as obvious a progression, as man evolving from the apes, if you were a smart ape. Gravitational force will propel, not only.retract, in regular, daily life.




Laughter – the best medicine:






            Beyond Blue continues to provide support for anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and      resilience.



                Looking forward to seeing you at what will be yet another FABULOUS reunion of the Darlo OBU. 


            Servo fidem 

            Kym Derriman



            eMail: [email protected]


*LC Year refers to those who sat the LC or HSC in that year and also to their classmates who left school  in earlier years.


President, OBU

Kym Derriman

9311 3344


Vice President

Tony Morrissey

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Bernie York


Marist Executive

Br. Paul Murphy



Tony Smith



Philip Hogan





All mail to:

The Secretary,


POB 6177

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